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Hello! I know you guys will probably get all annoyed at me for spamming your inboxes and stuff, but I just wanted to like, connect with my fans and ask you all questions and stuff.


1- EVE HAS FINALLY DONE SOME MAGIC! Do you feel that this came on too late in the story (I mean, twenty long chapters is pretty late in a story, that's 51 pages on Word) 

2-What do you think of all the characters? Are their personalities strong? I know I've made Alice do some pretty unexpected stuff; does that make her personality deeper, or make her a fickle kind of person?

3-Too many characters? I've brought on quite a few already: Alice, Eric, Simona, Ember, Alfie, wattpadders... 

4-Is there anything unrealistic in the story? Maybe the way she does magic (I mean, if you think about it, she's practically thinking hard until it happens, which is pretty fantastical in itself)

5-Story holes? I know about the curry one x) Is there anything else? 

6-The lessons? Are there too many lessons or too little or really weird lessons or whatever? There are some more coming up, by the way, this is just the lessons for today, so hold your horses ;)

7-Your general opinion? It would really help - like... REALLY! 

This was kind of brought on today because I just decided I want to rewrite my story. I dunno, it seems a little weak and stuff, so I want to like, rewrite it and give it a massive make-over.

One of the main things I'll focus on is the tense, I want to use present not past. I know I have a lot of problems maintaining tense so I'll work on that...

So yeah... help and comment! <3

I'll give you guys a template, which you can use if you cba to write a proper comment.

PLEASE PLEASE give me feedback, though. It'll really help! I know it's a bit much to ask, though.


Dear HeartOfCookieDough...

I think it's __________ that Eve has only just done her first spell. You should/shouldn't have __________.

The characters in Welcome to Ivy Rowe are_____________ especially ________. He/she is ___________. Can you please explain __________?

I agree/disagree with what you said, there are too many/just enough/too little characters in Welcome to Ivy Rowe. I would like you to remove/add a character called _________.

I think the way she does magic is overrated/stupid/unrealistic/unique. But how does _________ work?

I think you forgot to correct ______. 

The lessons in Welcome To Ivy Rowe are _______. I hate/love/don't mind them.

I especially ______ the teachers. Professor ________ is __________.


If there's something I forgot, or you jsut want to say something, SHOUT, SHOUT, LET IT ALL OUT! I mean, TYPE, TYPE, LET- you get the picture ;) Okay, you can shout, but the likelihood is that I won't hear you :)

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