27. See You Soon

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Author's POV:

        When everyone else in the Saeed Mansion was busy in preparation of lunch as Aayat's in laws were coming to their home to fix the dates, Aayat was alone sitting inside the closed doors of her room.

        A bright mustard yellow coloured dress set that she was supposed to wear today was laying on her bed. But as if forgotten what she was supposed to do, she sat on the floor beside the bed motionlessly.

        "What is happening in her life?" She thought. She never had thought of getting married in her life ever before. But when she finally thought she was ready to take the big step, she met with another twist into her fate in the form of Mahir.

         As calm as she seemed Infront of all, she was freaking out from inside. Which girl wouldn't? As she had guaranteed her life into the hands of someone who had done nothing but hurt her in the past. Who had done nothing but lied to her. Who was nothing but a betrayer.

          Seven years had past, yet she didn't forget how Mahir had played with her. He first started a fight with her, for no reason and then started to act as if he had really moved past everything. He acted as if he wanted to help her, that he respected her and cared for her to some extent.

But what he did in the end?

        Just when she had started to trust him, he had dropped the act and showed her his real face. He insulted her on her birthday. She came to know that everything that he was doing was Only to take revenge of nothing!

        After that incident, she had stopped to trust him. She had forgotten about him. She ignored him as much as she could. On the contrary, he kept following her to the library. And tried to talk to her , but she ignored him. And then on one day, he came saying that he was sorry for everything, but he didn't do it willingly, that there was something more to the story.

       And then, for a split of moment , she saw the hint of genuineness in his eyes, and agreed to meet him again. She had given him a chance, even when it was against her will and gut feeling. 

        But then what happened? When she finally went to meet him, she found him much busy in hugging some other girl.

That was when she realised,
His Grey eyes were illusional!

        She still didn't know that what was his  purpose behind lying that there was some reason behind what he did and then purposely inviting her just to see him with other girl, but one thing was sure to her then,

That Mahir isn't worth trusting.

          And just when she was finally at peace in her life, he had inevitably came back in her life. From the moment he had came Infront of her, she no more was herself. She had became this strange person who would stay quiet and then burst out whenever he was around her.

         But was she to be blamed if she was being rude? She was about to get married to the person she nearly hated!

          If it was in the normal situation, she would have called off the whole proposal the moment she had seen Mahir but the situation was much complicated now.

         Firstly, she didn't wanted to give a shock to her father who had just now recovered from the accident and was happy because of the same decision of her agreeing to marry Mahir.

       Secondly, the proposal was already fixed the day Mahir's mother had slipped the bangle in her wrist. If she would back off now , not one but two families will be affected, who are entirely innocent.

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