-Three Months Later- Chapter 30

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~three months later~


Everything was depressing to you. Three months, Toby still didn't wake up. Three months and you barely ate. Hoodie mostly watched over you. He was the one who would try to get you to eat.

It was starting to snow again.
Everyone was always outside, playing in the snow. Except for you, and Hoodie. You mostly caged yourself in your room, praying Toby will wake up soon.

You felt like nothing without Toby. You loved him. You wanted him to be ok. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with him.

Once, Slender even brought his brothers to try and cheer you up. Mostly Splendor Man. He was funny but you never laughed. And your hand still stung from the ear splitting slap you gave Offender Man when he offered you a rose.

That was the wrong thing at the wrong time.

That was January. February wasn't so good.

In February, you barely ate, leaving you weak. Slender and even Hoodie would demand you to eat. That's what made things worse. You always walked around as your demon self. You tried new things. You started to learn about things you could do.

You could now activate your wings when still human, and now, they looked like angel wings, which you loved. Almost as much as you loved Toby.

Then came March, and that meant spring.

Hoodie was now dating Clockwork... which left you alone.

It's like as if everything around you was fading. Fast. And you couldn't do anything about it. You began to sleep next to Toby, still unconscious. Until one night. You fell asleep, hand on his hand, hoping you could somehow heal him like you did when you were unconscious when Jeff tried to kill you.

You knew it wouldn't work, but you tried anyway. You stared at the scar on your palm your "dad" had inflicted on you.

You looked at the photo Hoodie gave you in January. It was a picture of Masky, Hoodie, and Toby, when they were going killing together. Masky was in the middle with Hoodie on the left, and Toby on the right.

When you fell asleep, your dream was of you and Toby. He had woken up. You enjoyed that dream. But everything changed when you woke up.

You looked up, expecting to see Toby awake, but he didn't wake up. You scooted over onto the bed and put your head on his chest. You could hear the thu-thump of his heartbeat. You intertwined your hand with his, and whispered three words before closing your eyes.

"I love you." You said, before a miracle happened.

You felt him move. You sat up, and looked at his eyes flutter open, before you embraced him in a hug. He hesitated before hugging back.

"What day is it?" He rasped out.

"March 2nd..." You said. His face went sad and he hugged you again.

"S-Sorry... I was tired." He said smiling, making you smile. It's been so long since you've smiled. And it felt good.


"Hold on, stay right there!" (Y/N) said, leaving the room. I stare down at the floor, to see a picture. I picked it up and remembered that was the day me, Masky, and Hoodie had all went hunting together. I reached to take off my goggles and mouthguard when I realized they were already off.

It was about a minute until (Y/N) came back through door, holding Bruce, her cat, in her hands, followed by Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Ben Drowned, Masky, Sally, Slender Man, and everyone else come through the door. Except for one person... where was Clockwork?

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