Chapter 14: Divide and Conquer

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"Where..." Darkness surrounded you, void of anything. You looked around, trying to find an exit. Suddenly a pink light illuminated from above.

"Wake up..."



You woke up in cold sweat, slightly bumping into someone. Two hands wrapped around you, humming happily. "Hmm hmm!" Nezuko hummed enthusiastically. "N-nezuko!" You turned around, seeing that only you, Nezuko and Zenitsu were left.

You noticed flesh covering some of the passengers, presumably consuming them. You heard shouts and grunts somewhere, slashes being heard. Nezuko began attacking the flesh, prying them off the passengers. Some of the flesh caught her arm.

She tried to use her other arm but it was also restrained with flesh. You steadily cut through it all, smiling reassuringly at Nezuko. Suddenly you felt movement beneath you, you pushed Nezuko forwards, instantly covered in growing flesh. She was taken aback, before attempting to get up.

A gust of winde flew by, blonde hair evident in your vision. The flesh all around was gone, a figure catching you before you fall. "I will protect you Y/N.. Nezuko..." You stood up, turning to Zenitsu before seeing him asleep.

You made your way to another car, grabbing onto your sword. Flesh was growing rapidly, disgusting you a bit. You calmed down a bit, taking in a breath.

Breath Of The Soul, Sixth Form: Fury Of The Mother Bird!

You dashed through the whole car, sheathing your sword. The flesh started bulging before exploding, the flesh disintegrating. Before you could go back, someone grabbed you, running at full speed to the carts up front. "Yes, yes, you have awoken, my friend!"


"No time for chit chat, we must find Kamado." You nodded, getting on your own two feet and dashing towards Tanjiro's direction. Soon, you could sense him near. Leaping onto the walls, you towered over his fallen figure, leaving him a bit flustered.

Kyojuro quickly explained the plan before disappearing. You helped clear out the cars so that Tanjiro could get some info from Inosuke. You could sense Inosuke struggling, slowly being suffocated. You had to recover a bit from using the breath style continuously so you turned to Tanjiro.

"Tanjiro!" He turned to you, about to ask something before you grabbed him and launched him into the room. He got the gist of it and wielded his sword, slicing the hands off just in time. You huffed a bit, trying to restore your energy.

Once you made it there, you realized that the flesh surrounding them had grown eyeballs. You noticed how Inosuke kept attacking while Tanjiro struggled to stay awake. You groaned, veins bulging on your neck. You then realized something.

"Soul seeking breathing! Close your eyes and concentrate."

You began attacking while carefully avoiding both Inosuke and Tanjiro. You realized that the conductor was aiming an attack onto Inosuke. You panicked, seeing the burgundy boy block him. You reached out in an attempt to stop him before you felt a sharp pain in your palm.

You hissed, steering the weapon away from Tanjiro. Tanjiro only maintained a small cut, his eyes widening after he realized what happened. He then chopped the side of the conductor's head, making him fall unconscious.

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