*Charlotte's POV*

"Mom me and Sophie are home!" I yelled. "Okay, the bag of letters are by the stairs!" She called. Sophie picked up the bag and ran upstairs to my room. Well, you don't know much about me. Hi, my name is Charlotte Forester. I started YouTube when I was 15, and now I'm 17 and have 6 million subscribers. Every other day my best friend Sophie and I gather my letters from fans and read and respond. Me being "famous" makes Sophie a bit famous too. We dumped the bag on the floor and began reading. We read and wrote down twitter users to follow later, eating Pringles. "Any boys yet?" Sophie smirked. I laughed and shoved her. "Nah not yet. Yet." I smirked back. She giggled and I turned on my music on shuffle. "Ayeee turn up my song!" Sophie said. I turned it up to 19 volume and we both screamed, "Got the club goin up, on a Tuesday. Got your girl in the cut but she choosay!" I dug through some more letters and found one that stood out. I picked it up and examined it. A red envelope? I tore it open and it read:
Dear Charlotte,
You may or may not know who I am, but that's okay. I'm Matthew, Matthew Espinosa from YouTube? Well anyways I wanted to let you know you're videos are sweeeet and wanted to ask if you'd like to meet me Sunday (May 6th) for coffee? Don't tell ANYONE I wrote you this letter.
My number is 907-331-8976
Love, Matt
My mouth dropped and my heart skipped 5 beats. Did Matthew Espinosa just write me a letter? Did Matthew Espinosa just GIVE ME HIS NUMBER? I've dreamed of this over a thousand times in my head, but is it actually happening? He's been my YouTube crush for years! I kept rereading it over and over again. He said May 6th... May 6th is tomorrow!! "Uh Charlotte you alright? What is it?!" Sophie exclaimed. I immediately closed my mouth remembering the letter saying, "don't tell anyone I wrote you this letter." I waved my hand telling her, "Just a sweet letter. I- I need to go to the bathroom." Sophie raised her eyebrow and i bolted to the bathroom locking the door, so I could fangirl. I freaked out for a couple minutes then unlocked my phone from my pocket. I sent him a text saying, "Hey it's me, Charlotte. I got your letter, and I'll meet you Sunday(: (ps, I didn't tell anyone about the letter.)" I pressed send, then went back in my room. "You sure it was nothing?" Sophie asked. I smiled. "Positive."

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