Chapter Two

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Chapter two

        As soon as I said those words Tanner collapsed and started sobbing but his sister continued to stare at me, as if she didn't understand. She started to shake her head.  

        "No, you're wrong. They can't be dead" she said and I could tell she was getting angry. Her hands by her side kept clenching and unclenching. Her face was getting slightly red as she glared at me with such determination. She refused to believe. 

        I reached out to touch her shoulder in comfort but she jerked away from me "no! don't touch me! Why are you lying? Why would you say something so horrible?" she yelled at me. 

        I let out a sigh, my sister was a fiery little one and also stubborn as a mule. I knew she wouldn't believe me unless she saw it with her own two eyes. It pained me to do it but she had to see. 

        "If you don't believe me why don't you go down stairs and take a look in the living Room and the kitchen?"I said tiredly crouching down next to Tanner and wrapped my arms around him as he sobbed. She let out a huff and stormed off down the stairs. 

        I held Tanner close while he sobbed his pain out and I stroked his soft blonde hair. Tanner wasn't anything like his sister, where she was loud and sarcastic he was quiet and kind. It was so strange to see him cry; Tanner was the type of person to keep his emotions in much like myself while Jenny yelled to the world what she was feeling. 

        After a minute Tanner's tears had started slow when something that sounded like the wail of a dying animal came from downstairs. Tanner lifted his head up while the sound struck a chord in my heart. He quickly pulled himself up and ran down stairs, to comfort his Twin no less. 

        I stood and wiped my eyes; I had to call the police. It was terrifying to think what would happen but I had to and it was in self defense. I made my way to my room and looked around to see where I had my phone last. I glanced around the messy room that had clothes thrown all around when I noticed it on the nightstand next to my bed. I rushed over there and picked it up and shakily punched in 911. 

        I pressed send and almost immediately I was met with a busy signal. I pulled it away from my ear and stared at it confused. 911 was never busy, it shouldn't be. What the hell was going on? I had this weird feeling that whatever happened with my dad hadn't started inside this house. 

        I didn't have anyone else to try and phone so I threw my phone down on the bed. I picked up the TV remote and clicked it on and all that was there was static.  

        "What the-"I whispered and start flipping through the channels and they were all the same. Something bad was going on, first 911 were busy and now no channels what so ever were coming in? I clicked it off with a groan and threw it down.  

        This was getting more and more messed up as time ticked by. I couldn't think and I didn't know what to do. I threw my hands up in frustration. All this could wait; I need to check on the twins. I gave them enough time to themselves now we need to figure out what to do. 

        I went down stairs and saw that they weren't in the living room and also my mother's body was gone. What the heck did they do? I eased past the huge blood stain where she laid and went into the kitchen. I tried my best to ignore my father's dead body as I took in my surrounding I saw that they weren't here either. 

        My eyes took one last look around; they landed on the sliding doors that lead into the backyard and my heart dropped into my stomach. The door had a huge hole as if someone had broken it and came through. It also had blood smeared on it and bloody hand prints on it. In that moment an ear shattering scream came from outside. 

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