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Chapter 1
 The first day was finally over. I'm not quite sure what to make of it though. My best friend, Addie, and I share only a few classes together. Although my other friend, Katie, and I share the rest. 

  The day was uneventful, but I was completely exhausted. Considering I was one of the few people left at the school, I decided that it was time to leave. But before I could even part with the main hallway, my left wrist was firmly grasped from behind, and next thing I know, my back is pressed up against a row of lockers, There was absolutely no time to react before a deep, raspy voice whispered in my ear, "I missed you all summer." My mouth was barely parted, ready to speak. But before my intentions could be fulfilled, I was lifted up into the the muscular arms of Ben Cooper, the school's football star, We had never so much as murmured a word to each other before, which of course lead me to believe that he had the wrong person.

  "Do you even know who I am?"

  "Well of course, you're Jenny Smith."

  Then came the kiss. It didn't last very long, which probably made sense since I had absolutely no clue how to react, which lead to me waiting until he was done, completely frozen in place. And when I thought I heard chuckles behind us, I just thought of it as my imagination playing tricks. 

  Ben slowly parted his lips from mine, then questioned why I had not responded. My reply was but a simple, "I'm not Jenny Smith."

  The expression of pure puzzlement was portrayed so well on his face, it was almost comical as he asked, "Well then who are you?"

  I shifted my weight in his arms as I said, "Eliza Holland."

  Ben paused for a brief moment before setting me back down on my feet, which then lead to him apologizing. 

  I was silent for a few seconds before I gathered enough courage to inquire why he would do something like that to a girl he didn't even know. It was admitted to me that it was a dare some of the guys from the football team put him up to. Then he explained how one of the guys had pointed her out as Jenny Smith. 

  I had to admit, it actually was pretty funny.

  After that we joked around, and would have for even longer time if I hadn't noticed the time and had to depart like Cinderella. 

  But before Ben would let me go, he gave me a peck on the cheek. Then as an after thought, I remembered the football crew and turned around and waved good-bye, as well as blowing a few air-kisses and a couple of winks.

  And that, was how this romance began.

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