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     Tadashi went to bed that night with Kaito at the foot of his bed. He laid in bed with his dog by his side, looking back on his evening adventures. He thought about what he and his new friends would talk about tomorrow. What they would do. He felt his stomach leap in excitement as he thought about the next day. It had been a long time since he had made a friend on his own. Sure, he had friends on the volleyball team, but it's not like he reached out to them. Kei Tsukishima was the only friend he had made all on his own without being forced to bond with in a class or on a team. And Kei was his closest friend, best friends since elementary school actually. Neither boy had many other friends, much less close friends, so Tadashi was excited to have met some new people to hang out with even if they go to a different school. 

     Tadashi pictured his four new friends in his head. He didn't see them skateboard that much as they were mostly talking and playing with Kaito the whole time. He had only seen them skate away. He didn't know what their skateboards looked like, but he bet they looked cool. He imagined some sort of badass design on the bottom of each of their skateboards. Probably fire or skulls or a cool looking lion or something. He smiled at the different cool ideas that ran through his head, wondering what design most fit his new friends' personalities. He could imagine all of them with some sort of really cool or badass design. He thought Yuuji might have a lion or some other type of wild animal. He seemed like the kind of guy to find wild animals badass, so Tadashi wouldn't be surprised if that was reflected on his skateboard's design. 

     Meanwhile, Yuuji arrived him late after skating with his friends to their houses before returning to his own. He stepped inside, taking his shoes off at the door, and carried his skateboard and backpack upstairs. He reached his room and placed his backpack on the bed. He carried his skateboard over to the corner of his room and placed it on the little stand he had. He looked at the design before turning around. The design was nothing badass. It was a bunch of sunflowers, but Yuuji liked it. Bobata had teased him for it, saying it was too girly, but Yuuji didn't care. He liked the sunflowers. Sunflowers had always been his favorite flower, and he even grew them in his backyard along with some other plants. He didn't look like it, but Yuuji had quite the green thumb. He had a flower and vegetable garden in his backyard that he and his mother grew together. He loved tending to his garden, especially the different flowers he had. His mother did most of the vegetables, as she was the one who used them to make food. So the flowers were left for Yuuji to take care of, and no matter how many piercings he had, Yuuji would never put his love for gardening behind him.

     Yuuji plopped down on his bed before he heard his door open. His mother peaked her head into his room and smiled. "Out late again, Yuuji? Did you have fun?'

     Yuuji nodded. "Yeah. We went to that new spot again. And we met someone who knows Tanaka and Nishinoya. He goes to school with them at Karasuno. They're even on the same volleyball team!" Yuuji sat up excitedly as he said the last statement.

     Mrs. Terushima smiled. "That's great sweetie. I'm glad you all had fun. Try not to be out too late though. And stay out of trouble, okay?"

     "Yes mom." Yuuji groaned. His mom told him this every night. He had never gotten into trouble with his friends but she still always worried. His mother said goodnight to him and left his room, closing the door behind her. At least she remembered to close the door when she left the room. That was always a plus. Yuuji laid back down on his bed and pulled out his phone. He texted his friends. They had a group chat with the four of them in it called "sHe WaS a sKaTeR bOy" where they talked about anything and everything.


did any of you guys get yamaguchi's number?

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