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Naruto looked at the woodwork in front of him, sighing deeply. There was no way that he was going to get out of this now and then turned around, walking towards Konoha where he could sense some chakra’s already moving around to make things hard on him. He knew he shouldn’t have left, but this was something that was making him crazy. Why would they keep him inside, just because he was a Jinchuriki and made things go boom?

Tsunade looked at the way that he sulked towards her, looking how his feet kicked up dust as he struggled slightly against the iron grip the ANBU had on him, dragging him back home. “You thrust that on yourself, Naruto-kun. It was decreed you stay at home and you violated that…”

She watched the Hokage give the order to detain him in his house until further notice, slipping inside unnoticed as she could hear him struggle with the ANBU. She decided to hide, in case they went inside with him, but apparently didn’t, since she could hear him grumbling something about crazy ANBU. 

“Tried to get some fresh air, did you, Naruto-kun?” he turned towards the voice, seeing a woman sitting there in a chair, a fresh white lily in her hair drawing his attention towards it then to the blue hair, the way that it was arranged and such, the manner in which there was a small smile on her face, coupled with the scratched Konoha headband that hung around her neck. “Indeed I did, but Obaachan got a hold of me before I had even left the village. So, tell me, what is a nukenin like yourself doing here?”

“I just came to see how the next target is living and if he might be looking for a little romp in the sack, that’s all. No attachments, just plain out sex.” He nodded slowly, seeing the Akatsuki cloak hanging on the side of the room, on a tack that he had been using as his own hanger, which would usually hold his jacket, which now was on his chair. “Then let’s get to it. Get naked if you would. I swear I won’t harm you or abduct you for my fellow members, just to have some sex… You remind me a lot of a man I once knew, the father of my dead son…”

She undressed swiftly, allowing her dress to fall away from her body, exposing some chest bindings which she undid. Getting the hint, he quickly stripped, his clothing literally gone from his body in three seconds, usual timing for a ninja to strip himself. “Well then, would you like to guide me to your bed or are you intending for me to take the initiative?”

“Eh?” he got out before she literally dragged him to the bedroom, throwing him on the bed. “A virgin then, are you? Well, let Sayuri-chan get you over that real soon… fufufufu.” A rather creepy laugh came from her lips as she jumped on top of him, her naked body and his hitting with a meaty smack, making Naruto grunt slightly as she immediately jumped to action, her hand searching out his cock with no regard to his physical comfort, her long nails going over his chest and making him feel very uncomfortable, the manner in which they seemed to trail over his chest making his cock react to the touch. There was a certain hint of anticipation within him as he looked at her and then could feel the beast inside him rise and he bit her in the neck slightly the moment that her fingers touched his now slowly beginning to get awake cock, which grew stiff and hard as she touched it, making her eyes look at him in some mirth. “Playing it wild now, Jinchuriki boy? Well then, Sayuri will take off the gloves too…” with that she began to stroke him at a fast pace, making his foreskin slide over the head of his cock. For his age, he was average, only having a 6 inch cock, but that didn’t make him anything less then a normal man and soon he was a shivering wreck under her touch as she continued to pump him, trying to get him to come and show her how weak a boy he was. “Come on now, boy. Show me how you come and I’ll tell you if you’re weak or not. How much longer can you last while I’m giving you this kind of stimulation? Will you be able to hold out or are you just like those other boys that come after a few seconds of feeling my hands on their little dicks?”

Her words were making him feel slightly irritated with her, his eyes glued to her eyes, her blue eyes piercing into his ones, making him feel slightly out of place, but there was an odd sense of belonging as she still kept on pumping his cock, it taking all of his concentration not to come. The feeling was there and he wanted to come to badly but he reigned himself in, p[ulling himself to his special place, knowing that she might be trying to get him to come so she would be able to call him a weak boy and he wasn’t going to allow that to happen, no siree! He’d rather die than to be called weak by ANYONE!

She was getting irritated with this. He should have come by now, it being a testament to his endurance for how long he resisted her extremely good stimulation of his cock, due to her earlier adventures in bed with her ex-husband, her having gotten good at stimulating a man with her hands and mouth, but the usual pussy pumping was still very badly done according to her. He died three days later, her being unconscious and not able to hear that her husband had died and nearly being thought dead and her baby having died due to her weakness. She had left Konoha that day, carving a line through her headband and becoming a nukenin.

She looked at her bed partner, feeling a small sting go through her as she could feel how he seemed to be trying to keep from coming. “You’ll come soon, won’t you Naruto-kun? You’ll make my hand all dirty with your dirty cum and then fuck me like the little beast that you really are. Come on, don’t you want to come in the big bad nukenin’s hand so badly?” she whispered huskily., her voice seeming to portray something to him that made him feel so good that he came, the feelings shooting through his brain and making quite the mess as his cum just gushed out in short spurts, neither a huge quantity or a consistent color, more being like a thick wad of whiteness accompanied with some whitish fluid that coated her hand. She looked at it and then brought her hand to her mouth and licked cum off it. “You taste quite good, Naru-kun…” she commented as the taste of it, the taste being somewhat tangy and salty, making her give a mental remark to herself not to swallow it.

“Let’s see how well you can please my pussy with that, Naru-kun…” she saw that he had already gotten hard once again, looking at the cock as it stood there proudly, a small smile coming to her lips. “Well, let’s see then, shall we?” she climbed on top of him, her breasts touching his chest as she was about a bit taller than her was, though he did not mind at all. She looked him in the eyes and smiled cruelly. “Well then, ready for Sayuri´s special treat? Here it comes…” she said the last part extra teasingly, making eye contact with him and then beginning to slowly slide his cock into her pussy, the contact actually being refreshing for her as she got some attention from him in the way that he seemed to gasp as she looked him straight into the eyes and then kissed him on the mouth.

He could not believe that he was actually losing his virginity to this woman, who was incredibly dangerous and a member of the group that was hunting for him. He knew that there would be no place on this earth where he would be safe if they could do this. She could be everywhere, he realized, as he could sense that there was something that she was keeping hidden from him, some sort of manner which would make him realize just who she was. She had said that her name was Sayuri, so that was a good place to start. Maybe later, if she got tired, she might be overwhelmed by him, that is if he didn’t collapse from lack of energy first. The feeling of her pussy sliding over his cock, it disappearing within her folds as she sunk down on it, making him look at her with his eyes meeting hers for a moment and then beginning to make him feel somewhat comfortable, her eyes giving him some semblance of warmth that he had been lacking, with a monstrous amount of moving around, he managed to flip her off him and on her side, him immediately coming on top of her, making her give a rather surprised moan, but she did not object, only met his eyes. “Oh, taking the initiative, Naruto-kun? I didn’t expect you to do that…” 

He did not reply, his eyes focused on her breasts and he brought his mouth to her breasts, to lick at them and then slowly slide his tongue over her nipples, causing her to quiver a bit as she could feel how the tongue seemed to please her for a moment. It passed as soon as Naruto lifted his head. “Initiative taking is what I do best, Sayuri-san.” She gave him a roguish grin as she looked back at him, him slowly thrusting into her and then began to settle into a rhythm. There wasn’t much sound accompanied with them, since they couldn’t be too loud without arising suspicion from the ANBU, but they managed good enough to make a beautiful symphony of sounds. 

He could feel how his body felt good as she began to milk his cock with her pussy muscles, the feeling being something that was odd, but not too uncomfortable to him since he knew that there was a certain manner to it that didn’t make it too hard for him to follow, the way that she was doing it making him feel so good that he was ready to come so soon. The feeling that went through his body was fantastic, the bliss that coursed through his body as he came making him feel like she had brought him to heaven or something like that.

The feeling that she was feeling was likewise, but still a bit off. “You look so much like my husband.” She commented as she could feel him lie still on her. He grabbed her hands, slowly bringing them towards his chest and then laying them on his chest, allowing her to feel his heartbeat due to the positioning. “Did he have blonde hair?” 

She nodded. “His name was Arashi. He just got a very special rank in the hierarchy and we were about to get married, you being born being the thing that put it all off and that blasted Kitsune attacking us making it all messed up. Heh, if my son was still alive, he’d be your age I guess. You’d be friends probably, me not having escaped the village if he had still been alive…” 

Naruto nodded slowly, before grabbing some of the wire that he had left next to the bed, to make some reinforcements to the bed before it would crack through the pillars supporting it, tying the pillars to the bed, having forgotten to put the wire away. He grabbed her hands and then brought them behind her back, a thing that surprised her and made her momentarily loose her guard, her hands bound behind her back before she knew it. She looked at him with her hands securely tied behind her back. “I didn’t know you liked kinky games, Naruto-kun…” 

Naruto shook his head, getting dressed. He returned a few seconds later with a small vial and a kunai. “I’ll be needing some of your blood. “ she scowled at him as he cut her arm slightly, catching some of the blood and then sealing the container. The feeling that permeated his being at that moment was strong as he nodded towards her. “Enjoy yourself while I go check something out…”

He darted off once fully dressed to go out, leaving her on the bed to shake her head. She better get out of the wire before she’d seriously have problems with her hands. With a simple movement of her hands, the wire snapped, despite being of some plastic fiber sort that was nearly unbreakable…

Naruto walked into the hospital, intent on finding Shizune to do some blood testing. On a late thought, he decided to let his blood be checked too to see if he might be related to Sayuri’s husband. He found Shizune giving orders to some nurses, being busy and looking quite content at being so. “Neechan, could you help me with something?” she turned to him and then acknowledged him and tehn slowly inquired as to what help would be needed. “I need some blood tested…” he asked and she slowly nodded. “I need to know who the person is I took the blood from and if she’s a danger to me. Also, I’d like some of my blood tested to see if I might be related to her or her husband, whose name was Arashi.”

Shizune slowly nodded and then began to make the necessary arrangements, the blood testing only taking a few seconds and after having tapped some of his blood, beginning to put the blood into a machine which would see whether the blood was related to him or not. It also would give a correct identification of the woman…

Naruto grabbed the first sheet that came from the printer, looking it over:

Blood test results

Blood Sample 1: O
Blood Sample 2: O

Familial match found – relationship: Mother-Son

Sample one:

Name: Uzumaki Sayuri
Rank: S-Ranked Nukenin
Status: unknown

Sample 2:

Name Uzumaki Naruto
Rank: Demonspawn
Status: Needs to be killed as soon as possible to prevent it from killing us all

Naruto frowned at the way that his name came out and then shook his head, looking it over for a moment and then realizing that Sayuri was his mother and that he had effectively had sex with his very own mother… which was not something you’d do normally had you known that it was your mom you’re screwing…

“Ouch…” he remarked as he looked at her for a moment. “Seems like I found my mom… how the hell am I supposed to tell her that I’m her son if she needs to be tied up to be talked to, nevertheless get out there safely once the rest of her associates arrive to see where she has been…”

Shizune looked at him. “You found your mother and she might be a bit too difficult for you to handle? How come?” Naruto shook his head. “Forget about it neechan. She’s someone I’ll introduce you to once I get her to promise to take care of me. I met her by accident really, just because we were going the same way…”

Shizune dismissed it eventually, going back to her usual business, though she resolved to speak to her master about this. It was after all something that could not be ignored, especially because her master thought of Naruto as a little brother…

He entered his house to smell a delicious scent and when he saw his mother standing there, two bowls of steaming ramen on the table with her eating out of one of them, he just couldn’t hold his emotions inside anymore, grabbing her and hugging her with all his might, his hands going to try and make her feel as uncomfortable as possible. 

She looked at him, seeing him get emotional and such. “Anything wrong with my blood, Naruto-kun? Oh and next time, get the knots done right. It was entirely too easy to break, just because you didn’t tighten it enough…” 

He looked at her, pausing for a moment and then speaking: “You’re my mother, Sayuri-okaasan.” That caused her to halt her actions for the moment, her eyes never leaving his face. “You’re lying. My son is dead.” 

“I’m not lying, I am your son. Do you really think they would tell you that your son just became the jinchuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune? They told you I died because they wanted to kill me to get rid of the beast. And now, even though we did it, I have you back again.” 

She looked at him for a long time and then smiled. “I heard this somewhere and thought it appropriate for the situation… Incestual though this may be, it’s also known to me that Incest is the best form of physical love that one can have. It’s about knowing the way that your own flesh and blood moves inside you, giving you pleasure and such feelings to make you really lose control.” She smiled for a moment, brushing some of her blue hair out of her face. “I just love the way that you seem to make me happy, Naruto-kun… Anyways, I’ll go get us something to eat and after that, I’ll be teaching you personally. The fact that you are my son changes something, because you won’t be subjected to the extraction process, even if I have to go up against the leader to get you off. The man isn’t dumb and he knows how much trouble I can cause and since you’ll be a worthy asset to us, Kakuzu having died, you could have his spot if you wanted to…”

Three days later, Naruto fell on the ground, exhausted, looking at his mother with heavy eyes and she shook her head, gathering him in her arms, carrying him back towards their apartment. “You will make mommy feel good, won’t you?”

“YES, PLEASE DO ME HARDER!” he halted for a moment as he beheld the sight, his jaw slowly dropping in an utterly stupid fashion, having been caught off guard about this entire thing. “YES, FUCK YOUR MOMMY NARUTO-KUN, FUCK HER GOOD!”

It was only at the moment that he slammed the door closed that she looked to see who it was and blushed a deep crimson as Uchiha Itachi stood there, a blush on his face and a totally stupefied look on his face, Hoshigaki Kisame being somewhat less obvious about his reaction, his shark-like face a mask of calmness.

“What are you two doing here? Can’t you see I’m busy with Naru-kun here?” Itachi shook his head for a moment. “We actually came to take him to the meeting place, but seeing you here, the words you shouted just a moment ago still ringing in my ears, I guess we can’t take him, can we?” she shook her head. “If you would please come back later and I’ll contact the leader and tell him about my precious little Naruto-kun…” 

Three days, they returned, sharing some tea with Naruto, with Naruto being pretty nervous but getting over it once Kisame began to joke about Itachi’s stunned face, after which Itachi muttered something about sushi…

Three weeks later, Haruno Sakura stood in front of the door to Naruto’s apartment, Naruto standing besides her and their sensei standing next to Naruto. “Now I got to bid goodbye to you and…” he halted as the door opened. “Naruto-kun, please come inside, dinner is ready.” 

Naruto nodded. “Coming mom. This gentleman is my sensei, Hatake Kakashi and this girl is my team-mate, Haruno Sakura. Guys, this is my mom, Uzumaki Sayuri.” 

Kakashi’s eye went wide as he recognized the woman immediately. “You are an S-ranked Nukenin and a suspected member of Akatsuki. Also, you were my sensei’s girlfriend. Does that mean that?”

“Naruto-kun is Yondaime’s child. And yes, I am a member of that particular organization, though no longer active due to a recent pregnancy. I’ve come back home to live with my son and the father of the child.” Kakashi looked at Naruto who smiled cheerfully at his mother. “Hey hey, no talking about my little brother. I think we should continue this on a later time, since we got dinner now and I’ve been wanting to have some since we started training together mom…” 

She sighed. “Kids… Anyways Naruto-kun, I expect you to work out with me tonight for 2 hours so that you’ll stay in tip top shape.” Naruto looked at him and then shook his head. “Not interested now.”

“You WILL comply.” She added some killing intent and eh meekly nodded yes, before going inside. “Pheh, children don’t know how to please their mothers these days… Arashi would look down upon him as he’d get the perfect opportunity to screw someone senseless given to him and he would say damn no because he’s considering the girl’s feelings… fuck that and fuck him too… on the other hand, that’s also something that bears thought, though being pregnant would make me unappetizing for any other men but him. Bye, Kakashi-kun….” 

The door was slammed shut uncharacteristically loud, making the two outsiders look at each other and then at the door, departing three seconds later as they knew they should not linger anymore.

Naruto watched his mother strip before him, her head level with his crotch as she sank to her knees to take him into her mouth. She rather liked to do this to him every time she got the chance and this was no exception…

He wondered if a man could have too much sex… this must be the reason why his father chose death above living with his mother… she was just too much of a sex maniac to be allowed to live…

Gods give him strength…

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