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She was anything but gentle in her actions. One moment he was calmly sitting in Ichiraku slurping his favorite Ramen and then he was chained in chains made from metal or something like that and was held up by the Tokubetsu Jounin Mitarashi Anko who just looked at him with those eyes that held mischief and a slight hint of something else.

Then he felt himself being cradled in her arms and the grin on her face told him that she was going to do something to him that would literally rock his world. He had a hunch about those things and usually he was right.

He looked so cute tied up. She couldn’t wait until she was back at her apartment to have some fun with him. She had known the Yondaime personally and she had to admit that his son was one of the cutest guys she had ever seen. Even though she was 27 she still felt like a girl of around 15 years in age which was clearly reflected in her way of clothing herself as it revealed the maximum amount of skin without being obscene. She could only think about some things that would be nice to do to the ‘child’ she had captured and all would involve pleasure on her side. Yes pleasure indeed.

She arrived to her apartment and threw Naruto on the ground on which he landed with a smack of flesh hitting hard ground. She fumbled for the keys that apparently had been on her person when she left home and currently she was busy trying to search through her jacket to find them. Suddenly a light bulb went on above her head and she remembered where she had put that darned key. With one hand she fished the key out of her nettings and then opened the door. She grabbed Naruto’s chains and began to drag him into her home.

He looked around in the apartment while Anko was off doping something that he rather wouldn’t know about. The apartment seemed to be as messy as his was and at least it contained something that was a little bit better then his: A rather nice bed and a good refrigerator.

Then the door where Anko had disappeared behind opened and she entered clothed in only a pair of lingerie with that sadistic grin on her face: “Are you ready for some action Naruto-kun? I know that I took you without much notice but it was the only way I could get you for myself. I take it you are still a virgin?” 

Now he was getting confused. Why would she ask him if he still was a virgin? Ah well why not answer her question: “Yes I’m still a virgin. Why’d you want to know? “

” Because I’m gonna enjoy relieving you of that.” With that she snapped her fingers once and the chains came off followed up by her grabbing his face and pressing her lips against his. Taken aback by that the boy just let her kiss him and felt her tongue slipping into his mouth. She pulled away with a grin still on her face and she said: 

” That’s just the beginning of the fun Naruto-kun. You don’t mind if I call you Naruto-kun don’t you?” “No…” 

She grabbed the sleeve of his clothes and dragged him to the bed. She got out a pair of cuffs and put them onto Naruto’s hands, one on each hand. Then she forcefully threw him on the bed and with motions reminiscent of a snake striking its prey. She bound the hands to the bedposts and then grinned and whipped out another set of cuffs from somewhere. 

When he was bound sufficiently to her reasoning she spoke up: “ Well it seems that you are a little bit tied up Naruto-kun. Want me to help you relieve some tension?” he could only watch as she got up and seated herself on his chest. While he wasn’t tall by any means she still managed to sit on his chest. He could feel her panties on his skin and his breath caught in his throat. 

She bent towards his face and he saw breasts coming at his face. Knowing that his hands and feet were bound he could only close his eyes and feel the soft fabric of the bra she wore onto his face. A small grin made its way to his face and disappeared when she grinned and drew a Kunai from somewhere. With a few slices his shirt was opened and his chest exposed. The grin on her face made him gulp as she got off his chest and sat on her knees next to the bed and with a hand moving over his chest he was a little bit distracted while the other had went to his pants and then pulled them down in a fluid motion.