"Do it, or your mama raised a pussy."

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(Oh Sangwoo's POV)

The ride was actually quite silent. Amelia scrolled through her Instagram feed quietly while Sangwoo stared ahead as he drove. Sangwoo peered through the rearview mirror to view his victim when he reached the stop light.

He smiled to himself. The girl looked so innocent sitting there, and he could already feel the need to take her innocent little life. But, he needed to be patient. Just for a little while more.

"Amelia, right?" Sangwoo asked suddenly, startling the girl.

Amelia looked up from her phone, eyes widened in surprise.

"Y-yea?" She replied.

"You don't have to be scared of me, you know," Sangwoo said, attempting to calm her down. "I was just curious about your last name. You're not from Korea, are you?"

"Well, I guess so," Amelia shrugged. "I moved here with my mom, while my dad's still working in America."

"America, huh? Where from?"

"Um, I'm from Los Angeles. It's in California."

"I see."

The car became silent again as Sangwoo pressed down on the gas pedal.

"By the way," Sangwoo remembered, "I never asked for your address."

"Oh!" Amelia gasped. "I forgot. It's [random address]"

"[random address], I got it. But before I drop you off, I need to make another stop. Is that good with you?"

"Uhm... Sure?"


(Amelia Barnes's POV)

Not great, Amelia wanted to say.

Curse her and her social anxiety. Amelia wanted nothing more than to unlock Sangwoo's car door while he was driving down the street and commando roll into a grave. And stay there for the rest of eternity.

Sure the guy was hot, but Amelia had literally just allowed him to take her to God knows where, and that was not very cash money of her. Not very cash money of her at all.

Fuck Mei and her fanfiction fantasies, Amelia cursed. I swear everything she reads is about 'y/n' this and 'y/n' that.

But, a small voice rang out in her head. At least you'd have gotten to live that 'y/n' life.

Fuck you too, stupid fantasy bitch, Amelia thought.

Not noticing her existential crisis, Sangwoo turned at an intersection and pulled into a neighborhood.

Actually, Amelia sighed, giving into her fantasy side of her brain. You know what? I might as well become the "y/n" I was meant to become. Imagine Mei's reaction when I tell her that I was living the life she wanted to have.

Or you can just be a normal person and not think about all the gay stuff you think about and let Sangwoo do his thing. After all, he'll drop you off at your house, said the logical part of her brain.

I'll think what I want to think, thank you very much.

"Amelia? Amelia!" A voice yelled out.

Amelia jumped in surprise, looking to her right to see Sangwoo with the rear car door open. Sangwoo narrowed his eyes at her impatiently.

"I've been waiting for you to er, get out of whatever you were doing. Can you get that box for me? It's by your feet," The male said, pointing to the small box beside Amelia.

"Oh, sure," Amelia replied, reaching down to grab it.

Before her fingertips even touched the box however, Amelia felt a heavy blow to her head, making her fall downwards into the space in between the carseats.

(Oh Sangwoo's POV)

Well that was easier than expected, Sangwoo thought to himself, tightening the handcuffs on Amelia's wrists before chaining her to the pole he installed in his basement.

It was really a simple ploy, actually. He was actually surprised she fell for it though. Perhaps she was like every dumb blonde bimbo he had ever met. Except she had brown hair. He chuckled as he recalled the conversation Amelia and her little friend had before he drove off.

"I hope your friend is happy about me kidnapping you. Sorry to say she couldn't join you though," He said aloud.

"Oh, definitely. She would be freaking out if you actually did that."

Sangwoo's eyes almost bulged out from their sockets. Looking down, he did a double-take, realizing that Amelia was fully awake, and staring at him.

"Wait, what? How the hell are you awake?" Sangwoo asked, surprised. He was quite sure that he dealt a heavy blow to her head, and he was also quite sure that he had seen her slump in the car.

"'How am I-' bro. I've been tackled by the quarterback of a football team before, and then proceeded to fall down three flights of stairs at a party and still came out alive and awake," Amelia said. "You literally just hit me one time. At least hit me a few times more to make sure I was actually out."

Sangwoo was speechless. He stood there in shock and confusion.

"Oh, and?" She added, lifting her hands. "Your handcuffs are literally not tight enough around my wrists. I can literally 'open sesame' these and stab you with the bobby pin I used to open them."

"I don't-how-"

Amelia gasped in surprise, her eyes widening as if she had remembered something.

"Seriously, my guy? You kidnapped me right when I was about to drop out of high school and become a stripper!"

"Wait, what?"

"Damn it, how the hell am I going to tell Mei that I can't do that anymore? Fuck you, man! I was this close to leaving high school too!"

Sangwoo narrowed his eyes at her before squatting down and roughly grabbing her hair.

"You know what? You're never going to school again, and you're never going to see that little bitch of a friend you had. I'm going to keep you here and watch you tremble and suffer in front of me. It's going to be a pleasure to fucking kill you," He hissed.

Amelia rolled her eyes at him without reacting to the painful tightening of her hair.

"First off," She started, attempting to tilt her head up. "Attitude, much? Second of all, no one gets to call Mei a bitch except for me, and if you're gonna call her a bitch, make sure to add baddest in front of it. And third of all, I'm a bad bitch, you can't kill me. Actually, I revoke that statement. If you're gonna kill me, then at least make me look pretty. I'm not dying looking like a rat on the side of the road."

Sangwoo's eye twitched as he gave her a hard smile.

"Well it's a shame for you then. You look like too much of a rat for me to save anyways," He said, yanking her down. "I might as well kill you now, you annoying slut."

"Do it then."

"Are you serious-"

"Do it, or your mama raised a pussy."

With his patience getting extremely low, a now very frustrated Sangwoo grabbed the nearest object, which was a metal baseball bat, and struck her down. He hit her in the head once, and both legs twice.

Once again, Amelia slumped. And this time, she didn't raise her head.

That'll teach her. Damn brat thinks she can talk to me like that. What the fuck is her problem? Sangwoo thought, dropping the bat as he made his way upstairs. I can't even kill her now because I'm so frustrated. How the fuck did that even happen?

Locking the door to the basement, he continued his line of thought.

It won't matter anyways. She'll be dead by tomorrow.

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