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You woke up the next day to Quinton not in bed. You heard some talking downstairs so you got up and changed.

  You heard some talking downstairs so you got up and changed

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You went downstairs and saw a girl you didn't know.
Griffin-"oh good morning!"
Quinton-"good morning bebs wait is that my shirt?"
You-"yea I thought it would look good with my outfit."
Quinton-"it looks amazing!"
You-"thank you bubs."
Kio-"oh izzy this is Cynthia."
You-"hi Cynthia I'm izzy!"
Cynthia-"hi izzy it's so good to meet you! So I heard your Griffins adopted daughter."
You-"yup and proud to be."
Cynthia-"well he made a good choice."
You smile."
Griffin-"so izzy what are your plans for today?"
You-"umm Nick wanted to go out to eat with me and charli and Nick wanted me to bring bebs because he likes French bulldogs."
Griffin-"ok well be back before 1:00."
You-"yea we are probably just gonna go to eat and wonder around at the mall."
Quinton-"hey bby do you wanna go out on a date today?"
You-"omg really yea when?"
Quinton-" surprise."
You-"ok sure."
Cynthia-"ooo Quintons got a crush!!"
Quinton-"actually she's my girlfriend."
Cynthia-"oh I didn't know that."
You-"yea he asked me like 2 days ago."
Quinton-"it was perfect."
You giggle.
You then text Nick.
You-"hey Nick."
You-"what time are you picking me up?"
Nick-"I'll be there in 1 hour."
You-"ok sounds good."
End of text

You go make breakfast for everyone and then they eat. A little later the door bell rings. You say bye to everyone and go outside and see Nicks car and Nick leaning against it. You run to him and hug him. He sees bebs and just picks him up.
You-"so this is bebs."
Nick-"he's so cute!"
You-"i know right!"
Nick-"he's almost as cute as mommy."
He looks at you and you look back at him and smile.
You-"ok ready to go?"
You guys get in the car and drive to the mall."
You first get Starbucks. Then you guys go to some stores. You guys take some instagram pictures. You were looking for some chips but the ones you wanted were too high. Then you felt your feet lift off the ground and see Nick.
Nick-"no problem."
You guys take more pictures and then go out to eat. You finish eating a little later."
You-"oh nick I need to go get ready because I have a date with Quinton."
Nick-"oh ok I'll take you home."
You smile and get in the car. You guys drive to sway and jam to music the whole time. You soon arrived at the sway house. You say bye to nick.
You-"bye nick and thanks for today it was really fun."
Nick-"yea no problem. Thanks for hanging with me."
You-"thanks for asking me."
Nick-"thanks for letting me meet bebs."
You-"no problem."
Nick-"you should bring him to the hype house one day."
You-"I definitely will."
You get out of the car and walk to the door. Nick already drove away."
You enter the house and see all the boys on the couch watching T.V. You don't see Quinton tho. Maybe he is in the room. Cynthia is probably gone too.
You-"hey guys."
Griffin-"oh hey."
Kio-"how was it?"
You-"well charli couldn't make it so it was just me and Nick but it was fun."
Josh-"nothing happened with you two though right?"
You-"no why would we do anything I'm with Quinton and he knows that."
You pick up bebs and bring him up the stairs. You were at the door when you heard people talking and it sounded like Quinton and Cynthia!
Cynthia-"just break up with her."
Quinton-"I will soon I just need to find the perfect time."
Cynthia-"do it when your on the date."
You can't believe he said that. You really liked Quinton. Now he probably never wanted to be with you. You open the door and they were about to kiss.
You-"actually you don't have to because I'll say it. We are over!"
Quinton-"wait izzy let me explain!"
You-"no I'm fine I'm just gonna get some clothes."
Quinton-"where are you going?"
You-"I don't know but I'm not staying here."
You just greed some outfits and didn't listen to anything Quinton said. You went downstairs with a bag of things you will need and things bebs needs cause your taking him with.
Griffin-"hey izzy. Oh where are you going?"
You-"I'm not gonna stay here if Quintons here."
You-"oh I don't know maybe because Quinton and Cynthia were talking about how he is going to break up with me when we go on our date today and maybe because he was about to kiss her."
Griffin-"I'm going to kill him!"
You-"it's ok ima just go now."
Josh-"wait izzy you can sleep in my room with Nessa ."
You just ignored them and went out the door and rode your skateboard to the beach. You just sat on the sand and cried. You got calls from everyone but ignored them. You then decided to call one person.

To be continued

A/N~omg we got 400+reads!!! Thank you soo much and I will be posting part 2 to this today but later because I'm going hiking and the only time I can write is when I'm in the car so it will be a couple hours. Ily❤️

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