6: Gossip queen

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Lunch came quickly and as I stepped out into the outdoor cafeteria, I stood by the door with my lunch tray in hand, like a complete idiot. Most of the tables were filled up with students eating and chatting animatedly. There wasn't a single free table in sight. I was just about to turn around and look for an empty classroom to eat in, when I caught sight of a very familiar lock of curly black hair. Following the sight of the hair, I marched forward with my lunch tray and came to a halt, four tables away from where Amber's cheery red hair was bobbing up and down. She turned around and smiled when she saw me approaching.

"Over here, Mel!" She shouted, scooting to the side to make space for me on her bench.

"Hey" I said when I got to the table and took a seat beside her.

"I heard that Mrs Rose was so angry that she marched into the principal's office and swore so loudly that Mrs Morrison fell out of her chair" Nichole wheezed and continued laughing.

"You really shouldn't pay attention to gossip like that" Amber said sternly and I looked between them, confused.

"Oh shush. You listened to it too" Nichole retorted when she stopped laughing.

"What are you guys talking about?" I asked.

"Nothing, just some silly gossip going around campus" Amber replied with a wave of her hand. She dipped her hand into a brown paper bag and retrieved an apple then she took a large bite and moaned in bliss.

"Gossip?" I parroted. I hadn't heard anything about a gossip up until now.

"That's right," Nichole said suddenly and snapped her fingers, "you were there Mel. Tell us all about it"

"I was where? Tell you what?" I asked, even more confused.

"Literature class" Nichole replied hastily. The pieces started to fit together in my head and when I realized what gossip they were talking about, I snorted.

"There really isn't much to tell, other than the fact that one of Samantha's croonies was in a bitch mood, and totally lashed out on the literature teacher, which in turn caused her to go into a raging fit" I recanted the events from literature class to them and Nichole erupted in another fit of laughter. She laughed so much, that she almost toppled off the bench.

"That's horrible" Amber said, horrified.

"I---I told you.... that's what happened" Nichole said between gasps of laughter.

"Why would she even do something like that?" Amber asked and I shrugged in response.

"I heard she had a falling out with Jordan" Nichole piped up, taking a sip of her orange juice.

"Jordan?" I asked and Nichole nodded.

"Charlene's on and off boyfriend" she said and Amber pursed her lips in irritation.

"I never liked she and Jordan together" she said, her nose scrunched up, much like my mum's when she talked about Janice.

"Lighten up Amber. You know it's nothing serious" Nichole said lightly.

"What do you mean?"

"Amber here," Nichole explained, pointing a hand to Amber, "has been carrying a torch for Jordan since the sixth grade, but she's been too afraid to talk to him"

"Why? He's just a guy"

"Jordan Price isn't just 'a guy'" Nichole chuckled.

Amber's eyes nearly bugged out of it's socket and against her better judgement, she blurted out "have you seen him?"

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