26. A promise

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Mahir's POV:

         The alarm sound woke me up as I half opened my eyes to look at the clock. It was 9.30 in the morning. But it felt like I had been sleeping only for few minutes.

         Yesterday night was a tough one as there was an emergency case at the hospital. Therefore, I had once again spent the most of the night at hospital. That was why, I was feeling sleepy right now.

          Nevertheless I had to go to hospital for my working hours. Also, I couldn't skip going to hospital today as I was finally giving Saeed uncle discharge from the hospital. It had almost been a month since he got admitted. While his injury had almost healed, he had to use a wheel chair as for now as his knees were still in the healing process.

          I got up and went to the closet to choose my clothes. Picking up the classic black shirt with jeans, I went to get fresh.


           "Morning Bhai!" Kinza said while coming looking at me as she was pouring juice for herself.

"Morning sis!" I greeted back and sat on the opposite chair of her on the dinning table.

"Assalam walaikum Ammi!" I said to Ammi who was sitting on the head chair.

"Walaikum salam, Mahir. You came pretty late last night, can't you take a day off from hospital today? You seem pretty tired. "
She said while passing the tray of omelette to me.

"No Ammi. Actually Saeed uncle has to be discharged today after I check him up for the last time. " I replied her while drinking the juice.

"Oh. Well alhumdulilha that Saeed Bhai is recovered. " She said smiling.

I nodded while eating the omelette.

"Now I see. Ammi, today will be the last day Bhai will be able to see our soon to be Bhabhi, how can he not go." Kinza said mischievously making me choke as I glared at her.

I drank the water as my mind drifted off to Aayat. That girl hasn't changed a little! She is as stubborn, as rebellious and as liar as she was. And here Kinza was thinking that I was dying to see her.

         On the other side, I had no interest in meeting her. But it was because of our parents that I had to play nice around her in their presence. But she seemed to be caring as she would always ignore me.

           I can't believe a lawyer like her can be so afraid of Confrontation of her own sins.

But this was Aayat I am talking about,
She always preferred hiding behind the bush.

           "See, now he is zoned out thinking about her!" Kinza said making me glare at her as Ammi chuckled at us.

"It's nothing like that!" I declared as she shook her head in denial.

"Ammi, where are Abba and Farhan by the way?" I asked to Ammi and she replied.

"They both had to leave early for a business meeting."

         "Ammi, when will I meet Aayat? I am so excited to see her!" Kinza said as I got up to leave.

         I was going to my room to take my stuff and get leaving but stopped in my track as I heard Ammi saying,

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