Percy awoke to Annabeth creeping toward the window of the Poseidon cabin, wielding her knife. He sat up in bed and ran his fingers through his hair. It was dark except for the eerie moonlight that cast an unnatural glow onto everything, so Percy flicked on the light. "Honey, is everything okay?" Annabeth stabbed her dagger into empty air behind a door.  

"Peachy, sugar." Percy jumped up and pulled out his crappy ballpoint pen, that transformed into one of the most deadly swords of all time: the Greek Anklusmos. "You know, I didn't imagine our first four hours of marriage like this. Actually, I did, but then the point that this stinks wouldn't get across." Annabeth held the knife to her chest as she scaled the wall by the door. "I actually think this is kind of romantic. Don't you?" Annabeth whispered. "I mean, monster is another word for Drew, Drew's the daughter of Aphrodite, and Aphrodite is the goddess of love, so technically monsters= love." 

Percy chuckled as he backed Annabeth with Riptide. One look out the window gave them all the proof they needed: about twenty thousand spiders were creeping up the side of the cabin. The window was black with them. Annabeth dropped her dagger and staggered back. Percy put riptide in his pocket, catching his wife's fall on the musty, dark hardwood floor. Annabeth blinked hard and stared in paralyzing terror at the tarantulas squirming upon the outside wall, Percy changed his mind. He pulled out his pen, ripped off the black plastic cap and wielded his shining sword to the door, which he opened and began whacking spiders off the roof. He could hear Annabeth breathing heavily inside, and Percy hacked the menacing little creatures off the roof more quickly. Soon, the last spider scrambled away into the woods and Percy breathed for a moment, wiping his brow and sheathing his sword. Annabeth was at the door when he came in. She threw her arms around him and kissed him. "Percy! Thank you soooo much." Percy led her to the bed, where he sat down beside her. "If only I wasn't a daughter of Athena..." she whispered,"then I wouldn't have this irrational fear of spiders." Percy put his arms around Annabeth, who leaned her head on her shoulder. "I just feel like the freakish army planner that's scared of spiders."  Percy shook his head.

      "Annabeth, I happen to love freak army planners with a fear of spiders. I have never met a girl who can redesign Olympus, be the definition of boss on the battlefield, and still manage to look hot as a tropical summer." Percy said. Annabeth smiled and kissed Percy. Percy laughed.

         "I love you," Annabeth whispered. Percy held her close.

               "I love you, too."


Heyyyyy, Percabeth fanatics! So I don't write as fast as it seems :) I compile these chapters first THEN submit. Haha... the action's coming next chapter, for those who're getting antsy! I just loooooove Percy and Annabeth's relationship!

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