Naruto / OC

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Naruto looked at the woodwork in front of him, sighing deeply. There was no way that he was going to get out of this now and then turned around, walking towards Konoha where he could sense some chakra’s already moving around to make things hard on him. He knew he shouldn’t have left, but this was something that was making him crazy. Why would they keep him inside, just because he was a Jinchuriki and made things go boom?

Tsunade looked at the way that he sulked towards her, looking how his feet kicked up dust as he struggled slightly against the iron grip the ANBU had on him, dragging him back home. “You thrust that on yourself, Naruto-kun. It was decreed you stay at home and you violated that…”

She watched the Hokage give the order to detain him in his house until further notice, slipping inside unnoticed as she could hear him struggle with the ANBU. She decided to hide, in case they went inside with him, but apparently didn’t, since she could hear him grumbling something about crazy ANBU. 

“Tried to get some fresh air, did you, Naruto-kun?” he turned towards the voice, seeing a woman sitting there in a chair, a fresh white lily in her hair drawing his attention towards it then to the blue hair, the way that it was arranged and such, the manner in which there was a small smile on her face, coupled with the scratched Konoha headband that hung around her neck. “Indeed I did, but Obaachan got a hold of me before I had even left the village. So, tell me, what is a nukenin like yourself doing here?”

“I just came to see how the next target is living and if he might be looking for a little romp in the sack, that’s all. No attachments, just plain out sex.” He nodded slowly, seeing the Akatsuki cloak hanging on the side of the room, on a tack that he had been using as his own hanger, which would usually hold his jacket, which now was on his chair. “Then let’s get to it. Get naked if you would. I swear I won’t harm you or abduct you for my fellow members, just to have some sex… You remind me a lot of a man I once knew, the father of my dead son…”

She undressed swiftly, allowing her dress to fall away from her body, exposing some chest bindings which she undid. Getting the hint, he quickly stripped, his clothing literally gone from his body in three seconds, usual timing for a ninja to strip himself. “Well then, would you like to guide me to your bed or are you intending for me to take the initiative?”

“Eh?” he got out before she literally dragged him to the bedroom, throwing him on the bed. “A virgin then, are you? Well, let Sayuri-chan get you over that real soon… fufufufu.” A rather creepy laugh came from her lips as she jumped on top of him, her naked body and his hitting with a meaty smack, making Naruto grunt slightly as she immediately jumped to action, her hand searching out his cock with no regard to his physical comfort, her long nails going over his chest and making him feel very uncomfortable, the manner in which they seemed to trail over his chest making his cock react to the touch. There was a certain hint of anticipation within him as he looked at her and then could feel the beast inside him rise and he bit her in the neck slightly the moment that her fingers touched his now slowly beginning to get awake cock, which grew stiff and hard as she touched it, making her eyes look at him in some mirth. “Playing it wild now, Jinchuriki boy? Well then, Sayuri will take off the gloves too…” with that she began to stroke him at a fast pace, making his foreskin slide over the head of his cock. For his age, he was average, only having a 6 inch cock, but that didn’t make him anything less then a normal man and soon he was a shivering wreck under her touch as she continued to pump him, trying to get him to come and show her how weak a boy he was. “Come on now, boy. Show me how you come and I’ll tell you if you’re weak or not. How much longer can you last while I’m giving you this kind of stimulation? Will you be able to hold out or are you just like those other boys that come after a few seconds of feeling my hands on their little dicks?”