Chapter 2 Pretty Good So Far

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"I-I...." I couldn't speak I was so mind blown by this sudden offer!
"I would love to!" I said smiling.
"I've been here for a year with no one to talk to! I would like to meet some people who have went through something like me." I told him.
"Ok let's go." He ordered.
We got to the Slender Mansion... It was huge!!! What if nobody likes me? I thought nervously.
"They will enjoy your company, trust me!" Slender man reassured me.
We walked through the door and everyone's eyes were on us in an instant! I looked around and panicked a little to myself. Slender man walked me over and then left.
"Hi." Someone called cheerfully from across the room, she then stood up, it was a little girl who held a teddy bear in her arms.
"I'm Sally!" She said smiling her adorable smile. I relaxed a little,
"I'm (Y/N)." I told her smiling back.
She giggled and walked me over to the closest person next to me, he had long dark hair, a white sweatshirt, and a smile was cut into his face.
"This is Jeff the Killer." Sally introduced us.
"Im...." he didn't give me a chance to finish,
"I know who you are!" He said quickly. I flinched away a little surprised by the sudden amount of hostility in his tone.
Sally walked me over to someone with a hood over their head hiding their face,
"This is Hoodie, he doesn't talk." she told me. I smiled and walked away with Sally.
"The one wearing green is Ben Drowned, the one in the yellow jacket with the mask is Masky, that's Laughing Jack, that's Jane the Killer, that's Ticci Toby," she pointed to everybody in there except one person who wasn't far from me, he was wearing a blue mask with dark black circles where the eyes should have been, Sally must have seen me looked over at him cause she walked me over to him,
"This is Eyeless Jack," she said happily.
"Jack, this is (Y/N)." She introduced me to him.
"Hi." I said nervously.
"Hi." He said back.
"Well that's everyone!" Sally told me.
"Wait...... there's someone else!" She whistled.
A dog came bolting around the corner and tackled me to the floor. He barked at me,
"Hi boy!" I said happily laughing. He was REALLY heavy! Eyeless Jack gave the dog a push to get him off me as though he had read my mind.
"That's Smile Dog!" Sally told me while she stroked the dog's smooth coat.
Sally looked up at me,
"Would you like someone to show you to your room?" She asked me.
"Um.... yes that would be nice." I told her.
Sally looked over to Eyeless Jack....
"Will you show her to her room?" She asked politely. he stood up from the chair,
"How could I say no." he said. I was still sitting on the floor, he put his hand out offering to help me up. I took his hand and hauled myself up. we walked up a flight of stairs into a long hallway. we stopped at a room that wasn't too far from the stairs,
"This is it, you can stay in here and make yourself at home, and I can stand outside the door and wait if you want to come back?" He offered.
"Thanks." I said. he nodded and closed the door behind him. I could hear him lean against the wall as he waited for me to come back out.
I smiled to myself, he was cute! And nice! I thought. Well this place is turning out to be pretty good so far!
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