I had though the scream I heard earlier was from my sister seeing her parents dead, she must have got attacked. Oh god, they could be dead by now. I was too busy messing around in my room; I should have gone with them. 

        I didn't hesitate to hurry over and pull the knife out of dad; it was almost like a reflex. I wasn't going to sit by and do nothing to help them. I hurriedly slipped out through the hole making sure I didn't cut myself and ran in the direction of the scream. It came from the other side of the fence from our neighbors. The gate that separated the two sides stood wide open. 

        I didn't have any shoes on so I had to walk through wet grass that was tickling my feet. I didn't my best to ignore it when out of nowhere another scream went through the air. But it wasn't my sister or brother, it sounded more animalistic, inhuman. It sent shivers through my spine. 

        As soon as I stepped through the gate someone flew out through Mr. Daniels back door and off the porch followed by two other shapes. The first shape came right at me and I realized it was my sister with fear and blood smeared on her face. The other two were the old couple Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. 

        Never before have I seen them run so fast. They were an old couple in their sixties, a bit on the fat side. They were nice, sweet, always gave us snacks, and were nice to us but in that moment they were gone; Replaced by a bunch of monsters covered in blood and terrifying faces as they chase my sister.  

        I reached my hand out for my sister which she quickly grabbed and I swiftly pulled her back on our side and slammed the wooden gate. Just in time too, feeling the jolt and the strain of the wood as they knocked into it; I locked it and turned around to my sister. 

        She was bent over, hands on her knees breathing hard. I took a step toward her ignoring the sounds coming from the gate. 

        "Jenny, oh my god, are you okay?" I asked pulling her to me and checking over her as a worried mother would. She pulled away from me and slowly nodded her head. 

        "I'm fine, don't worry about me. Just tell me what the hell was wrong with them! "She exclaimed and not caring she plopped down where she stood. 

        "I had come down stairs and saw a huge blood spot and a blood trail leading into the kitchen. And Turns out Mr. Daniels had dragged her out here and he was eating her, eating her, Reanne! What the hell!" she said disgusted

        "Wait a minute, Jen. Where's your brother?" I asked just noticing that he wasn't anywhere around. 

        But before she could answer the sound of the wooden gate getting broken down came from behind me. I spun around and saw Mr. Daniel trying to squeeze through the small hole he made. 

        I reached down and pulled her up and pushed her to the house "go! Lock yourself up somewhere until I come get you" I yelled at her. She stood there for a few seconds, like she wanted to argue; the internally debate showing on her face but the need to survive overcame the need to help her sister. 

        I whirled around and Mr. Daniels still couldn't squeeze always through so I took the opportunity and walked over to him. He was nowhere near as large as my father and he was stuck so it should have been easy but I couldn't do it. This was the sweet old man that used to let me come over when my family was annoying me. But now he was snapping his jaws at me like he wanted to bite me. 

        I made sure not to get to close and I noticed that his throat was torn out, like an animal got to him. It was so bad it made me wonder how he was even still alive. But I guess that was it, he wasn't alive anymore. I didn't know how but it made sense; the grayness of his skin, the stench that was clearly coming from him. The man in front of me was dead, just like my father was. 

        I tried to ignore the feeling of guilt that was growing in the pit of my stomach, grabbed his hand that was trying to grab me, and sunk the knife through his bloodshot eye. It sunk in with ease and right away he stopped moving; his body went slump and just hung there in the gate. I could still hear the growls coming from Mrs. Daniels on the other side. But she didn't have any way through so I didn't worry. 

        As I pulled the knife it came out with a sucking noise that made want to lose my lunch. I tried to tell myself that it was to save my sister but it didn't help the hurting pain of the guilt I was feeling. I turned around to go back inside when I saw something hidden next to the porch and I realize as I got closer it was my mom's body. It was even worse than before with her insides showing and hanging out of her body. 

        I couldn't hold it back any more, I spun around and retched. After a few seconds I was done and I wiped my mouth. That was disgusting; I had got some on my Pajamas.  

        "Is it safe yet?" I jumped and dropped the knife at sound of my sister's voice. I placed a hand over my beating chest and turned and glared at her. 

        "Christ! Jenny, you can't just sneak up on me like that! And I thought I told you to wait for me to come get you!" I scolded her reaching down to pick the knife up. 

        "Well sorry for being worried about you!" she exclaimed. 

        "So, are you okay?"  

        Coming up on the porch I brushed off her concern "forget about me, are you okay?" I asked gently. I knew she was a tough kid but this was past her breaking point even she couldn't pretend this didn't hurt.  

        She stared down at the ground for a few seconds before looking back at me, her eyes shining as if she was holding back tears. She slowly shook her head "I'm good. Don't worry about me?" 

        I wanted to push further but the look on her face told me that it wouldn't be such a smart thing. 

        "Where is Tanner?" I asked remembering my brother had also come down stairs after his twin. Just as I asked he came up behind Jenny clutching a metal baseball bat very tightly and I could help but to smile. He was far from the violent type and it was funny to see him holding the bat as if he would attack somebody. 

        The smile slipped away as I realized he was staring at something intensely, red faced and like he wanted to puke his guts out. I forgot that dad was still there lying dead, and Tanner wasn't like Jenny. He couldn't handle seeing stuff like that without getting affected deeply by it. 

        "Tanner!" Jenny said sharply and his head snapped towards her tears streaming down his face again. 

        "Do not look! Go back into the living room now!" she ordered. Instead of arguing he nodded his swiftly and practically ran back to the next room. We shared a look and followed after him. 

        When we came in the baseball bat was discard on the floor and he sat beside it with his head between his legs. Mom always told him to do that when he felt like stuff was too much to deal with; to take deep breaths. Jenny sat down next to him and started whisper comforting things to him. 

        I let out a sigh, I knew whatever my dad and the Daniels had, and it had to be going around town. There wasn't any other explanation, Dad last night had come home from work and was perfectly fine; no signs of wanting to murder his family. But he did have some wacko take a bit out of his arm. 

        I didn't know what the hell was going on but I did know as I watched my brother cry his eyes out was that this wouldn't be the end. Some part of me just knew more suffering was to come. The only thing I could do was try to shield them from it as best as I could.

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