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It was wrong for me to look but yet I still pretended I was sleeping and watched as Alicia flounced in front of the mirror.

It was about 7 o clock and we had just gotten back from my physical therapy session at 5. I was pooped, and decided to rest while Alicia got ready to go to the club.

I could only rest for about 30mins when I was awoken by Alicia flouncing and prancing in the mirror, probably practicing for her dance.

I acted like I was sleeping and silently watched as she grinded and twerked, wearing nothing but a thin silk robe.

I coughed.

She whipped her head around.

"Hakim! You're awake! I made some fried chicken and broccoli with Spanish rice. I gotta head off too work though, so I'll see you tonight."


Still Hakim

I woke up before Alicia, who had only came in a couple hours earlier. I was restless and having her sleeping right beside me was not making it any better.

I pulled myself into my wheelchair, careful not to make any noise and wheeled myself to the kitchen and looked through the refrigerator. I can't cook but I can try.

I grabbed some pre made waffles and put them in the toaster then heated up some turkey bacon.

"Are you burning something in here?" She ran out, putting on a blouse at the same time.

"No, I made breakfast." I gestured to the waffles and bacon.

She laughed.

"I'm serious. Try some." I handed her a plate. She grabbed a piece of bacon and bit down into it. Her face frowned up.

"Tomorrow, imma show you the real way to make bacon okay? Nice try though." She said, running back into the room to get dressed for work.

A few minutes later, she came back, fully dressed and ready to go, holding a Michael Kors bag in one hand and a manila folder in the other.

She was wearing a pretty yellow v-neck shirt and navy blue skirt.

"Be ready by 11 so I can take you to your class. Remember that you have PT tonight!" Alicia called out while chewing on a granola bar.

I gave her a thumbs up.


"Hakim which bathing suit should I wear?" She asked, holding up my cheetah print tankini with the high waisted brief and my purple frilly bikini with silver beads on it.

"The purple one!" I said, not paying attention so instead she put on the cheetah print bathing suit and threw my hair into a big bun.

"Are you ready Hakim?" I asked, holding a towel.

"No! Hold on." I said, embarrassed because I just couldn't get my socks on. "I need help."

She ran in. "What now?"

I motioned towards my socks.

"Ugh..." She groaned, bending down and pulling on my socks.

I could see right down into her bathing suit and turned my head. No boners for me today.

She put on my other sock and slipped on my Adidas flip flops.

We went out to the pool deck, where she lifted me out of the wheel chair and put me at the edge of the pool.

We both got in and I hung closely to the wall until my trainer, Mark came in and gave Alicia the list of exercises I needed to do.


"Okay... Well first, let's try kicking." I said, glancing at the paper.

He clenched his teeth and tried to kick but only succeeded in created a small wave across the surface.

"Okay, let's try treading water." I said, holding his hand and taking him to the middle of the pool. "Use your arms and legs to keep yourself above water...like this." I showed him what to do.

He went to the middle and could only stay afloat for a couple seconds before he began to sink.

I pulled him back to the wall and let him catch his breath.

"I know, this is, gonna take awhile. Whew!" Hakim said.

"Okay, ummm...let's try surface diving to get an object." I grabbed a pool toy and let it sink to the bottom.

"Now we have to get it." I said, and we both dived down, grabbing it at the same time and wrestling for it underwater.

I came up for air, and found myself chest to chest with Hakim, and his beautiful hazel eyes looking into mine. There was no air between us.

"Ummm..." I said awkwardly.

"I like you." He said, looking at me straight into my soul.

"Okay guys! Pools closing!" Mark yelled from the pool deck and I hopped out ASAP, leaving Mark to help Hakim get out the pool.

I rushed to the locker room and changed quickly before Hakim could enter and looked at myself in the mirror, suddenly feeling self conscious about my messy bun. I straightened it out and sat in the far end of the locker room, avoiding Hakims gaze.


I don't know what and why I said what I did, but it slipped out and I regretted it.

I helped myself into the wheelchair and Alicia pushed me to the car ride, which was fairly silent.


He sat on the bed, flipping through channels and simply looking pitiful.

I felt bad for shunning him and finished putting on my lace bra and satin night gown.

I crawled into bed and he moved over a tad bit.

I couldn't deal with the tension that was clearly between us.

"Hakim, what did you mean when you said you liked me?" I asked, not looking at him.

"I don't know...I just kinda felt sad about Chantel and how you been helping me and all, and I respect that. Especially since you been coming to church and working hard, I dunno. I guess I just...i'm stupid. Forget it." He said sadly.

I felt compelled to him and got into his lap and straddled him.

"Alicia, if you don't have feelings for me, I understand. You don't have to pretend to make me like you." He hung his head.

I grabbed his neck, and kissed him along the jawbone and then a nice soft kiss on his lips.

"Alicia." He muttered against my lips.

"Hakim, I like you."


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