5: Riff Raff's and the Queen bee

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"Have good first-day honey!" mum yelled before she zoomed off.

As I stood awkwardly at the school entrance, I pulled the strap of my backpack higher while I simultaneously dragged the stupid skirt as low as I could possibly manage.

Twelve or so dozen pair of eyes zoned in on me as I began the short walk into the school gates. There was a long parking lot, littered with cars and students who were loitering around before the last bell rang. I mentally calculated the distance between me and the main entrance 100 meters.

I can do this. I'm beyond this new school shit. I'm a badass bitch. I don't care about all the assessing eyes and whispering around me.

Backed with my mental pep talk, I lifted my chin up and with my head held high, I gave everyone the fuck off vibe as I strutted my way down the never-ending parking lot.

Or at least I hoped that was the vibe I was giving off. Not the help-i-do not-know-where-the-fuck-i'm-going vibe.

"Mel!" Someone all but screamed from my right. I turned my head towards the direction of the voice, and saw Amber running towards me with a very stunning dark-skinned girl trailing unhurriedly behind her with a bored expression.

"So glad to see you. I was hoping we could hitch a ride to school together, but you must have left a little early" she gushed.

"Yeah that's what happened," I murmured to myself.

Okay, so maybe I may have seen Amber coming to my house this morning and maybe I messed with the doorbell so it wouldn't ring and maybe I told my mum that she'd already left when she asked me to come to school with her, so my mum could drop me off, but hey you can't blame me. This chick was nuts.

"Um hey Amber," I said when I noticed her expectant eyes on me.

"Who's your friend?" The girl beside her asked. I took my time to assess her, now that she was standing so close and damn she was a 10/10 kind of hot. With her olive skin, jet black, curly hair (black-er than mine), pink rosy lips and her nose ring. Her aura practically screamed "bad girl". I actually just noticed how tall she was, standing next to me. I could barely see over her head and that was saying something since I was five foot ten and I was mostly taller than the average girl so she must be five foot seven or a little bit more at most.

"Oh, this is Melissa" Amber gestured with her hand "and Melissa, meet Nichole"

"Nice to meet you," I said with a slight smile. As I still tried to subtly tug my skirt down, I noticed that unlike Amber who was dressed exactly like me, Nichole had traded in her red blazer for a black leather vest, her white shirt wasn't tucked into her skirt, but was laying flat on her red skirt, her tie was hanging loosely around her neck and the normal school shoes and red socks had been traded for a pair of black knee length socks and black bikers boots. All in all, I was loving her look and I kinda felt a little jealous that she got to dress that way.

"Welcome to lamesville. Population, too fucking much. I hope you've got a strong spirit honey, because this school will suck the life out of you" she tapped my shoulder with a sympathetic look.

"Don't be ridiculous Nikky," Amber rolled her eyes at her before she turned to me, "ignore her. She can be a bit of a debby downer sometimes"

"You'll believe me when you see it" Nichole shrugged non-chalantly. She spun around and strolled towards the doors as the last bell rang and students shuffled quickly inside the halls.

"See you in home room" Amber said as she and Nichole started walking down the hall to my left. I turned to the right and walked down the hall to the principal's office. Mum said to collect my schedule at the receptionist's desk.

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