Chapter Ten

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"Yeah, actually," she said as she tapped away on her laptop. "Why do you ask?" I tried to shrug nonchalantly, which ended up making me look even more obvious because I was an absolute fail at life. Luckily, she wasn't looking at me.

"Well, I-uh-I found this youtuber that looked-," I caught myself in time before I said 'cute', "familiar. So, I clicked on the video and realized why they looked so familiar." She looked up this time and gave me a panicked look.

"You're joking," she said in a disbelieving tone.

"It was London's very own Gwendolyn," I continued like I hadn't heard her. I pulled out my phone and pulled up her YouTube channel. I held it up for her to see. "I even subscribed to it since the videos were so funny." She was up before I had even finished my sentence.

"Daniel, give me your phone," she said as she jumped up for it. I held it higher so she couldn't reach it.

"Why? So you can unsubscribe me? No way!" I told her as I stood on my tiptoes to make sure she couldn't reach.

"Dan!" she said in protest as she jumped on her tiptoes, but she still couldn't reach it.

"Gwen!" I said with a laugh. She pouted when she realized she wouldn't be able to get it. I held a one hand out to block her as I started to put it in my pocket. She chose that moment to lunge for it which sent us both falling to the ground. She fell on top of me, so I couldn't get up until she did.

"Got it!" she said triumphantly as she held up my phone. I reached for it, but she pulled it away and started to unsubscribe me. After a few seconds of tapping, she tossed my phone back to me. I sighed and shook my head as I stood up, offering a hand to her. When she took it, I felt my hand grow warm as well as my cheeks. I quickly looked down as I put my phone back in my pocket.

"Phil also subscribed and I could always ask him what your channels called," I said when I had stopped blushing. I heard her give a groan if frustration which made me grin.

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