Entry Number One (1/5/2011)

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I have decided, for no apparent reason, to write this "book".

It can't really be called a book, because it is going to be about whatever I think about whenever I think it. Mostly a combination of random thoughts that I decided to put to paper(figuratively). Like a diary. Only, I hope, I will get some responses. It'll be like "Dear readers," or something like that. Yeah. I think that'll actually be the name. I figure, since I don't know the peoplez on this site, It'll be easier to spill all of my thoughts to ya XD It won't be all that different from usual though, since I'm not rly one for secrets! lolz

So hear it goes, tell me whatchoo think if you read this kkz?

Dear readers,

My name is Melissa Audrey Ann Murphy. I live in the middle of nowhere. I'm Canadian XD. I just recently turned 16 on the 27th of November, so I'm a Sagittarius born in the year of the dog. My favorite color is green, followed by purple. I have long blond hair with a slight wave to it and my eyes change color, but they're always some kind of dark blue. Blue-gray, blue-green, blue with yellow, blue with light brown. I have very long nails that frighten my friendsXP. I like pronouncing words the way they look. I enjoy being random, like yelling out random shit or suddenly breaking into a Christmas song in the middle of summer vacation. I love music, singing(which, I think, I'm pretty good at.), and dancing(Some dance moves I created include The Fighting Nerd, The HFST AKA The HairFlickSpazTwitch, The Random Shacking Of Bum, and The Malfunctioning Robot).I like all kinds of music, particularly rock, heavy metal and music in foreign languages. I love learning languages, my first language is English, second is French(which I know pretty well) and I know enough Japanese to be able to understand Anime without English subtitles. I talk a LOT. I enjoy writing, and so far it has been mainly centered on poetry, as you'd know if you went on my site(poetrypoem.com/mizuki) and saw that I have a shitload of poems on there. I do enjoy writing the occasional story, though, up until recently, I haven't ever tried writing an actual book, just short stories that I failed to finish cuz I got bored with them. That's another thing about me. Once I get bored with something, I don't bother with it anymore. I'm also the King of procrastination... King because Queens aren't usually at the very top. I'm slow at typing.

Yesterday, for the first time in forever, I attempted to paint my nails. It looked good, but it dried really slowly, so my nails kept on messing up no matter how much I fixed them. So I thought, "SCREW IT! Screw this! I am removing this nail polish before it drives me fucking crazy!" By the way, this was past midnight. I attempted again to day. They are almost dry and they aren't too messed up, so my hopes are high, but you never know. My brother, Mark(20, turning 21 in March), got all pissy about the offensive smell of the nail polish. God, I wish he'd learn to control his temper! My temper is pretty bad too, but not as bad as his. He once threw a desk(one of the ones with the chair attached) at his teacher. At least I think so, but I'm not absolutely sure, because it was forever ago and it may just be something I think is real but was just something from a dream of something I made up to get attention when I was in, like, the 3rd grade or something. You never know. I used to have a really bad temper too. Horrible.

I think that's probably why I'm able to shriek so loudly. If so, I'm glad I had a bad temper, 'cause a loud voice has a lot of uses. It's good if you're lost or getting raped(not that I know from experience, but it's always good to be prepared). It's good for getting people'z attention, and you never have to worry about not being heard. It's not just my voice that's loud, though. Even though I'm immensely vertically challenged, I'm the kind of person who always stands out in a crowd. My natural voice is loud and low, my laugh is loud and so funny sounding that once, my sister Evelyn(23, I think) waz laughing so hard that it made me laugh, and my laugh was so funny that she laughed until she peed her pants. I mostly don't wear cloths that fit in with the norm. One of my outfits includes red and black striped tights and pink, leopard print cat ears(Don't worry, those aren't the only things). I don't usually bother with make-up. I luv to wear jewelery, but I NEVER wear anything that doesn't match. When I dress up, I'm always doing it for myself, never for anyone else. I dress well because it makes me feel confident and happy. I'm planning on becoming a fashion designer when I get out of high school. GAHHH!!! My knee iz soooo itchy but I can't scratch it cuz of my nails!!! GAH!!!! sry 'bout that random break in topic, lolz. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention; being loud also has disadvantages, AKA I sometimes get scolded by teachers for talking too loudly or too much. Not often though, since I'm a good student that is really good at being friendly to teachers, which means the majority of them like me

My best friend's name iz Jess. I didn't like her at all when I first met her, but now she's the best friend I could ever have.

Anyway, I should probably go now. My mum(48) waz callin' me earlier. That was quite a while ago. So c ya laterz!!! XD

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