♥ Trouble ♥

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"Get in my office!!" Pastor yelled.

"It wasn't me! She came into the bathroom!" I tried to defend myself.

Chantel threw on her clothes quickly and ran into the office.

"He told me to!" She protested. "He forced me."

"How would I force you when I'm in a wheelchair?" I yelled.

"Both of you shut up!" Pastor cried. "I don't know what happened so I'll get both sides of the story. Hakim?"

Chantel begged with her hazel eyes staring directly into my soul.

"When you were at the conference, I went to your house to check on Chantel and saw her having sex with my best friend Jace. She came into the bathroom because she didn't want you to know so she tried to bribe me." I said solely.

"No!! That's not true!! He forced me to!"

"You two are going back in forth like babies. " pastor sighed. "Chantel, wait outside."

She huffed and walked out, slamming the door behind her.

"Do you still need me to pay for your classes Hakim? Because honestly, you can't help out at the church because you're injured and I'm not sure if you noticed, but we're losing members of the congregation and I don't have the money..." Pastor said.

"I know that you're mad and I especially know what THIS is about. This is about Chantel and me!"

"Well... partially. But let me clear this up, are you two still together?"

"Hell no!" I said.

"You're dismissed. "

I wheeled myself out of his office and was greeted by Alicia.

"Did it go well?" She asked, driving away.

"No. It was bad. Real bad." I said, holding my head in my hands. "He is definitely not paying for my classes anymore."

I felt tears coming.

"Hakim don't come at me with the waterworks. Finish this semester with a Bachelors and then get you a job.

"But I want a master's!" He whined.

"My n*gga! You wanna be broke?" I asked.

"No, but I want to be smart."

"You can always take classes after you get settled down. Now tell me, when does the semester end?"

"In a month. I have classes on Monday, Tuesday, Friday. One is at 3:00pm, one is at 11:00am and my others are both at 8:00pm."

"Okay, we'll have to figure this out because I work Monday-Thursdays from 8-2:30. So that means I can get an early lunch break at 11 and drop you off, when I get off work, you should be done and when I get off on Tuesday i'll get you and bring you to your class and I'll drop you to your 8 library study class before I go to work at the club."

"Whew! Can you explain that to me in English?" I laughed. "But seriously, you don't have to do this for me!"

"Yeah, I do. So tell me, are you gonna reconnect with Jace?" She asked.

"I think we both know it's over between us."


"You acting like y'all was in a relationship!" I laughed, opening the door and getting out his wheelchair.

I started pushing him inside.

"So are you excited for physical therapy tomorrow?" I asked.

He groaned. "No. I wish that my legs would just get better!"

I grabbed the schedule.

"Tomorrow, they are gonna see where you're at." I said.

"What do you mean?"

"It says to bring swim trunks. I'm guessing you'll be swimming." I said obviously.

I got in the apartment exhausted.

"Alicia, I was wondering if I could sleep in your bed tonight."

"The f*ck?" I asked, surprised.

"The couch hurts my back." He said sheepishly.

"Okay.." I said, lugging a couple blankets to the couch.

"Wait- how about we both sleep in it?" He asked.

"Uhhh...okay, I guess?" This n*gga was on some nutty sh*t for real.

"I'm just saying since you have a king size and we both dont like sleeping on the couch...."

"It's fine." I interrupted.

"Okay then. He said, running a quick bath for himself since he couldn't take a shower.

He shut the door behind himself and I went to go get me a bottle of water before I heard -


I ran to the bathroom, nervous that something had happened to him.

I opened the door cautiously.

He was sitting on the edge of the bathtub with his shirt off and it was the first time I had seen him shirtless.

"I know this sounds weird but can you help me take off my pants ? I can't get them off." He said.

I ignored what he was saying as I admired his muscular figure. He had abs for sure and nice muscular arms, I couldn't help but admire that cross of Jesus Christ on his breast. I wanted to touch it so bad but I snapped back to reality just in time

"OK can you hurry up?" He smiled sheepishly.

"Oh yeah! Sorry."

"And please don't look!" He added quickly.

Tuhh, I said to myself. There probably ain't anything there anyways!

I turned my head and pulled off his black Nike sweatpants and then his boxers.

I walked away, hearing him slide into the bath tub.


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