Part 11 ~ "Little" Details

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300 views so I decided to update another chapter tonight!!!

"Chance Jr, Chase, Charlie, Champlain, Chiro, Chocolate." Chance spouts off

"Those, are all terrible! Plus, your just listing names that start with Ch-" I say while running my stomach. It was beginning of March, and we have started decorating the nurseries. Yes, we are giving little Miss and little Mr each a room. It's not like we didn't have the space.

"What about Amanda River? Kristen Stella? Harper May? Olive Paige?" I suggest

" Harper May Quinn, I really like that name. Kristen Stella Quinn is also adorable!!" Chance says

" So, Little Miss Harper May. " I really like that "What about our mini you?"

"Michael Allen, Cory Michael..." He says before I interrupt

"Cory Michael Quinn. I love that name!!" I shout

"So it's decided, Harper May & Cory Michael." He says leaning over to pat my ever growing stomach.

"Now, I love spending time with my honey bear, but you know your lunch break is almost over." He looks at me with his big brown puppy dog eyes "No giving me that look."

"But baby I'm the boss, I can end my break when I want."

"No, now you better leave now. Your already going to be late. Don't you have a meeting with your dad today? About you taking over the company, I mean now that you turned 26."

"Please, don't remind me. Oh, and remember we have dinner with them next week. They still don't know about, you know Harper & Cory."

"I'm scared now, what if they don't like me"

"Of course they will like you!!!"

"But what if they don't......"

"Babe, chill. Now, we will talk more after I get home from work."

He leaves, I kinda wish I made him stay. I suddenly feel really nauseous, I run to the toilet & spill my guts out. I get up and notice that the puke is blood red. Suddenly I look down and see that my pants, are soaked with blood. This can't be good. I try to call Chance, no response. I call again, & again, and again. Then, everything goes black, my eyesight just went out. Then I hit the floor.

"Chance, Chance, help me." I mumble

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