(Smairuhh) You have too many followers to be here

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Smairuhh and Vibafloxyn are on their way to the opening of the new club called sP1TCOVEN. Apparently it used to be some place called ANGELWAX but DoubleSky recently gutted it on S17 of Whorechitecture and put in a whole new mood. People are excited. The opening very luckily coincides with Smairuhh's new rise in followers. A few days ago she never would have been allowed in; now she and Vibafloxyn have the perfect place to celebrate their one-week anniversary.

They're walking through the Intentional Lifestyle District, holding hands, being extremely attractive and in love. Both wearing new outfits: Vibafloxyn has a floral romper from The Republic of Modern Choice; Smairuhh has a very limited edition piece from the TargetxWetxGoodbye drop, a skintight graphic jumpsuit with the Target logo right on the ass. Everything is perfect and they're right outside the entrance to the club when Smairuhh's screen starts clawing at her hand, desperately needing her attention.

Smairuhh lifts her screen but there are too many things happening at once to see what is actually happening. Scarematter wants to know how soon she could come over for a personal fitting with one of their vibe divas. Senesthelia has tickets to see the next Arena Mall battle from their booth if she's interested in doing some interactions with the new Emotional Tongue Sponge by Awarebiary. Countless names she's never even heard of complimenting her Trrashiclan fic and asking if she would be willing to read or post about theirs. Messages from everyone she ever met asking how tf she knows Qynka, how did she do it.

"Something is happening?" is all Smairuhh can say.

"omg babe your follower count?" Vibafloxyn responds, scrolling. "And mine too." She looks up and quickly finds a huddle of zonnys clinging to a nearby wall and gives them peace two fingers.

A group of kids standing outside a Literal Transcendance spot Smairuhh and start walk-running over, clearly intent on getting pictures of or being in pictures with her.

Smairuhh's follower count is up almost to 250k. She had 125k when she left the apartment. Something: is: in fact: happening.

"What do we do?" Smairuhh asks.

Vibafloxyn grabs her hand and pulls her towards the club. "We celebrate."

The host scan them and there's a problem, a concern about letting Smairuhh into the club. They call their manager over while Smairuhh panics. Should they not have come? "I thought I had enough followers," she offers meekly. She had definitely checked to make sure they could get in before they left.

The host bugs his eyes out. "Oh no, that's, no. No."

"Everything's fine," someone else? the manager? says, grabbing her arm and practically dragging her into the club. "Welcome to sP1TCOVEN, everything you desire is on the house. Thank you so much for spending your evening with us." In two sharp motions he indicates to a host to get them to the VIP section.

The club is jammed, a maze of bodies, white-hot sodium flares zig zagging around the gloom, and the deepest, loudest electronica beats thwomping everyone in the brain.

"What tf was that," Smairuhh yells under the music, as they follow the host through the club to their table. "Are we I trouble? Should we go?"

Vibafloxyn pulls Smairuhh close and quiets her with a kiss. "You have too many followers to be here. They're thrilled, and I'm very turned on." Smairuhh lets her girlfriend pull her deeper into the club. She notices that everyone who sees her pass by double-takes, all these nobodies with thousands of followers like Wait is that her, is she her, omg that's literally her.

They arrive at the VIP section and sink into a large couch. Vibafloxyn orders their drinks while Smairuhh furiously swipes away messages trying to find whatever buried news is causing her screen and TL to freak out. Finally she scrolls far back enough to find it: actually hold on this is very important it deserves to be its own paragraph:

Qynka and Azelbeth are officially dating.

It's real it's real it's real it's real it's real

Qynkazel is real.


"Oh my gigantic dick I was right," Smairuhh says, showing her screen to Vibafloxyn, whose jaw drops. She leans in and kisses Smairuhh, hard, takes a quick photo of them together, pulling Smairuhh's hand down onto her tit, and then posts it to her TL.

"We're celebrating," Vibafloxyn says.

"This. I." Smairuhh is swiping furiously, trying to absorb the news. They just announced this as they were on their way to the club. Qynka and Azelbeth did joint posts, simultaneously. The same picture of the two of them in bed together, and the text underneath forms one complete press release affirming the depth of their mutual love and devotion to each other's brands. Azelbeth's mom, Alikatase, has already reposted the news to her timeline, with a series of heart emojis - an official acknowledgement of the veracity of the relationship, as well as an implicit approval, a blessing.

Their drinks arrive but Smairuhh doesn't notice. "Qynka didn't even mention Arkkelina. And Qannen still isn't posting. I might need to go home and work, this is..." Her voice trailing off as her brain races ahead.

"Nope," Vibafloxyn says, putting a drink in Smairuhh's free hand. "You DID this. You were right, and you were right all along, and these bitches all know it, and now they need to start paying better attention. This is all a result of your hard work." They cheers and drink. "You're doing a lap. This is perfect."

"OK yeah maybe."

H8bunni stops by to quickly introduce herself and say hi. Smairuhh isn't sure if she says anything that is in any way memorable, but Vibafloxyn speaks for her.

The DJ throws a remix of "Informative Reply to Status Inquiry" into his set, which is extremely an Azelbeth song and everyone cheers and looks over at Smairuhh to see her reaction.

Brands she's never even interacted with are asking her for intros to Qynkazel so they can cater the wedding. Everyone in the Qrrashiclandom wants to know how Smairuhh has known this for so long. Many of Smairuhh's biggest fans are openly speculating that she's been secretly friends with Qynka for years, and that they have proof.

But not everyone is taking the news well. The most hardline extremists in the Superfinedom are beyond pissed and are threatening vicious retaliation at Qynka for purposefully dividing their fandom like this. They're also demanding to know why, if Smairuhh has known about Qynkazel so long, she failed to do anything to stop it. There are reports of groups of people getting really sick near the Forgivance Courtyard and they're saying it's an actual physical reaction to the Qynkazel revelation.

The news is that big. And she knew it, she'd been telling people since whenever. This is what it's like to be right. This is what validation looks like. She rose up from nothing, conquered everyone who tried to drown her voice out, and uncovered the biggest secret in the history of the city. The end.

She needs to enjoy this. She motions for Vibafloxyn to get them more drinks. Her girlfriend does and then takes Smairuhh's free hand and pulls it under the table, squeezing her thighs closed around Smairuhh's hand.

Smairuhh considers letting Vibafloxyn pull her out to the dance floor, letting her girlfriend grind on her. But there's something about sitting up here in the VIP where everyone can see her. Half the people looking over at her in jealousy, half looking at her in fury, and half looking at her with the deepest desire and admiration.

She lets it wash over her. The music, the lights, the stares, the messages, the rush of followers. This moment, this night. Maybe she can finally get that room in the Aubrey Plaza now. She's definitely going to have to move tomorrow. Not just because of her follower count: there's all the death threats. They're flooding into her TL now, one after the other.


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