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"Good morning Harry." I smile as I walk into the big kitchen. He ignores me. "Harry?" I ask, something seems a little off about him.

"What?" He snaps.

"What's your problem? You were so kind last night." Why is he being so rude?

"Last night..last night was nothing. It meant nothing." His voice is harsh, but with a hint of sympathy.

As if I had been stricken I take a step back. "May I remind you, Harold, that your the one that kissed me!" I point my finger accusingly.

He lets out a low laugh causing me to shiver. "Do you actually think that I would want to be with a mortal like you?" He gets up and begins walking towards me and then turns and walks out the kitchen door.

I'm left standing by the counter feeling like I had just been stabbed in the heart multiple times. What just happened? I become so numb that I don't even realize the wet tears rolling down my face. And just when I begin to have deeper feelings for him he squishes them all like nothing more than a tiny ant. I can't stay here, I need to leave. But where? I could go to Niall's and see Courtney. I'll just wait until Harry leaves to go hunting and then I'll take one of the cars and drive down to Niall's.

I walk down the narrow hallway to the bottom of the stairs. Harry's seated on the leather couch in the living room but I pay him no mind and just go up the stairs as quickly as I can. I finally reach my room and slam the door, possibly a little too hard but at this moment I could care less. What an ass! He's just like every other guy I know. They wait until your vulnerable and then they make their move. I lay on my bed and wait for what seems like hours until I finally hear the front door shut.

Harry's gone hunting which means he won't be back for a few hours. This is the perfect opportunity. I quickly pack a bag, I have no intentions on coming back to this hell. Once I'm sure everything I'll need is packed I rush down the stairs, almost tripping over my feet in the process. I grab the keys off the hook and am out the door, not bothering to lock it behind me. The car that I'm taking is a black convertible, but the roof is attached. I turn the key and it comes to life, then I'm off like a rocket not even bothering to look back.

Once I'm a few miles away from the house I began crying again and have to pull over, otherwise I'm going to crash into a tree due to my blurry vision. I was stupid, so stupid. I should've known better than to kiss my kidnapper. Especially when he's a vampire. He's heartless, and even if he had one I'm sure it would be caged in an ice box. Once my tsunami like tears have died down and I'm able to properly breath I start the car up again and drive down the dirt road. Ten minutes later I'm parked in Niall's driveway.

Maybe I should just turn around and drive back to Harry's. What if he's in there? No he couldn't be. I sigh and grab my bag before getting out of the car. I tuck the keys in my bag and make my way up the steps to Niall's. I ring the ancient doorbell and a smiling Courtney comes to the door, dressed in ripped skinny jeans and a red and blue flannel.

"Skye?!" Her expression changes to surprised. "Oh my god, what's wrong?" She puts her arms out and rests them on my shoulders.

I shrug and let out a breath. "Long story."

"Well I have time, so come in." She takes my bag and shuts the door behind me.

"Hi Skye, nice to see you aga-what happened?" Niall asks. "Was it Harry?"

I nod. "Uhm..yeah."

"What'd he do?" His face is full of concern.

"It's a long story." Courtney chimes in.
He takes the hint that I don't want to tell him and nods before turning around and walking back into the kitchen. "Come on upstairs."

We're seated on Courtney's bed and she's anxiously staring at me waiting for me to explain. "Well it all started after we left here, Harry was being so kind and I thought he had a change of heart. Then I went to bed and had a nightmare so I woke up and went to Harry's room and told him everything. He started comforting me and he told me how much I meant to him, and then he kissed me. Then this morning he told me that everything last night meant nothing and that he would never be with a mortal like me." Once I finished I was in hysterics. Tears just kept coming and coming.

"Oh Skye, I'm so sorry." Courtney whispers as she holds me in her arms. "I'm so, so sorry."

Harry's P.O.V.

Where could she have gone? I come home not even an hour after hunting and she's gone. No note, nothing. And she took the keys to my convertible. Perhaps I was too harsh when I broke things off. But did I really have a choice? It was either break things off or have us both killed. And let me tell you, I would rather have her mad at me then dead.

Her expression when I told her everything last night meant nothing was enough to make me break down. I hurt her, so badly. I pace back and forth in the living room. Where could she have gone? And then it hits me. Niall's! Of course she went to Niall's, she would go there to talk with Courtney. How could I be so stupid! I'll call Niall first just to make sure. I dial his number and he picks up on the second ring.

"Harry?" His thick Irish accent sounds from the other line.

"Hey Niall, is Skye there?" If she's not there I don't know where else she could've gone.

He paused before he spoke, and even when he spoke his voice was a bit hesitant. " No I'm afraid not." He didn't sound convincing. I know she's there.

"Niall I know she's there. She has no where else to go." Why would he lie to me?

"Fine she's here but..what did you do to her? She's a mess." He sighed.

Was I really that rude? Oh man. "Listen Niall, it's a long story."

"Yeah that's what she said too. Care to explain?"

"Yeah I'll explain. But not on the phone, I'll be over in a bit." Before he could protest I hung up and flew out the door.

I made it to Niall's in about 5 minutes by highly speeding and managing not to crash into anything. I swing open the front door and quickly shut it.

"Niall?" I call out.

"In here, Harry." He yells from the kitchen.

He's sitting at the table reading. "Where is she?" My voice is more frantic than I would like it to be.

"Upstairs, but your not seeing her until you tell me everything." He sets down his book and gives me a stern look.

I nod and sit across from him. I sigh and run my fingers through my hair. Where do I even begin? "Well last night Skye came into my room and said she had a nightmare. She told me about it and I ended up telling her how I feel about her which proceeded into us eventually kissing. Then this morning while I was downstairs I got a call from Zayn saying that whatever was going on between us I need to break off, because the other vampire clan doesn't like us having relations with mortals. It absolutely killed me to be so cruel with her, it really did. But I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she got hurt just because I was selfish." I put my head down. "I had no choice, Niall."

"Wait, they can't do that, can they? I mean, control us. Tell us who we can and cannot have relations with. This is insane." He gave a nervous chuckle and shook his head.

"Yeah tell me about it. I doubt Skye will even talk to me." I shake my head and look up. "You should've seen her face earlier, it was horrible."

"Just explain it to her Harry. I'm sure she'll forgive you. Come on, I'll take you to her." Niall stands up and motions for me to follow.

Niall's house is extremely big, and if he wasn't here with me right now, guiding me up the stairs to Courtney's room I would already be lost. I don't blame Skye if she won't talk to me. But I do hope she'll at least let me explain.

"Here we are." Niall stops in front of a door which I'm assuming is Courtney's. I can hear muffled sniffles coming from the outside and there's no doubt in my mind that it's Skye.

Wooooo look an update! Haven't done one of those in awhile. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2015 is now here, wow. That means 2000 is just as far away as 2030 is. That's mad! Anyway hope you all enjoyed this chapter.

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