being lonely's stupid tough, now i think i've had enough

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have i already used loser geek whatever this year? eh, who cares?

i'm watching dear evan hansen rn and i forgot how much i love jared, he's freaking hilarious and you can tell there is some kleinsen subtext (whether platonic or romantic is up to you) in there bc despite claiming they're only family friends, jared constantly helps evan and acts really gay for him soooo. oh and that's why i chose loser geek whatever bc will roland is a god and i love him.

ik i say this like every day but i don't have any inspiration or motivation to write. well, kind of. i really want to write bc i do it all the time but i just can't find anything. everything i want to write is trash, ik people always say just write whatever's in your mind but every time i do that, i end up adding unnecessary details, writing in run-ons, or i go off topic.

nothing much happened today, i finished watching the end of fnaf vr and i was disturbed by the night terrors party time minigame (as i expected) but the whole game was freaking awesome. i would play it myself but i would physically not be able to finish it, i haven't even touched fnaf ar since i downloaded it.

that's it, buh bye!


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