5 Best Postal Code and ZIP Code Finder Websites

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Almost everything nowadays requires some affirmations in the form of captcha or clicking random pictures. Some of websites confirm your current location address with ZIP code to deliver any product on your location.

Some websites even demand your ZIP code or current location to make sure that you are not a Robot. Also, ZIP codes are necessary when you are shopping online.

Exact address not only leads to timely delivery but reduces the pain of delivery guy as well.

So, are you aware of your postal code? Do you have an exact idea of your current location?

If yes, that's great. If no, there are plenty of solutions available to you. Read along to find out the best ways to find ZIP code.

 Read along to find out the best ways to find ZIP code

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We all are pretty much aware of what is a postal code or ZIP code. Postal codes and ZIP codes were introduced to make the mailing system easy. With different codes for different areas sorting out and delivering mail became way too efficient.

However, we all have landed into Google with questions like what is my ZIP code? Or what is my location?. But, Google does not always give satisfactory results.

So, here are some websites that will provide you with accurate answers to your "what's my ZIP code?" questions.


The name itself is describing the website. A ZIP Code is one of the best USA ZIP code finder websites. It is effortless to use, and you can rely on this website to find your ZIP code at any moment. The site has two types of ZIP code lookup.

To find ZIP code of your current location, you need to choose "Auto Search" button in the home page. It will show you results based on your GPS locations. If that does not work for you, you can always switch to the manual option.

This manual action is below the "Manual Search" button. Here you need to put your current city location to get the ZIP code of your current city. A ZIP Code is an extremely reliable option available.


Wikipedia can also be considered as one of the most valuable ZIP code finders we have on the internet today. You can search for ZIP code the USA, UK or any other place and Wikipedia will show you reliable information.

Even though Wikipedia doesn't answer questions like whats my location? Or what my ZIP code? You can still find your ZIP code. You need to browse through the list of ZIP codes. Later, when you see your country, use the combination CTRL + F4 to get a ZIP code for your street.

3. MAPDEVELOPERS.COMWith great innovations taking place all around the world, finding ZIP code has been made easy by map developers. You can find common ZIP code with the help of map developers.

The website has various ZIP code lookup, and you can search for anything that seems convenient to you. The site asks for your current location right after you open it. So, when you agree to "share my location now," it lends you with the ZIP code of your current location.

If that does not work for you, you can manually select your location on the map. You can also type your address and find ZIP code.


USPS.COM is your ultimate solution for all sort of ZIP code related issues. It is easy to use and understand right after the first time you use it. You will see three options when you open the homepage of the website.

The first option will help you find a ZIP code by typing an address. So, if you have the address but you don't know the ZIP code you can use this option.

Similarly, there are few other area code lookup options, and you can choose one of them to find the correct ZIP code.


Canada Post is yet another very reliable source of ZIP code. Since it is a postal website, they have a vast collection of postal codes.

Finding a ZIP code through Canada post is free and simple. You need to type in the address or name of the city, country, or street, and it will come up with reliable results.

You can even proceed to parcel with the help of the same website.

Now, whenever you are stuck with questions like, What is my address? Or What is my postal code? You know where you should go now.

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