[Chapter Fourteen]

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"I could have married you,

Instead I buried you,

Now I will see,

If I can fall asleep alone."

-"A Lunatics Lament."


Luc was quickly silence by the openeing of the cellar door and clanking of metal. The guards fell in step together, marching towards my cell and opening it. I cowared near the wall, questioning their presence. The first guard made a move to grab me, slipping his firm fingers around my small wrist and tugging me alongside him.

"Where are you taking her?" Luc yelled, clenching his hands around the bars. "I demand you to tell me, this instant! Nadia!"

I stifled a sob as Luc's form sagged to the floor, his eyes wide in shock as I knew I was being dragged off to my doom. I was to be the first person executed and Adrik had somehow slipped the notice that I should be killed immediately. Knowing that this was the last time I would see Luc, I snuck another glance over my shoulder as I was being tugged with the guard's strides.

He was slumped on his knees, his head drooping against the metal bars as his body shook with sobs and cries. It seemed like everything was spiraling quickly out of control, nothing following his plan.

The moment the hall light hit my eyes I had to blink a couple times, not being prepared for the sudden change. The slam of the door also made me jump, but I did not have time to dwindle about it. A white cloth was placed in my vision as Adrik turned around to face me, expecting our presence as he waited by the door.

"For your eyes," He said, looming near me.

I let Adrik tie the blindfold around my eyes and once it was done I began to rely on my other senses to help me along. It seemed like hours, which was really only minutes, before I heard the opening of a large door, creaking from the movement.

Whispers and voices were all around me and I noticed that I could not pinpoint where they were coming from. Some were to my left, to my right, in front of me, even behind me. I felt the release of the guards' grips on my arms. It felt good to finally have the blood flowing back into them.

Walking blindly into the room was a struggle, my hands faced out in front of me to latch onto objects and I could hear the mumurs and humourous laughs at my appearance.

My short show was wrapped up once the blindfold was ripped off my face, allowing me to take in the numorous numbers of vampires sitting in seats all around me -- like something out of Julius Caesar's time period.

I was in a small arena, as multiple vampires sat in the seats surrounding the entire place watching my every move. My eyes landed on a very prominent guillotine, the ones that were forever banned from most countries based upon it's inhumane death penalty. It's blade was shining in the light, tempting it's victims before it took their life.

A loud thump silenced all the whispers and voices, and the air became stilled. Looking up, I saw the King and Adrik sitting next to each other in the seats where the guillotine was right in front of their field of vision.

The Queen's presence was missing, but I figured it was not in a lady's agenda to watch death portrayed in front of her.

"We are here on behalf of the crimes that were placed and done here in our own manor." The King looked sharply down at me. "This so-called crime would be adultery, which we all know is punishable by death. For it is the worst among any age population, next to murder. The fact that she is a newly bride intensifies this crime. Thus, why she will be placed under the guillotine to have herself decapitated. Anyone who would like to disagree and argue with this punishment please stand."

Looking around I noticed how none of them even blinked at his speech, nonetheless stood on behalf of my survival.

"Good." The King's voice brought my eyes back to him. He now had his arm raised and once it fell to his side my arms were bent behind me, making it futile for me to try to escape even though I knew I would not stand a chance.

Letting my head drop I let my hair cover my face and my tears. I thought I could handle my death sentance with my head raised high, but until it was shoved into my face did I actually realize the true affects it had.

The fact that I would not be walking around on this planet anymore scared me. What would happen to me after I died?

Would I see darkness for eternity?

Would my soul search and meet Luc's if he died as well?

My feet stumbled a little bit, as I tried to watch my steps on the wooded stairs that led to the guillotine. The one time I looked up I saw Adrik holding the rope which held the blade in place, the moment his grip loosened --- bam, the blade fell with it's momentum that would pierce your neck and sever your spine.

The guards, who held me on my travel here, made me fall to my knees. Pushing my head forward to that my throat lay against the itchy wood. They moved my hair away from my neck, so that it covered my face. The placement of the second holder hit the back of my neck, holding me in place.

I heard a resounding shuffle around me, proving the anticipation among the vampires.

The sound of the blade dropping, made me squeeze my eyes shut. I could almost feel the coldness of the blade reaching towards my neck. And before I knew it, I was removed from the holders.

If being thrown backwards surprised me, then the sound of a blade cutting through flesh completely made me pale.

"Luc!" I yelled, pushing myself onto my feet and throwing myself into his arms. As he stood there, breathing heavily as he was the one to remove me from the holders of the guillotine.

He wrapped his own arms around me, holding me close to him. I could faintly feel the press of his lips on my head, "I was so worried that I would not have made it in time." He whispered.

He put me at arms distance and my regret was to look over his shoulder.

Instead of my body being held by the wooden pieces, it was no other than Adrik's.

A small gasp left my lips as I noticed the blood covering the blade. The guards stood still, not knowing what to do. Nobody spoke, no vampires even dared to take a breath. When my eyes moved towards the King he seemed to have seen a ghost, not knowing that his own son would have had his head severed, while it probably now lay against the cold floor.

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