Car Ride

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*Jenn's POV* (most the story is in Jenn's pov)

I was still in the library when I heard the bell finally ring. I grabbed my bag and ran out to my car. I jumped it quickly mainy because it was raining. I heard a knock come from the passenger seat window. I looked out to see Shawn standing in the cold rain. I unlocked the door and let him in. "Do you mind if I ride with you? Mom dropped me off this morning." he asks while looking down at his hands, knowing that I heard him in the library. "Sure, I guess its fine." I say trying to not make eye contact with Shawn. "Can I talk to you please?" he asked as I look at him seeing tears form in his eyes. "There's nothing to talk about. You are choosing Kailyn over me. And I'm your sister!" I say as I start driving feeling tears run down my cheeks. "I'm sorry. Maybe I can change her. And I can talk to her about her bullying you and I can make her stop!" he says before rubbing my back again. "I wish you knew.." I said while moving slightly away from him. "'Knew what?!" he says raising his voice soundly manlier,haha. "You'll find out tonight. Then maybe you'll care!" I said balling my eyes out. "I do care. I will always be your protective older brother." He says as a tear runs down his cheek. The rest of the car ride was silent.

Wow I'm actually typing at the bottom of the pages now. Sorry for such a short chapter. I am so excited to write the next one. It will be longer than this one. I promise. Okay,byeeeee :) -Shea

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