Chapter 4

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10:30 PM

I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about what my dad said to Yn. He was fucked up for that. I don't care if he was drunk. He was wrong.

I peeked out my side window just to see Yn up and she was on FaceTime with someone. She was laughing. She looked over thru her window and I dropped. I didn't want her to think that I was stalking her. Or worse.

I crawled to my bed and laid back. From my bed I could see out my side window. She continued to walk around her room and talk on facetime.

I just laid back and closed my eyes.


10:30 PM

I was on facetime with Yn. I could genuinely say I had a crush on her. Not fully like but just crush. She was just like me. But a lil different. I liked underground music and so did she. I liked the thrill of things and she's the type to tend to stay away from those things. But she's open to new things. I love that about her.

"So when are you gonna let me take you out." I asked playin in my messy hair. "Tomorrow. I'm free all tomorrow." She said eagerly. "Well now you're not. I'll be there to come get you at 1:00 ok?" I asked. "Yep. Jass?" "Yea?" I said. "I think someone is watching me." I laughed. "I always feel like someone is watching me!" I sang. "Jass! I'm serious!" She yelled. "Okay okay. What do you want me to do?" "Spend the night?" She asked with a bit of hope in her voice.

"No thats a long drive." "You live up the street." She said with a straight face. "But what if your mom catches us?" I asked concerned. "What am I doing wrong. Plus I just moved here. Girl or boy she'll be glad I have a friend." I nodded.

"Fine. I'm on my way." I said. She smiled big. "Thank you. When you get here don't knock. Climb up my flower ladder onto my balcony." I laughed hella loud. "Nigga do you think I'm Zac effron. I aint climbing shit." I said putting my shoes on. I was going over there.

"Please?" She begged poking her bottom lip out. "Fine baby girl. I'll be there in 5." "Okay thanks jassy." She blew me a kiss and hung up.

She got me over here bout to run over there. I checked in on my lil brother and my lil sister. "I'll be back in the morning ok?" I said kissing their foreheads. My mom was in her room. So I left her a note telling her I would be back before she needed to go to work.

I got in my car and zoomed to Yn's house. I parked near the curb and got out. I climbed up the ladder on to her balcony.

"Yn Im here." I texted her. She opened the doors and hugged me. "Yay. You're here. Come on we can watch movies and all that good stuff." Yn said pulling me into her room.

We were in the middle of watching Kevin hart's laugh at my pain, when she snuggled up under my arm and wrapped her leg around me. I chuckled softly and kissed her forehead. "Night queen." I said pulling her closer and throwing her covers over us.


9:30 AM

Saturday Morning

I woke up with Jass right beside me. I sat up and she wrapped her arms around my hips. I smiled and turned on the TV.

I had watched the octonauts till 11:00 when Jass woke up. "Bae why you ain't tell me my show was on?" Jass said in her sleepy voice 😍. I almost died! "Cause I'm not yo bae and this my show." I said sassy like. "What time is it?" Jass said chuckling. "11:05." I said playing in her hair. "Imma leave in an hour." Jass said sittin up. "Whyy 😩?" I whined. "Cause I have to drive my mom to work I'll be back after that." Jass said standing up.

I pouted poking my bottom lip out. "Don't be like that babe." Jass said sitting in front of me. "I just don't want you to go." I said. "I'll be back in 20 minutes at the most." She said grabbing my hands.

"Fine. Now let's make breakfast. I'm hungry." I said getting up. Jass followed and we walked to the kitchen.

"Morning Yn and friend." My mom said. "Hey mom this is Jass." I said smiling cautiously. "Hello Mrs. Taylor." Jass said with a nervous look on her face. "Hey Jasmine. What a pleasant surprise to see you here at my house." "Mom I asked her to come because I was scared. I felt like someone was watching me." I said crossing my arms looking down. "Look YN you know my rules. As long as there is no hanky panky I am fine. There was none of that last night was there?" Mom said looking back and forth between me and Jass. "No ma'am." We said in unison.

We went into the kitchen and there was food there waiting on us. "Your mom beat us to it." Jass said laughing a bit. "Aww I wanted to cook." I said making my plate


12:00 PM

I had grabbed my shoes jacket and keys. "Alright Yn. I'll be back in 20." I said hugging her. "Hurry back okay?" She said pecking my lips between words. "I will baby girl."

I walked out of her house and drove home. I honked the horn and waited for my mom to come out.

When she came out and sat in the front of the car. "Where did you go last night." She asked as I took off. "I went to my friends house." I said looking straight ahead. "Jass what type of friend." My mom said raising her voice. She always got this way when I left in the middle of the night. "Not my girlfriend I don't have one yet ma." "I just wanted to know. You don't tell me nothing no more." She said looking down. I didn't feel like having this conversation. As soon as I pulled up I opened her door. "Have a good day at work mom." I said not looking at her.

Every since my dad died she has been bugging. She always does this. If I don't talk her it's a problem. But when I do she says "Jasmine Im too tired for this right now." She's so flip floppy.

I drove back to my house and put in a black tee shirt some jeans and my 12's. I went down stairs and got back im the car to head to Yn's house. I turned up my radio and bumped to the trey songz album the whole time.

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