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The two walked into the house slowly as there was no longer a threat but once inside Taehyung bolted downstairs. Pulling the book case out of the way quickly he jammed in the passcode.The concrete door pushed itself open, allowing the older in. Hurriedly he looked around and saw no one, "yo, did he leave the house?" Impatiently the male looked back at the other who was just entering the bunker.

The other shook his head slowly and shivering a little, "nah, not when i was here at least."

Taehyung was furious and was about to go searching for the younger when sound could be heard coming from the bathroom. "Open it." The older looked at the male in the room before stepping to the side.

"So you're just gonna sacrifice me like that? You're as cold as this bunker." The man opened the door cautiously and a ball of fluff came running out. It was Yeontan and when Taehyung saw him, he was delighted. In a sweet tone he bent down, not daring to pick the puppy up but just caressing it fur, "hey there buddy! How have you been doing? You're a little cold to the touch. It must be scary to have cops come raid the house huh?"

Still occupied with Tannie, the other male walked into the bathroom and looked down at the boy who was asleep or dead who knows. Bending down he poked the younger on the cheeks and asked, "you dead?" Jeongguk grounded a little and peeked opened his eyes before sneezing into the the strangers face. Finally being aware of what he had done he sat up weakly and blurted, "ah lee hyung I'm sorry... I didn't mean to-..."

The man chuckled and wiped his face, "haha I'm Min, Lee's my brother, I'm nice so I wont hurt you. Why don't you get up? It's cold here."

Maybe it was because he was half awake but Jeongguk took sometime to process that information. Somewhat understanding that he wasn't in any trouble, he slowly got up before toppling over on to Min. The older luckily caught him and lets out an audible, "ah". This caught Taehyung's attention causing him to look into the bathroom, "what's wrong man?"

Min hoisted the younger into his arms and walked towards the older, "this your little community service boy? He's freezing."

Taehyung looked down at the one in Min's arms and poked the youngers cheeks, "oh wow. Let's go upstairs to my room." The other nodded and followed behind closely with tannie leading the way. Jeongguk shivered and breathed audibly through his mouth.

Once they were upstairs in the olders room, Min placed the boy onto the bed and wrapped him into a small burrito, "why is it so cold down there anyways? It like a fridge... luckily Yeontan had all that fur." The older pets the puppy fondly and smiled, "your a lucky boy huh?" Before he turned towards the male, "oh that actually used to be the fridge before I moved it to another room, I had had someone come in and change the temperature to something higher along with renovating it... it's not done being fixed yet so maybe that's why?"

Jeongguk continued to shiver in the blankets so Min sat down next to him and the bed and rubbed the youngers arms, warming them up as much as possible, "hyung he's gonna need a hot bath, staying in a place like that for more then four hours is crazy. If I were him I would've left the bunker."

Taehyung "oh"ed before he smiled, "ah i think it's because i told him not to leave until i got there haha, wanna help me bathe him?"

After hearing that Min sat up and walked towards the large window before opening it, "ah hyung, I'm a little busy actually, I'll take my leave. Let my brother know that I'm the handsomer one~ see you~" and like that Min hopped out of the second floor. The older sighed before looking at Yeontan, "I'm gonna have to do this all by myself... even the crocodiles don't need this much work..."

(Min uu)

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