Training Day and Free Time

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Master Wu  and Garmadon where up early, Today was training day.  Garmadon said"Well Brother we should get the Ninja up.  It is training  day after all".  Master Wu said"Yes brother. What shall we do after"? Garmadon said"Get some breakfast and watch as the kids train". The 2 brothers went to each Ninja's room.  Garmadon picked  up Kai and said"Good Morning my little fire Starter". Kai said"Morning Daddy".  Master Wu said"Good morning My Ninja. Today is Training Day". Nya said"Yes Uncle Wu". Lloyd said"Dad, do we have to"? Garmadon said"Yes, Lloyd. Now up, up, up Kids. The sooner you get your training done you'll get to have free time". All the kids got up and got ready for training. Kai was already in his training attire. During training Jay accidentally knocked down Kai. Jay said"You gotta watch out while training Lil' one". Garmadon stepped out onto the deck and said"How's it going kids"? Lloyd said"Good". Zane said"Master Garmadon? Could you help me with something"? Garmadon said"Of course Dear boy". Zane said"Ok stand in a position like this". After training... Lloyd was in his! And Kai's  Room,Cole was playing games with Jay, Zane was talking about a new idea an Invention, Nya was talking with Zane and Kai was getting his diaper changed. (Hence he's a 4 yr old and isn't potty trained at all).  Wu suddenly saw a spider and ran onto the deck screaming. Garmadon walked out of the bathroom with a sleeping Kai in his arms. Garmadon said"Where's Wu? Why did I hear screaming? *Sees the 'fake Spider' on the couch and sighs* Which one of you did this"?! Zane said"I wouldn't do anything like that Master Garmadon". Garmadon said"I know you're a good Boy". Jay said"It was me. I didn't mean to. I just fell and  I dropped it. I'm sorry". Garmadon said"It's ok Jayson. Here take Kai and put him in his crib for me. Ok"? Jay nodded and did so. Garmadon went out onto the deck to find his younger brother with his knees up to his chest hiding his face. Garmadon picked him and sat down. Garmadon began to sing a song their dad once sung to Him and Wu when he or Wu were scared. It worked the younger one wasn't as scared. Wu looked up at his brother and said"Garmie? Do you remember when you said you hated me and that is was my fault the snakke bit you"? Garmadon said"Shh, I know. That was the evil that twisted my mind. I never meant to hurt you Wusan.  I love you with All my heart little brother, just as much as I love my kids". The 2 brothers went back inside and saw that all the Ninja where all already in bed tucked in nice and tight. The 2 brothers kissed each Ninja's forehead and told them Goodnight before turning the light off leaving only the Ninja's Nightlight on then they went to bed as well. 

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