Chapter 2- Water Bending

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I woke up bright and early. I had to get ready to secretly watch Masters Pakku Water Bending class since girls aren't allowed to use their bending for fighting, which sucks.

I pulled my hair up and put on my usual warm dress outfit. Covering up my neck with the same blue cloth. I don't like it when people point it out or even looks at it, the only people who knows about it is Yue and my step parents. I still remember that day, the day that my own father burned my neck and ruined my vocal chords.

"Please! Don't do this!"
"I have no choice."

I need to stop thinking about that day. I ran down the stairs, passing Yue's room.

I made it out without anybody noticing me. I walked to the spot where Master Pakku does his lessons. I've been doing this since I was 13, watching his lessons and then teaching myself at night. That's how I became a really good waterbender. I made it to the spot and climbed up the ice wall and sat on it. This stupid dress was getting in my way. I saw Master Pakku with Aang and Katara, but Pakku was telling her to leave. She argued back but then left, I could've swore she saw me but didn't say anything.

Pakku was teaching Aang the basics. I already knew this. I know how to do certain tricks, I just need to learn on how to be quick.

This is boring. I created an ice slide from this wall and slid down it. Since my vocal chords are damaged I can't scream or laugh in happiness, all I can let out is a weird croaky noise. It's embarrassing if I think about it. But nobody is here to hear me.

I got rid of the ice slide and walked back to my Ice House. I looked up and saw Yue on a bridge with Sokka.

"Oh hey Y/n!" Yue waved at me. I gave a small wave to her.

"Hey. Sorry we couldn't do an activity together, I couldn't find you."

Sokka was looking for me? That made me really happy. I smiled at him and flicked my wrist, indicating that it's okay. Sokka smiled and said "Do you want to join us?"

I looked at Yue and back at Sokka. I think they were on a date. I feel stupid because I'm actually jealous of her, she has a fiancé! Why does she get everybody?

I shook my head no and started to leave.

"Oh, I kinda want to hang out with her, she seems cool." I heard Sokka say, he was speaking to Yue.

Night time came around. I found myself a more fitting outfit for me. It was a dark blue short sleeved tunic that ends around my mid thighs, a slim fit light blue pants and a long sleeve dark purple jacket that ends just above my waist.

I snuck out of the Ice House and walked out to the water, it was far away from everybody else and pretty isolated.

The water came out from the ocean, I made it swirl around me and then turn it into ice by blowing on it, but that didn't work, it fell to the ground. That's what I need help on, I can't make my breath cold enough. I tried it again, making the water swirl around me, "hitting" the air with it and blow on it to turn into ice. It sorta worked, the top part turned into ice but the bottom part was still water.

I heard some voices, I got into a fighting stance, using the water to block me.


It was Katara. I let the water back down and waved at her.

"What are you doing here?" She asked me. Did she forget I'm mute?

I know she knows sign language but only a little.

I'm practicing my water bending

"Something about water bending, I'm assuming you're practicing your water bending." She laughed. I smiled and nodded my head. Because I can't talk body language is super important, that's why I exaggerate my facial expressions/body movement.

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