Part 12 ~ A Hospital Scare?

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Chances POV

I keep getting calls from Katie. I don't know what she needs. I desperately want to take them, but I can't since my dad is in the same room with me.

After the eternity of the meeting; the date I will take over the company. Me needing to have an heir, little do they know I will have two. I call Katie back, no answer.

Chill out man, it's nothing. She probably just wanted to ask me to pick her up some pickles & peanut butter or Jelly Beans & Chili Pepper for her crazy cravings. Suddenly my phone rings, I answer it immediately.

"Hello, am I speaking with Chance Quinn?" An unfamiliar voice asks

"Yes, may I ask who this is."

"My name is Martha Asher. I am a nurse at NYC Regional Care & Hospital. I was wondering if Katie Rivera had any connection to you?"

"Yes, she's my girlfriend. And pregnant with my children."

"Okay, please get down to the hospital ASAP then. I need you to come sign off on the procedure."

"What procedure?"

"I'm sorry sir, I am not aloud to discuss it anymore over the phone."
She hangs up.

I rush out of my office.

"Hey, Chance!! You can't leave yet." I hear my dad yell

"I DONT CARE!!!! MY CHILDREN MIGHT NOT BE OKAY!!" And with that I run to the elevator, not realizing that I may have just really messed up my future.

=At the Hospital=

"Hey, umm I'm looking for Martha, whatever her last name is." I state very frantically

"Yes, sir that would be me." Martha Says to me "You must be Chance."

"Yeah, uh. That's me. What's wrong with Katie! And my children!!"

"Let's go to her room."

We walk down endless hallways, I still have no clue what's going on. Finally we reach her room.

"Sit down, Mr. Quinn"

I sit at the chair, and stare at the bed where Katie is laying dead still.

"Is she okay."

"Yes, she is temporarily out for a bit. It's for the best though."

"For the best? What's that mean?"

"Okay, I'll explain this as simple as I can. The baby boy, has a weak heart, and he went into Cardiac Arrest, which also means he had a failing heart. Basically, he seized today. And his heart failed, I'm sorry but he died. Has Katie mentioned bloody urine? Or been vomiting blood? Had spotting?"

"No, but she called me 17 times this morning. Could that be anything?"

"It might, she could have been calling to inform you of a symptom."

"It's all my fault, I should have answered her calls."

"Sir, by the time she had seen the symptoms it would have been to late. Now, I need you to sign the forms that allow us to remove the baby from the womb, in order to give the girl a better chance of survival."

"What's her chance."

"It's 50/50 right now. Anything could happen. Especially if the boy stays in longer. The longer he remains in, the worse her chances get."

"Does Katie know?" I ask, worried that she will be on edge.

"No, she's been under since she arrived."

"Oh, well I'll sign the papers. But, please tell her they weren't consent by me. She will be heart broken."

"Okay," she retrieves the papers and I sign them with shakily hands. "Thank you sir, I promise, it will get easier."

She leaves, and I break down in tears. Yes, I Chance Quinn am crying.

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