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Removing the blankets from the younger, Taehyung looked over at tannie and commented, "I'm gonna strip him, you should look away."

The puppy didn't listen and hopped onto the bed, licking Jeongguk's face slowly as the older sighed, "oh well..."

Pulling off the boy's clothes quickly, the male raised his eyebrows, mumbling, "he still has some bruises... hmm did he resist that hard when they brought him to my office last week? He has no one but himself to blame." Now that he was completely naked, Taehyung lifted him up in surprise, "you're heavy..." carefully he walked towards his bathroom, making sure to not trip over the awkwardly high sill and plopped the boy into the tub.

Jeongguk peeked opened his eyes and stuttered, "its cold..."

At this point Taehyung had done more work then he had done in days so groggily he turned on the water and adjusted it to the point he thought was fine before asking the boy, "is this good?" Seeing that the younger nodded the older sighed. Do i just leave him here? Uhh I'll call Lee, he'll know what I should do :D! Reaching for his phone he scroll through his contacts and called. Unlike when he called Min, the other did not pick up the call. So the male calls once more.

Before long Lee finally picks up the call and groans, "i was busy, what's up. How's he doing? Min called me about it."

Taehyung who was about to complain about how it took him so long to answer his call suddenly got distracted by the question and perked up, "oh he's doing well, nothing happened to him! Good thing he has fur or else he would've gotten a cold or something, oh actually he's coming over, come here tannie~ it's Lee!"

Sitting in front of the olders paper work, the male was stunned. But then again why was he so shocked? The mans crocodiles be swallowing people left and right and all Taehyung would do is stare proudly and complement them. Clearing his throat Lee again spoke, "no, I'm glad Yeontan's good but I meant the boy. Jeongguk." Taehyung "ah"ed and looked over at the tub. The boy had submerged half of his face into the warm water and was blowing bubbles into the water.

Seeing this he finally remembered what to ask, "ah actually he's in the tub right now, do I leave him in there and go do other things? I'm kind of busy you know? I have this game that I downloaded the premiere for and I believe it's coming out later at night."

On the call a loud breath was heard as Lee tiredly said, "watch him, you don't want him to drown now do you? It's just a game, you can play it tomorrow. Call me if something else happens."

Taehyung nodded and heard the call end, sliding his phone back into his pockets the male scooted his chair closer to the tub. Taking one of his hands, he dipped it into the water and started playing with it. Splashing water all over the place before getting bored, he looks over at the younger who had the most confused face looking back at him.

Jeongguk who just wanted some peace was now contemplating about life. How on earth did he go from ah yes one day ill get into my dream job to I'm in a fucking tub because i almost froze to death and a dude threatening my life is playing with water. Wanting to get out of this awkward situation the younger nervously spoke, "um... I feel a lot better now, i think i can get out..."

Perking up to this, the older quickly walked towards the large cupboard under the sink and pulled out a towel, "should I help you? Ive never had to baby someone before."

Irritated and embarrassed the boy shook his head and offered to do it himself, "sir, you can uh just place the towel here, I can dry myself..." so with that, Taehyung quickly dipped and ran for his iPad. Oh right, his games... Jeongguk thought.

Grabbing the towel, the younger stepped out of the tub onto the carpet and started drying himself, wrapping the Cotten cloth around himself, he was about to step out of the bathroom but tripped on the door sill leading to the bedroom. He crashed onto the floor and created a loud thump. Taehyung who was laying on his bed with his iPad in hand couldn't help but chuckle, "you should watch where you're going."

(So i took a peek at my drafts and wow do i have a lot of different stories that have never seen the light of day :,D)

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