Chapter Eleven

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My cheeks were red, I should delete a few embarrassing videos from early on in the channel, but that wouldn't really help. I closed my eyes, my right foot shaking a bit as I thought back two years.

"Alright next question," young Gwen chirped, "It says, 'Are you a virgin, if you aren't who would you want to loose it to?'"

I looked down for a second and laughed.

"I am still a virgin," I said, "I'm only 16, and I would like to loose it too, no doubt, Dan Howell. Or danisnotonfire, for those who didn't know."

I swallowed a lump in my throat and looked back up at Dan.

"How many videos have you seen?"

"About an hour's worth," he said, "Why?"

"No reason," I said. Holy crap, Dan Howell watched and hour's worth of my videos because he thought I was funny.

"So," Dan said, "Want to go out to dinner?"

"U-uh," I stuttered, "Yes. When?"

"How about right now?" He asked.

"O-okay," I nodded, "Just give me a minute."

"Alright," he nodded. I ran up to my room and started to tidy up. You know, laying on the floor doesn't help your appearance much.


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