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She was anything but gentle in her actions. One moment he was calmly sitting in Ichiraku slurping his favorite Ramen and then he was chained in chains made from metal or something like that and was held up by the Tokubetsu Jounin Mitarashi Anko who just looked at him with those eyes that held mischief and a slight hint of something else.

Then he felt himself being cradled in her arms and the grin on her face told him that she was going to do something to him that would literally rock his world. He had a hunch about those things and usually he was right.

He looked so cute tied up. She couldn’t wait until she was back at her apartment to have some fun with him. She had known the Yondaime personally and she had to admit that his son was one of the cutest guys she had ever seen. Even though she was 27 she still felt like a girl of around 15 years in age which was clearly reflected in her way of clothing herself as it revealed the maximum amount of skin without being obscene. She could only think about some things that would be nice to do to the ‘child’ she had captured and all would involve pleasure on her side. Yes pleasure indeed.

She arrived to her apartment and threw Naruto on the ground on which he landed with a smack of flesh hitting hard ground. She fumbled for the keys that apparently had been on her person when she left home and currently she was busy trying to search through her jacket to find them. Suddenly a light bulb went on above her head and she remembered where she had put that darned key. With one hand she fished the key out of her nettings and then opened the door. She grabbed Naruto’s chains and began to drag him into her home.

He looked around in the apartment while Anko was off doping something that he rather wouldn’t know about. The apartment seemed to be as messy as his was and at least it contained something that was a little bit better then his: A rather nice bed and a good refrigerator.

Then the door where Anko had disappeared behind opened and she entered clothed in only a pair of lingerie with that sadistic grin on her face: “Are you ready for some action Naruto-kun? I know that I took you without much notice but it was the only way I could get you for myself. I take it you are still a virgin?” 

Now he was getting confused. Why would she ask him if he still was a virgin? Ah well why not answer her question: “Yes I’m still a virgin. Why’d you want to know? “

” Because I’m gonna enjoy relieving you of that.” With that she snapped her fingers once and the chains came off followed up by her grabbing his face and pressing her lips against his. Taken aback by that the boy just let her kiss him and felt her tongue slipping into his mouth. She pulled away with a grin still on her face and she said: 
” That’s just the beginning of the fun Naruto-kun. You don’t mind if I call you Naruto-kun don’t you?” “No…” 

She grabbed the sleeve of his clothes and dragged him to the bed. She got out a pair of cuffs and put them onto Naruto’s hands, one on each hand. Then she forcefully threw him on the bed and with motions reminiscent of a snake striking its prey. She bound the hands to the bedposts and then grinned and whipped out another set of cuffs from somewhere. 

When he was bound sufficiently to her reasoning she spoke up: “ Well it seems that you are a little bit tied up Naruto-kun. Want me to help you relieve some tension?” he could only watch as she got up and seated herself on his chest. While he wasn’t tall by any means she still managed to sit on his chest. He could feel her panties on his skin and his breath caught in his throat. 

She bent towards his face and he saw breasts coming at his face. Knowing that his hands and feet were bound he could only close his eyes and feel the soft fabric of the bra she wore onto his face. A small grin made its way to his face and disappeared when she grinned and drew a Kunai from somewhere. With a few slices his shirt was opened and his chest exposed. The grin on her face made him gulp as she got off his chest and sat on her knees next to the bed and with a hand moving over his chest he was a little bit distracted while the other had went to his pants and then pulled them down in a fluid motion.

She looked at the pants she had in her hand and then ventured farther up with her gaze towards his still limp dick. ”Don’t worry Naruto-kun I won’t hurt you…much. I just want to play with you and feel you inside me.”

With that she looked him into the eyes and said: “Let’s teach you something about what we are going to do. Probably you have seen that book that your sensei reads am I right?” At Naruto’s nod she continued: “Icha Icha Paradise is a nice book which delves deeply into the stimulations and experiences older women have. Since I still haven’t caught any guys eye or was just too freaky for them because of my behavior or some of that nonsense that the older fucks say. Thus I am still a virgin. But not for long Naruto-kun.”

With that she grabbed Naruto’s dick roughly and looked at it as it was within her hand. She ignored the gasp of surprise from Naruto and decided that this would need some working on: “First thing a lady likes is if a man is willing to go to bed with them. Thus an erect dick is needed Naruto-kun. Doesn’t my body excite you? No worries Naruto-kun I’ll get you hard in no-time.” She brought her head towards his limp dick and blew against the flesh once and Naruto felt the cool air on his dick and he stiffened a little. Anko liked what she was seeing and decided to go a little bit further. She reached with one hand towards her panties and then pulled then off and threw them off the bed. 

She moved her crotch to his face and said: “ Lick me Naruto-kun.” He felt panic overwhelm him as he looked at the female flesh and as it pressed into his face he did what he had been told.

His tongue shot out and licked the female flesh making the woman shiver. Naruto continued it because if what Ero-sennin had told him was true then if he got her angry there would be not much left to bury. Anko was noted in the bingo book as extremely violent and had a penchant for random destruction of things.

It tasted strange but he had to bear it. She wasn’t known for mercy if her actions at the Chuuniun exam 2.5 years ago were any indication. Still the phantom pain of a wound was felt by Naruto. But at least she looked hot. Even Jiraiya didn’t like to peek at her in a bathhouse since he knew that she had gotten a sadistic streak from Orochimaru and would probably torture anyone who tried to sneak a peek at her.

She felt rather good at the moment. Feeling no remorse about having forced to boy to give her head she just let him do all the work while she enjoyed the ride. Suddenly she gained an idea and said: “Naruto-kun I’m going to do the same to you since you are pretty good at this. Fufufufu I think you’d enjoy this. It’s the first time I’m doing this but I got a feeling that you’re gonna like this.”

With that said she moved her body so they were in a 69 position and she ground her pussy into his face while looking at the limp dick. “Can’t have you not enjoy yourself.” With that she began to softly stroke the dick and with a grin on her face she saw it rise to attention. Then she opened her mouth as it was semi-hard and then engulfed it with her mouth. It tasted kinda odd but she knew that he must like it since his tongue twitched in her pussy. And the fact that it was rather big for a kid his age was also a good surprise.

She felt it growing harder and bigger in her mouth and felt the urge to just go and let him cum within a few seconds but where’s the fun in that. Instead of just pressing a point in a certain region of the body which is often sensitive when poked she decided to make his pleasure become stretched over time.

She used her tongue to lick the entire length of his dick and she twitched as his tongue hit the sensitive part of her pussy. She knew that she’d cum soon and wanted to have a little bit more fun with the boy. She sucked on it and then made a bobbing motion which made the boy currently licking her pussy groan. 

That was one hell of a thing she’s doing right now, was the only thought that went through Naruto’s head. The pleasure made all his normal behavior fly out of the window and for once he became serious and he focused some of the Kyuubi’s chakra into his tongue and then began sucking on the little fleshy thing he had found within. The effect of it wouldn’t need to be explained as he found his mouth drenched with her fluids. 

OH MY GOD… that’s the first thought that went through her head when he had sucked on her clit. It had been enough to make her cum and that was a good thing in her book. Now the only thing she needed to do was to make him feel good. She sucked on his dick like any girl would do for their respective boyfriends. The fact that Naruto wasn’t her boyfriend but just someone twelve years younger then her just made it more exciting. To the Shinobi law you could get married at fourteen with consent of both parents. Since her father wasn’t here at the moment and probably would kill her on sight if she ever showed up near her again and his parents were dead that meant that the only thing he had to do was say I Do in front of a Minister and they were married. Of course that would be followed by a night that he’d remember forever as being one of the most exciting nights in his life but that bore little to no importance in her mind as she began to bob her head a little faster and began to move her tongue while still sucking on it with the force of a vacuum cleaner or something equivalent to it. Chakra could be applied to all parts of the body her father had told her and she used it to its fullest potential. The fact that her father had been obsessed with trying to get immortality didn’t deter her from being observant in the lessons he gave her about their bloodline limit. Her father had been a genius in his own right with all the seals he designed but there was one thing that he didn’t possess the ability to even smile at a child or anything like that. She grew frustrated with her father when he just gave her a nod when she had accomplished something and gave her a scolding whenever she fucked something up.

She felt something change in the way he breathed and with a sudden rigidness in his dick she absently noted that he must have come while she was distracted about something. The flood of semen into her mouth was impressive for a first time. She couldn’t keep it in her mouth so some of it seeped out of the corners of her mouth. 

She let go of the dick and grinned while she licked off some of the remaining cum with her tongue and then said: “Did you like that my little Naruto-kun? I bet you’re ready toi go another time. Let me do something to you then.“ with that she stood up from her position and hit Naruto in the head as she swung a foot off the bed and then the rest of her body followed and she said while looking at him: “ that was pretty good Naruto-kun. Wait a few seconds and I’ll get soemthign nice ready for you. Then you can feel how hot I’m from the inside and not the outside like you have seen before.”

With that she left him alone. 

He looked at the ceiling and he sighed contently. That was one awesome experience she had given him. And she said that there would be more for him in store when she returned she had made him feel so good that he had felt something come from his groin area and now knew how those men in tthat perverted book of Ero-sennin must feel whenever they had done a good job with the main female character. The door opened and he watched and his eyes grew wide. Anko stood there clothed in nothing at all while having some keys in her hands. She walked to the bed and unlocked the handcuffs.

Well let’s see how he acts while he’s free. With that she unlocked the last handcuff and then sat on the bed and looked at him. With a grin on his face he looked at her and said: “You want me to have sex with you? Ero-sennin talked a lot about it but he never truly explained what it was in detail.” “I’ll teach you Naruto-kun. Is little Naruto also ready? I’d like to feel that hot rod of yours right into my pussy.”

With that Naruto’s dick twitched and grew back to full length. Anko mentally made a small note that he regenerates extremely fast. Next time might involve chains and other things. On who it would be used was still a mystery though as she liked being tied up.

With that she scooted over and decided that she’d lead him to it. She sat down on his lap and guided him into her. With a wet sound he entered her and she felt it breaking through that barrier that several married Jounin had described that it was rather painful. But she liked the pain and felt the bliss of him inside her. She felt like she was in heaven with it in her and stimulating her clit to its fullest intent. Was this what all the women who had a lover always talked about. She suddenly noticed Naruto wearing an expression on his face as if she were the divine being that had given him release form his daily existence.

She felt so good around him. Her flesh encased his length like a fitting glove and he felt something break when he was pushed inside her. Slowly he looked into her eyes and felt something within his heart stir. Usually this feeling was reserved for Sakura but since Ero-sennin had taken him to several hot springs he had decided that this was a feeling reserved for when you were looking at something beautiful and that it had to be protected at all costs. He felt so good within her that he grabbed her breasts and kneaded them making her moan in appreciation of the stimulus. Then suddenly he knew things about her. He didn’t know why but he got the knowledge that she was the daughter of the infamous nukenin Orochimaru. And the knowledge that she liked to play with several things on lonely nights and the fact that she liked it when she would be restrained completely. 

With a small grin on his face showing that he didn’t really mean what he was going to say, he said: “You like me Anko-chan? You like me for restraining you like this?” with that he grabbed her arms and pressed them to the bed making her fall backwards with him lying on top. With a grin on his face he continued; “You like that don’t you?” at a moan from her he just smiled a little and said once again: “Yes like Ero-sennin had said that the girls like it rough and you’re nothing else then the usual girl.”

“Don’t treat me like that Naruto-kun. I’m not like those girls you hang around with. I’ve got a little bit more class and style and not to mention that I am a Tokubetsu Jounin while you are still a little Genin?” she said while smirking at him with a confident smirk. A smirk also came onto his face and he spoke: “Well then let me tell you something about myself. I beat Jiraiya three times in a row.” Mentally he congratulated him on that if only because he had managed to touch a girl whereas Jiraiya had been nearly killed by a mob of women for trying to get into the same bathhouse to try and do the same feat. The fact that Naruto had Oroike no jutsu at his disposal was the reason he had won.

It has been some time since they started talking and Naruto was still moving inside of her with his dick stimulating her. He looked her into her brown eyes and smile: “Want me to come inside of you?” “ Nah I wanna feel it all over me. I don’t want to become pregnant just yet. I think I’ll wait with getting pregnant until we are at least married or something like that.” “ Why don’t we get married today? That’s one good way to settle it quickly and I think Obaachan would faint I she heard that Orochimaru’s student got hitched. I think she’d go into a coma if she knew you were married to me.” 

With that he felt the edge of pleasure being reached and without much thought he pulled out and looked at her flushed face, pleasure making it so that the flush looked quite naturally on her face. Then he twitched and his dick let go of the semen that had been building up there and splattered all over her thighs since he had pulled out. It came out with such force that some of it landed on her stomach. She grinned and said to him: “You really know how to please a woman like me Naruto-kun. After we get some rest we’ll marry immediately.”

With that she turned around and went to sleep on the wet sheets. Naruto seeing that he had no other choice then to comply just went along with it and then laid on the bed thinking about how the hell he managed to get in the situation he was in now. First he had been abducted and then suddenly he had been the target of sexual assault by Anko and now they were talking about marriage. This was one crazy day and he would just go along for the ride.

And so he stood in front of a minister looking as the old man looked at him with pity as Anko came towards them dressed in a white version of her usual shinobi clothes. A look of pity was sent at him by the minister and Naruto just shrugged it off. It wasn’t as if he didn’t love Anko. Somehow his affection and love for Sakura had been transferred to Anko but he didn’t mind at all. The only thing that could get problematic was where he’d had to live. Whether they were going to live in his place or at Anko’s. Either way they’d be fine.

“I do. “ he snapped back to attention as she said that she wanted to marry him. “I do” was his reply and the minister nodded and said: “By the law of Konoha I proclaim you Husband and Wife. You may now kiss the bride.” With that Naruto looked at Anko and he kissed her on the mouth. They remained in that position for a few seconds and then they parted and Anko said: “I know that our wedding night will be thrilling Naruto-chan. After all what I gave you was just a sneak preview.:” 

With that the married couple went off to Anko’s place to celebrate in a rather erotic way which involved Sake and whips and chains and the restraining of one of the participants. This time it was Anko being the one restrained and she loved it every time the whip came onto her flesh. She liked the pain because it was the pain of the love that her husband had for her.

The ring on his finger was actually looking cool now that he thought about it. The gold was shiny and he often took it off if he had to do a mission so nobody had seen it yet. He didn’t often get visitors at home and since they had decided to keep their marriage a secret from the general people of Konoha they lived in separate apartments. The fact that he was often ‘invited’ to stay the night at her place when he came from training or a mission wasn’t strange at all. After all his teammates thought the woman to be creepy but generally just like Naruto.

It had to happen sometime. Naruto was just finishing up his housework when the doorbell rang and he went to see who was there and he looked into the scarred face of one Umino Iruka. Making a smile appear on his face immediately he bade the man to enter and closed the door. His ring was still on his finger and it wasn’t noticed immediately by the man who just sat down on one of the couches in Naruto’s house. After Naruto had managed to make some tea for the two of them he served it and also set down a dish full of chocolate chip cookies to go with the tea since that would be proper to serve to a guest.

Iruka just looked at the manners his previous student had gotten since three weeks ago and suddenly absently noted that a shiny golden ring was around a finger. His mind had sorted that detail away as unimportant and as he took a sip of his tea he began to contemplate as to the reasons that could account for the change in behavior of the container of the Nine Tails.

Suddenly Naruto moved his hand to pick up his cup of tea and then the ring glittered as some light was shed upon it and now it was noticed by the man’s consciousness and he spa out what little tea he had in his mouth and said; “Where did you get that ring Naruto?” said boy looked at him and said: “Don’t tell Kakashi-sensei or anyone of what I’m going to tell you or else I’ll make sure that your life will be a total and complete Hell.” Iruka looked at the boy’s eyes and felt a shiver go through his body. They were serious and looked so much like the l;ate Yondaime’s that it wasn’t funny. “Alright I swear I won’t tell anyone.” “Well then I’ll tell you all about her.”

A door was opened and then slammed shut quite hard and Anko entered with her coat dripping with blood and blood all splattered over her face. Apparently she had returned from a mission very recently or had done some interrogation and had gotten carried away or something and she said: “I’ll use your Bathroom Naruto-kun.”

With that she disappeared into the bathroom and Naruto continued; “Quite a nice girl isn’t she?” Iruka just stared at the bathroom door ad the spounds of water splashing upon something were heard as well as some singing that was quite pretty to listen to if you didn’t know the lyrics that she was singing which were all related to the bloody maiming of people or wading into a field of corpses.

“She’s not who I expected to be the one but I’m not surprised that she loves you. I knew her a while ago and she’s almost the same like you except for the bloodlust that hangs around her. “She’s pretty wild in bed. And about the bloodlust I’m going to tell you that we both like blood. Lots of blood…”

Iruka walked away as if in a daze of sorts and then Naruot went to kjoin his wife in the shower which was enjoyed by the couple.

A few days later Naruto came to the training field without a shirt on or even a jacket or something. He just wore a Hitai-ate and a pair of pants. Kakashi’s eye widened as he looked at the boy who just walked towards them. Sasuke sat on a log just ignoring Sakura who was chatting to him about the fact that he had returned to her. He had been retrieved from Otogakure by a team of Jounin. The boy’s eyes widened as he saw his teammate and Sakura’s conversation came to a halt as she too looked at Naruto and suppressed a gasp.

The boy’s upper torso was covered in welts and bruises as if he had been whipped or beaten. Scratches adorned his body and seemed to trail down towards his crotch or something like that but the pants hid them. A cheeky grin was on Naruto’s face despite of the pain he must have been feeling at the moment.

“Hi Kakashi-sensei…” Naruto why are you covered in those wounds.” “That’s a secret. And if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it anyways. I’m off to Tsunade-san to get them healed right now.” “Who caused those wounds Naruto. I think I need to know that before I’m even considering letting you go to Hokage-sama.”

A smile made its way to his face and he said: “I did something that you would envy me for Kakashi-sensei. I did everything out of Volume nr 4. It was her inspiration.”

With that Naruto toppled over and was caught by kakashi who brought the boy immediately to Tsunade who healed the wounds with her healing Jutsu and then asked the cause of them. Kakashi just answered; “According to what he told me he has been through a session with a girl that involved BDSM scenes mentioned in the fourth volume of my favorite book.” “Strange. Anko-san was here too a few minutes ago but she already left by the time you arrived here.” Shizune spoke after coming through a door.

“Naruyto weakly grinned and opted for the mass shocker: ”That’s Anko for you. Always ready to go out and kill something;. Makes me wonder how she managed to drag herself here. I tied her up quite tightly when I left for training.”

Tsunade’s eyes grew wide with the realization that the boyw ho looked som much like her little brother and was probably the only thing that she loved like a brother or something similar to it had spoke those words and it implied that Anko had sex with a minor. Before she could speak Naruto spoke again: “Yes I know what you aren thinking Obaachan. I’m married to her so no pedophilic things have happened. All happened with the consent of Uzumaki Anko and myself.”

Then he blacked out but just saw Tsunade fall to the ground out cold from the realization that one of the most bloodthirsty Jounin was now married to a boy who was as close as family to her. Around her Kakashi just felt faint as he imagined the kids that pair would create and then joined the unconscious people in the room after imagining a mini version of Naruto and Anko running through Konoha pulled pranks on him who was reading the ninetieth volume of Icha Icha Paradise.

Sakura had fainted at the revelation that the teammate who she still disliked was married. Sasuke just shrugged and went back to planning his brother’s death like he does when he’s alone or everybody around him is asleep.

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