Chapter Fourteen

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"Gurl I wish my man would sing to me like that, there's not many that'll do it so hang on to him." A random middle age woman said to me.

I smiled and looked at Marcus as we sat back down at the table. I never would've thought in a million years that Marcus would sing to me yet alone could sing.

"So .." Marcus said looking for a comment on his performance.

"You did good baby. I loved it and long as we been together you never mentioned you knew how to sing."

"I know how to do a lot of things, you don't know."

"Like what?" I asked.

"You gone find out when we get home, you ready to go?"

I laughed.


"Alright sexy, let me go to bathroom first."

Marcus got up and left. I sat at the table looking at all the people. My eyes fell on this one couple. The man was telling her something as he held her hand but I couldn't make out the words. He reached in his side coat pocket and pulled out a little black box and handed it to her. Her eyes grew big as she held the box, covering her mouth. She opended it.. but her expression changed to a blunt look..

Noisy as I was, I wanted to know why she wasn't happy. She had just gotten purposed to. Was the diamond small or sum?

She reached in the box and pulled out a pair of earrings.

I smirked as I grabbed my glass of wine and sipped. The only thing I could say as I looked away at the band was Life is full of dissapointments.

I looked around looking for Marcus.

"What in the world is taking him so long?" I said aloud to myself.

"Excuse me Mrs. but I couldn't help but notice your beauty from across the room."

I heard someone say behind me.

I turned around to address the person.


He laughed.

"Thats my name baby."

"How in the world did you know where I was?"

"Don't worry bout that."

I looked around for Marcus as I was talking to Evan.

"So where's ole buddy, he left ya hangin?"

"No, he's in the bathroom."

"I bet.. tell ya what.. how bout we get outta hea and go somewhere and finish what we started back at the house."

"I --- .."

"Lauren baby, who's ya friend?" I heard Marcus say as he walked up too the table."

I jumped up outta my chair.

"Oh umm baby, this is Evan, Stacy's brother."

"Ohhh, what up man aint know you got out."

"Yea man bout a few days ago."

"Thats good man."

I watched as the Marcus talked with Evan.. not knowing that he was socializing with the man who had my legs to the moon a few nights back.

"I bout to head out doe, I got this shawty swinging by tonight.."

Evan's eyes were like bullets piercing through my skin as he stared at me.

"I remember those days man," Marcus said as he grabbed me by the waist. " but it was good seeing you."

Evan walked off leaving Marcus and I at the table.

A little while later, Marcus paid the bill and we left.

We pulled up in the driveway of our home and went inside. I went to the bedroom to slip off my shoes and get comfortable.

"I'm bout to take a shower, you wanna hop in with ya man?" Marcus asked.

"I'll come in a minute." I responded.


Marcus dissapeared into the bathroom. I sat on the bed pulling my hair into a high bun. Before I could unzip my dress all the way down, I heard my phone vibrate in my purse. I decided to ignore it.

I took of my clothes to join Marcus into the shower. I crept into the bathroom without a sound. I stepped into the tub, standing behind him as he wet his face with water. I rubbed his back, letting him know that I had arrived.

The hot water streamed down our bodies as we lathered each other. Taking a shower turned into sex.

We hopped out the shower and got in the bed holding one another. My phone constantly vibrated on the night stand.

"You aint gone answer that?"

"Its not important." I said as I got comfortable with his arms wrapped around me.

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