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She did what!?

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Hannah's pov

"Listen guys i dont mean to be rude but Niall why are you here?" I asked

Niall turned pale. "Well um mum kicked me out"

"She did what!" I asked not sure if i heard correct.

"She said I was too old. That i needed to get out have a real life." He said

I gave him the 'go on' look.

"So i came to the only place I knew I would be excepted."Niall finished

"How could mum be so rude" I mumbled

"I dont know but can I stay here until I find a home" Niall asked carefully

"Ni you can stay here as long as you want" I said

*at home*

"The guest room is this way Nialler" I said

"Wait is your nickname Ni or Nialler? Im confused" Zayn said

"Both now go home Zayn its late" I said

"Yes mother" He joked

"Bring the boys over tomorrow. Okay Malik?"I said

"Ok night" Zayn said

"Speacial ed" Niall asked

"What" I asked

"Zayn" Niall  responded

"Oh no just crazy" I replied

"Why did you tell him to bring the boys over" Niall asked

"So you can meet my friends" I said

"O well night sis" Niall replied

"Night Ni" I replied before heading to bed myself

The next day

I made breakfast for Ni and I when the boys and gals bust through the door. Then they pulled out nerf guns.

1 hour later

Im in the corner. Guns are pointed at me from all directions.

"My precious food!" Niall screamed

"NIALL!" I yelled

"O gosh"Niall says as he begins to flip over each boy and a kud i dont know. Then he tied the girls to a chair. I might have forgot that Niall was a black belt in karate.

"Niall this is Liam, Louis, Zayn,Rebekah, Summer, and kid i dont know their my friends." I said to calm him down since he was still in attack mode.

"That's my friend Harry." Louis spoke up

I untied Bekah and Summer while Niall told them off for ruining his food. I made them all clean up my kitchen while we watched.

"All finished" Summer said

"Hmm watcha say Nialler" I asked

"Hmm well the rest of the flat" Niall started

"No!" They all screamed in unison

"Fine what are you doing here" I asked

"You told me to bring them over to meet this Irish lad" Zayn said pointing to Niall

"Right well you guys go I have to make more breakfast" I said annoyed

"No need to love, me and you can go to Mcdonalds" Louis spoke in that smooth amazing voice of his.

"Ok" I said

Louis' pov

*in the car*

I wanted to get her alone to ask her on a date to Starbucks tonight.I know what your thinking really Starbucks.

"Hay Han" I said to get her attention

"Yea Lou" She said. I lived when she said my nickname.

"Do you wanna go to Starbucks with me tonight." i asked

"Sure" She said calmly

Hannah's pov

He asked me on a date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis' pov

I asked her on a date and she said yes!!!!!!!!!!!

*at home after breakfast*

Hannah's pov

"Which one is it?" Niall asked

"Huh?" I asked confused

"My bets on Zayn" Niall continued

"NIALL JAMES HORAN!" I screamed "what are you talking about?"

"Which one you like" Niall stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world "Dont lie" he finished

I sighed "Louis" I confessed

"Oh he's quite the lad yeah" Niall said

"Yeah" I said "We got a date tonight"

"Be home by ten" Niall said

"Yes father" I joked

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