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Here is a list of songs that flow with the story line. This set will be fairly relevant for a while. When it's not, I'll always have a new set of songs to listen to.
Also, I have attached the video for 'You & Me' by Disclosure [Flume Remix] !!
ariana grande - intro

lana del rey - off to the races

blink182 - always

keaton henson - you

one direction - once in a lifetime

pacific air - far away

brand new - play crack the sky

disclosure - you & me [flume rmx]

thief - closer

the1975 - you

one direction - spaces

brand new - the quiet things that
no one ever knows about

elliott smith - between the bars

mac miller - missed calls

coldplay - o
Please listen to the set... It would mean a lot to me.
After you listen to the set, tell me what you think.
Comment down songs I should listen to and my favorite one will have the chapter dedicated to them!!
Love you all!!
- Macy

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