Naruto / Karin

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She looked back at the battlefield, her cold eyes looking at the bodies of the slain, her mouth set in a way. She spotted Sasuke lying there, cold, defeated by a Rasengan from the blonde Jinchuriki, the manner in which his body was destroyed making it nearly useless to be revived, or else they’d need to keep him alive to regenerate his blood and limbs, which would be a superhuman feat. As it looked, he was dead. She looked at the blonde, who stood there, looking pretty disheveled at the corpse of his best comrade and then lowered his hand and looked at her. “You going to leave? I’m not stopping you, if that’s what you think…” 

For a moment, she considered it, looking at him for a moment and feeling how her arm caused her trouble, sinking to the ground as a kunai pierced the flesh, causing her to collapse. He looked at someone behind her and shook his head. “She can flee if she wants to, no need to hurt her more than necessary Sensei.” She looked at the person who had thrown the kunai, seeing a man wearing a mask stand there looking at her, the sun making it hard for her to see his exact features, his hair being blonde or something like that.

Naruto looked at the girl with the strange hairdo and then sighed. “Guess we’d better take you with us to Konoha. You’re a nukenin like Sasuke was, right?” she nodded slowly, looking at the man still, until she could feel hands around her waist, lifting her up and she watched the blonde take her to the village, taking her bridal style after some fussing and pulling the kunai out of the flesh, which had her loose a pretty hefty string of curses at him.

She’s pretty cute when she’s silent. He mused as he could see her looking at Tsunade, who was trying to explain to her that she could be joining the village if she wanted, not having any sort of crime sheet with Konoha at the moment and also giving her her full assurances that she’d fit in well.

She looked at the blonde boy who had carried her to Konoha, speaking to her the entire time. “I’ll join, but I’d like you guys to do me one favor…” Tsunade’s eyebrow rose for a moment. “What kind of favor?” Karin smiled rather strange as she could feel her mind becoming woozy once again. “Get me a boyfriend.” She could not believe that she had said that, but she knew that she had wanted one, Sasuke not being up to the task due to his preference for young men… she had envied the girls that she met that were talking to good-looking men, wanting to do the same with a man who would love her, with her doing all sorts of naughty things to him that she had only read about and once tried with a banana…

“Eh? You want a boyfriend? But… you’re young, you can get one yourself, can’t you?” She gave a bitter smile at that. “No man can stand me after meeting with me for more than an hour. I tend to be… YOU HOMO, DON’T YOU DARE DROP THAT OR I’LL SCORCH YOUR BALLS OFF WITH A CIGARRETTE, THEN TATTOO MY NAME ON YOUR BALLS, IMPALE THEM ON A STICK AND THEN LET THEM EAT YOU IN A SAUCE OF YOUR OWN PUKE!” her face had changed for a moment, her eyes glittering in some slight insanity, the unfortunate chuunin having turned white at the insults and threats. 

Naruto heard the threats and sauntered over to the two women. “Why the hell are you shouting like that, crazy chick? I nearly got my eardrums busted because of your voice… but hey, would you like to go out with me sometime? You sound like you got some guts and I like that in a girl… You’re no Sakura-chan, but I got the feeling that she won’t like me too much after she hears of Sasuke’s death…” Tsunade looked at Naruto, her eyes slightly confused. “You seriously want to go out with this girl, Naruto? Isn’t she a bit too… Dangerous?”

“Dangerous, she’s like me. I’m sure that most of the people here would rather see me dead then dating one of their daughters, so if she wants a boyfriend, she can have me. That is, if you’ll have me, Karin-chan.” She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Riight… who’d hate such a cute guy like you. And what’s with the familiarity? We’ve barely met and you’re already addressing me as Karin-chan, like we’re old friends or something like that…” Naruto blushed at that statement, looking at Tsunade who shook her head. “He sees most people as dear to him, though he still can’t keep from calling me Baasan…”