Fade - Chapter 22

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The air slowly quiets after Taurus takes his leave, the heavy wooden door and rock walls blocking noise from entering or exiting the small chamber. Slowly, Ciel turns so Sebastian, his look of confusion prominent amongst his delicate features. He slowly walks over to Sebastian, his eyes surveying his surroundings as a doe would in the forests. His eyes drift along the two doors on the opposite wall... to the unlit fireplace and the wooden floors that shine with heat. His eyes dance along the oil lamps and perfectly-made bed, and finally land on Sebastian.


He begins to speak, his eyes full of turmoil despite the planning they had done previously. His hands shake slightly like the wavering of autumn leaves... quivering and shuddering before they finally fall to his sides, much as those leaves would dare fall to the ground.

"What... Sebastian, who is that?"

His voice is not above a whisper, though the stillness in the air should indicate a safety of speech.

"Taurus. He's an old... friend, you could say. I'm sure you have a lot of questions to ask me. Come, sit on the bed with me, Ciel."

He nods, walking over to where Sebastian is already seated, and making himself comfortable leaning against the pillows of the headboard.

"Well, what language were you speaking? And are you going to teach me?"

He doesn't whisper now, taking the hint from Sebastian's full-volumed voice that now fills the air.

"We were speaking latin, my love. I can teach you, yes.... but you do already know.

"How on earth would I know?"

Sebastian chuckles.

"Well... you see, since you are now a demon as well, you already have the synapses in your brain wired to understand it. It's just that because of your human blood, I'm afraid that human nature and logic are blocking that from happening. I had to learn English when I began to form contracts, as latin is what those of the supernatural realm primarily speak. I guess you could say that is why it is the 'dead' language."

"So... if your father was a half blood... how did he learn?"

In their previous studies, it has been found that Sebastian's father, Dux, had been the result of a human and a demon cross-breeding from a contract Dux's mother had made with a human.

"Sadly, Ciel... I do not know. I was born long after he had learned, as I was brought up speaking latin. You see... the part of me that is human is too minuscule to count, and since offspring of half-bloods are considered fully demon, I never questioned it."

"Bloody hell."

Mutters Ciel, his mind racing at the thought.

"Sebastian.. can you teach me, anyways?"

"I can. But first, you must learn what will happen now that we are here and have met Taurus."

Ciel nods, his contracted eye covered with his once-dormant eyepatch.

"Taurus has a thick skull. He's not the brightest thing I've ever met, but he can be dangerous. If he finds out anything we are attempting to hide, our blood will be mingling with the fallen leaves. Do you understand?"


"Good. It is my job to protect you as my 'apprentice'. You must do as I say, or I fear for your safety. I will attempt to avoid much of the training the juven go through, but I cannot guarantee that we can slip through it all unscathed. But you must know that my intentions are never to hurt you, but I am here to act the part on our behalf."



Sebastian's eyes suddenly stare straight into that swimming blue orb, glowing with an abandoned fire.

"You will be exposed to my true form."

Ciel looks at Sebastian warily."

"Your true form? It can't be so bad... Taurus doesn't look all that revolting."

Sebastian chuckles, closing his eyes briefly in a flurry of amusement.

"No.. my love, you do not understand. You have never seen me in my true demonized form. You do not understand how shocked you will be. You may think of me differently... but I do hope you will understand. All you've seen of Taurus is his demon form, granted he isn't that impressive either way, but we are of different breeds. I do not want you to fear me, but it can be potentially dangerous... and given our contract, I can honestly say that I am concerned."

Ciel gives him a soft, warm smile. Ciel's hand reaches up to touch the soft skin of his neck, and as he does so their lips come together in a kiss. It's short and sweet, lasting only for a moment but meaning a lifetime.

"I could never fear you, Sebastian."

Sebastian's smirk wavers as he brings the boy in for a warm embrace, his arms encircling him lovingly. When CIel nuzzles into the crook of his neck, his face is saddened. His fingers stroke the boy's soft hair, feeling as though they are running through water. He sighs softly.

"I do hope so... Ciel."

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