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- Lola -

Last night, after Mr. Styles left, I was at a loss for words. I was too shaken up to face my mom, so I determined to get a good night's rest. But, that was impossible. Every time I closed my eyes, I had hoped to see the brightly colored phosphenes lining my lids, but I only would see the recollection of what Mr. Styles had done to me by the bathroom entrance.

Today was a new day. I decided to spend the morning before school by my bedroom window and admiring the rainy sky. My hair was into two french braids with two navy green bows to mach my dark green tartan plaid skirt. My black knee socks never forgotten and my matching black cardigan.

I glanced at my skinny, gold, Casio watch noting the time. It was about time for me to leave for school. My mom was already gone for work. She left a note on the fridge saying she won't be home for dinner and later.

Swinging my backpack onto my shoulder and grabbing my house key, I walked outside of the front door, locked it and began to walk to school.

The rain was very light, perhaps a sprinkle. I loved the rain. When I was little, before my dad left my mom, we would both jump in the puddles and laugh and play together. All those memories are so precious to me. I know he's out of my life now, but I'd rather not forget the past.

I entered the school building and many of the male students were chasing each other, yelling and some of the bullies were trash canning some of the freshmen. All the popular girls were ether in tight groups chatting and gossiping or reapplying their lip gloss.

As I neared my locker, an unfamiliar face caught my eye.

He was rather tall and lean with dirty blonde hair swept up over his forehead. He seemed to be struggling with opening his locker.

I entered my combination, without trouble and grabbed my English notebook for the first class. In the corner of my eye, the young boy was staring at me with wide eyes.

"How did you just do that?"

The unknown boy questioned me, acting quite surprised. Turning to face him, I met his dark brown eyes.

"I'll help you with that. What's your combination?"

I asked him, signaling towards his locker right next to mine.

He handed me a crinkled up paper that listed his schedule and his locker number and combo. He moved out of the way while I carefully entered his combination in the lock and handed the paper back to him. Only one try and the locker swung open.

"Wow thank you..."

"Lola, and no problem! What's your name?"

"The name's Jack. What's your first class, Lola?"


He took some time to glance at his schedule and a wide smile displayed on his lips.

"Looks like we have the same class together! Should we head over?"

I gave him a nod and led him to the English class room. He took a seat in the empty chair next to mine.

The English teacher was gone sick, so there was a substitute. The substitute didn't really know what to do, so she gave us a study hall period; we just couldn't talk.

Most of the students in the class went on their phones, but Jack and I decided to get to each other a little more. We couldn't talk, so we just used to my notebook to write what we would normally say.

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