Some People who Just F*** Up Your Life, You Know?

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Dedicated toooooo: Nialler_Espinosa because if there's someone beautiful in this world it's her (and you lovely readers). Thank you (all of you) for the votes comments and DMs.

I hate people who ruin others' lives. Even if you don't realize they do it, they do. It's like.....don't do it. It's not cool. And if you do mess with people and bully them, think about it. No consequences? Really? Here's a story that might open your eyes:

Once upon a time there was a 5 year old girl. Her mother and father got divorced at age 3. When she was 5, her father remarried to a psychopathic woman; they didn't know that at the time.

The first 2 years were peaceful. The next 5 years were a living heck. Throwing things, screaming, verbal abuse, death threats were guided to the girl (and some the dad). At one time, the woman tried killing the girl and her father and failed. Thank God she did. She wasn't arrested because there was no evidence at all. But that's okay. They got divorced and now it's over.

Or is it?

Here's where the life ruining begins:

A year later the girl began to suffer. Suicidal thoughts, nightmares of drowning or something/one tiring to kill her. She got clinically diagnosed with anxiety and stress. She had depression, which then turned into PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Her name?
Me. It's me.

See, I live by this moral; Every action has a consequence.

Pleas think about your actions, because so some people aren't as lucky. Some people die or (at worst) kill others.

Have a good day (or night whatever)!



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