Naruto / Karin

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She looked back at the battlefield, her cold eyes looking at the bodies of the slain, her mouth set in a way. She spotted Sasuke lying there, cold, defeated by a Rasengan from the blonde Jinchuriki, the manner in which his body was destroyed making it nearly useless to be revived, or else they’d need to keep him alive to regenerate his blood and limbs, which would be a superhuman feat. As it looked, he was dead. She looked at the blonde, who stood there, looking pretty disheveled at the corpse of his best comrade and then lowered his hand and looked at her. “You going to leave? I’m not stopping you, if that’s what you think…” 

For a moment, she considered it, looking at him for a moment and feeling how her arm caused her trouble, sinking to the ground as a kunai pierced the flesh, causing her to collapse. He looked at someone behind her and shook his head. “She can flee if she wants to, no need to hurt her more than necessary Sensei.” She looked at the person who had thrown the kunai, seeing a man wearing a mask stand there looking at her, the sun making it hard for her to see his exact features, his hair being blonde or something like that.

Naruto looked at the girl with the strange hairdo and then sighed. “Guess we’d better take you with us to Konoha. You’re a nukenin like Sasuke was, right?” she nodded slowly, looking at the man still, until she could feel hands around her waist, lifting her up and she watched the blonde take her to the village, taking her bridal style after some fussing and pulling the kunai out of the flesh, which had her loose a pretty hefty string of curses at him.

She’s pretty cute when she’s silent. He mused as he could see her looking at Tsunade, who was trying to explain to her that she could be joining the village if she wanted, not having any sort of crime sheet with Konoha at the moment and also giving her her full assurances that she’d fit in well.

She looked at the blonde boy who had carried her to Konoha, speaking to her the entire time. “I’ll join, but I’d like you guys to do me one favor…” Tsunade’s eyebrow rose for a moment. “What kind of favor?” Karin smiled rather strange as she could feel her mind becoming woozy once again. “Get me a boyfriend.” She could not believe that she had said that, but she knew that she had wanted one, Sasuke not being up to the task due to his preference for young men… she had envied the girls that she met that were talking to good-looking men, wanting to do the same with a man who would love her, with her doing all sorts of naughty things to him that she had only read about and once tried with a banana…

“Eh? You want a boyfriend? But… you’re young, you can get one yourself, can’t you?” She gave a bitter smile at that. “No man can stand me after meeting with me for more than an hour. I tend to be… YOU HOMO, DON’T YOU DARE DROP THAT OR I’LL SCORCH YOUR BALLS OFF WITH A CIGARRETTE, THEN TATTOO MY NAME ON YOUR BALLS, IMPALE THEM ON A STICK AND THEN LET THEM EAT YOU IN A SAUCE OF YOUR OWN PUKE!” her face had changed for a moment, her eyes glittering in some slight insanity, the unfortunate chuunin having turned white at the insults and threats. 

Naruto heard the threats and sauntered over to the two women. “Why the hell are you shouting like that, crazy chick? I nearly got my eardrums busted because of your voice… but hey, would you like to go out with me sometime? You sound like you got some guts and I like that in a girl… You’re no Sakura-chan, but I got the feeling that she won’t like me too much after she hears of Sasuke’s death…” Tsunade looked at Naruto, her eyes slightly confused. “You seriously want to go out with this girl, Naruto? Isn’t she a bit too… Dangerous?”

“Dangerous, she’s like me. I’m sure that most of the people here would rather see me dead then dating one of their daughters, so if she wants a boyfriend, she can have me. That is, if you’ll have me, Karin-chan.” She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Riight… who’d hate such a cute guy like you. And what’s with the familiarity? We’ve barely met and you’re already addressing me as Karin-chan, like we’re old friends or something like that…” Naruto blushed at that statement, looking at Tsunade who shook her head. “He sees most people as dear to him, though he still can’t keep from calling me Baasan…”

“That’s because you are 53 now, Tsunade-Baasan!” a fist sent him to dreamland, his mind shutting down because of the force that had landed upon his skull. Karin looked at the hole in the wall, shaking her head. “I already knew you were a damn brutish ogre of a woman, but to hide your true age… Oh well, I think I’ll call you Hokage-baasan then…” three seconds later, she was out of consciousness as Tsunade lashed out on instinct, knocking Karin out with a swat against the forehead which effectively made her go KO.

“They are too similar…” she muttered as she watched her small error in judgment lie there. She sent out an ANBU to look for Naruto, placing them in the same bed for them calling her old. She was just mature… not old at all…

He awoke a few hours later, feeling a body propped up against him as he tried to move around, recognizing that there was something in the bed with him, being female as the breasts seemed to be poking against his chest. He looked at her, seeing that the girl was the girl who had called Tsunade Obaasan, which was pretty damn cute in his eyes and showed that the girl had some guts. 

The bodily reaction to having a female tightly against him was also prevalent as her hands had wrapped around his body in a manner that it felt nice to have her this close.

Tsunade looked at the blood that she had taken from Karin without her permission, there needing to be Blood Tests done to determine just what kind of person she was having sleep in the same bed of Naruto, the idea having popped in her mind, since they did seem rather similar, almost like family…

Though, with red hair and red eyes like that, it shouldn’t be possible, right? There’s no way that he’d have parents with red hair, right? 

He looked at her with a look, her eyes opening immediately and staring at him with red irises, her eyes narrowing slightly as she felt him poking her thigh. 

“Going to 3th base immediately, aren’t you? I kinda like you now, so let’s fuck.” She had to admit that if it were anyone else, she’d have kicked them so hard they wouldn’t be able to have children, but about this guy, it was different. It felt familiar, making her reminded of what her mother had always said to her about finding the perfect guy to marry, like she had been with Namikaze Minato, though it wasn’t official. She wondered who his parent were, since blonde hair was something rare in the world.

There was a silence as her hands strayed to his private parts, an almost devilish smile on her face as she began to fondle it, finding it to be a nice size for her, her mind already straying to the end part, where she’d finally get rid of her virginity, and probably his too, since he probably hadn’t done this before.

He could feel her hand on his little soldier, feeling it up as she began to slowly massage it while doing that, making him feel himself harden there, to become as hard as possible, something which he had never expected. He looked at her face, seeing that she wore a smile, her hand moving from his cock to her own clothes, beginning to roll the pants down to make some room for him to enter her. No foreplay did she want, just raw primal sex. Without any trouble, she conveyed that feeling to him. “Alright, we just fuck, no sentimental bullshit or something, just getting laid. What’s your name?” 

“Naruto.” She nodded and grabbed his tool, bringing it to her snatch. “My name’s Karin, pleased to meet you. Now let’s get this party started!” without much more prompting, she climbed on top of him once his cock was inside her, the feeling of it being something that was great, though also made her feel like she was throwing it away, to someone who seemed to be a bit too energetic…

He didn’t really like it. She was moving far too fast for him. One moment, she had been holding his little soldier in her hand, the following, she was on top of him, with his little soldier buried inside a warm hot crevice, which seemed to make him feel so good that it was almost excusable. But still, he didn’t feel the warm feelings that he would have wanted, wanting to feel the feeling of warmth go through his body, to feel how she loved him, though there was a certain craving within her body, one that he recognized. 

She could feel him breaking through her virgin barrier, the feeling being strange to her as it felt like being poked there by a thick finger, though she didn’t really complain as a rush of feelings went through her body as she felt him inside her. Though he wasn’t exceptionally long, she still derived pleasure from him, the feelings that ran rampant through her body all bringing her pleasure, though the blush on her cheeks was something that she didn’t really like, the look on the blonde’s face, which was one that usually appeared when someone didn’t really want to cooperate with her, put her slightly out of the mood, but she was determined to see this out. “Once we get out of here, I’ll show you how it’s really done, but for now, I need this!”

She crushed her lips against his, her tongue invading his mouth, which was quite pleasant, he surmised, Sasuke never having done that, though the kiss was equally disgusting to the two of them. He rather liked it, since her tongue touched his as he retaliated by trying to snare her tongue with his own. There was a silence as they kissed, with her being on top and grinding her crotch against his, his cock being inside her for a few minutes now, a feeling beginning to grow in his chest that was indescribable, the feeling spreading to all of his limbs before being concentrated on his cock, which made him shudder and temporarily black out.

Tsunade rose an eyebrow at the results as she got them from the readout, a raised eyebrow being the only reaction that she had. “Alright… Now I guess I need to inform them that they shouldn’t be boyfriend and girlfriend… Though it’s going to be hard to get her one, since she is quite unique… Shizune, please come with me, you might need to help restrain someone.” 

Her assistant nodded and then followed the Sannin to the room where Naruto and Karin were currently quite busy with sexy things…

Karin could feel chakra coming closer, just at the moment which he came inside her, making her shudder in a way that she had never felt before, the idea of having a boyfriend like this one being not in her future expectations… in fact, if she could get them to live together, it might be one of the best times in her life… her mom would be happy that she got a good boyfriend, though she decided that a visit would be in order later when she would have settled in.

She climbed off him, putting his pants back on and smiled at him, a small blush adorning her cheeks as she felt all sappy at the moment. “Naruto-kun… What you did to me was wonderful and I would like to do it again… You’ve made me very happy, though I used you…”

Naruto looked at her for a moment, blinking. Where was that confident girl now? She looked to be on the verge of fainting and he was a bit worried about it, but decided not to comment on it. “What’s your last name by the way? We only know our first names so I think it’d be proper to know each other a little bit better…” 

She blinked at the question. “You’re not angry with me?” Naruto shook his head. “Well, at first I was, but then you said that you needed me and that you’ll make it up… Do you like Ramen?” she nodded, smiling slightly. “Miso is my favorite…” he nodded. “You’ll take me out for Ramen then…” 

“My full name is Uzumaki Karin… And yours might be?” His eyes widened. “Uzumaki Naruto…” 

Karin blinked, then looked a little bit closer at him. “You’re not kidding… Then you must look like that Minato dude that Kaasan was married to, your yondaime… Shit, that means I’m your sister. Fuck.” She hung her head, sighing deeply. “It’ll be fine, Karin-neechan.”

“Naruto! Ahh, you’re awake. I got some news, for both you and Karin-san.” There was a silence as Karin looked at the blonde Hokage with a look that was bored. “What is it, obaachan?” there was a silence as Shizune looked at her, trying to keep her laughter in, but the Hokage composed herself. “You two are related by blood, Brother and Sister to be exact, to the same father and mother.”

Karin nodded at that. She smiled softly as she looked at her brother. “I guess I could go with him to visit mother in whirlpool country… we actually found out just before you two entered… That means I can’t have him as a boyfriend… Oh well, I’m not the most picky girl around, so I’ll just keep him as my personal assistant… He’s my younger brother apparently, since Minato-teme took him from mom when we two were born.”

“Actually, Naruto is older then you, Karin-san, he’s the firstborn, that’s why he took him. I have his birth records there, though you were thought dead…” there was a silence as Karin narrowed her eyes, then shook her head. “Alright, Naruto-niisan, let’s go and visit mother, so we can be a nice family again…”

Naruto could only swallow deeply as he looked into her red eyes which seemed to radiate something that he didn’t really like, a deep rooted lust for him that had been ignited, something which was irritating him to no end, but he had to go along with her if he wanted to see his mother. “Can’t we stop at my house? I need to shower.” 

“We’ll both shower.” Naruto shook his head. “You won’t shower together with me.”

“You afraid of a bit of female flesh? With big boobies over there, you should be immune to them, since they seem likely to spill from that small top that she chooses to wear, even though she’s old.” Naruto’s eye twitched. “They are still firm, Ero-Sennin claims! Besides, I got nothing against breasts. You’re on, Karin-chan.” Karin merely gave a grin before she got out of bed, smiling slightly as she grabbed Naruto’s hand, dragging him out of bed to make him land painfully.

Twenty minutes later found them on Naruto’s doorstep, looking at the door which apparently was loose, Naruto entering his house and then walking towards the bathroom, not really beckoning Karin in, but she didn’t mind. There was a silence as she looked into the bathroom, to see him standing under a shower…

Ten seconds later, he felt a soft hand touch his butt, slowly kneading the flesh and making him feel another hand touch his little soldier, feeling hot breath near his ear, though he could also make out red hair hanging over his shoulder. There was a silence as he could feel her hand being busy with his balls, softly stroking them, making him feel how soft her fingers were, her breathing in his ear being stopped by her speaking. “I want to make you feel good… I’ve been watching some erotic movies and read Icha Icha Paradise… I’ll make you feel good with my mouth…” with that she lowered her head as she sat on her knees, on the right height to look at his cock.

“How cute it looks…” she muttered as her other hand began to fondle his limp cock, it quickly turning to attention, making her give an almost crazy smile at him as she began to make him harder, the feeling being pretty good in her chest, as she knew the taboo on incest relationships… Nobody really knew her last name, so she might be able to get away with it as long as her brother managed to keep his mouth shut.

Her lips touched the crown of his cock before he knew it, it going into her mouth within a second, until she stopped, only ¾ of it inside her mouth, then smiled a crazy smile despite having his cock within her lips, closed her eyes and then took the rest of his cock into her mouth, the feeling being something that he didn’t really anticipate, it being better than he had ever hoped for, the feeling being consistent and making him feel so damn good despite the fact that it was his sister who was doing that to him. There was a silence as she sucked him off, her throat being the part where she had taken him to, a soft humming being the only thing that she could do, eager to please her big brother, who seemed to have more stamina then most. 

“Karin-chan…. I’m going to come!” he half-whispered/half-spoke, looking at her face as she looked up, the glasses being gone, though with them she would look even better. There was a silence as she looked at the boy, feeling how his cum blasted its way into her throat and stomach, letting him out of her throat for the rest to slowly dribble down her face, a look of surprise on his face, which turned into a smile as he watched her lick the cum off his cock, the feeling of pleasantness going through him that made him go all weak in the knees.

There was a silence as he looked at her and then brought her to his level, kissed her on the cheek and then said: “Shall we finish our shower now?” 

She nodded, hugging him softly with a smile on her face. “Naruto-kun, are you in here?”

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE, YOU OLD SENILE MONKEY-MAN!” Karin screeched at the old man who had walked into the bathroom, who was currently evading bars of soap, a few kunai that Naruto wondered where she had gotten them, and other things.

“Just checking up on my student… the last thing I expected him to do was to bring such a foxy lady like you home…” There was a silence as Naruto looked at his sensei with a deadpan look. “She’s my sister, Ero-sennin…”

He cracked his knuckles. “You got five seconds to get out of the house, close the door, or else I’ll be… displeased…” Jiraiya nodded, getting out of the house, resolving to talk to Tsunade about this development…

Three days later, they were packed and ready to go… Naruto had asked for a week or three of leave to seek his mother…

They only packed one tent and one sleeping bag… not that they got much sleep… at least Naruto’s sleep wasn’t too disturbed…

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