Chapter Nine:The unusual call

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Elijah's POV

11:07 PM

"Hello El."The man speaks calmly and I look over at Veah who deciphers the same expression as me.

Since the last five years,we had a ritual of calling a random number and pranking them.Never have i ever experienced a thing as such.

This man knew my name.I was beyond scared.I was terrified.My throat felt dry.I tried but couldn't form words. After a minute or two,he spoke again,"I was waiting for your call."

Veah shifted uncomfortably in her seat,her gaze fixed on the phone with horror.My voice came out shaky as he waited for me to speak."H-how do you know my name? How'd you know I will call?" 

The man let out a small laugh,"I know many things El. Your parents aren't at home right? You and your sister prank call people,don't you?"

A chill ran down my spine. Prank calls were something I and Veah had never told anyone about. No one knew we did prank calls. Who could this man possibly be?

"For years,I have waited for the perfect opportunity to talk to you. I know where you live El.I was thinking about calling you. But you did that for me.Now that you know it, I will visit you soon.Very soon." The man speaks in a spine chilling low voice.

"Who are you?"I almost screamed as Veah walked up to me and started anxiously drumming at the table.

No response.

"Hello?"I heaved.

Still no response. He had hung up.

I looked up at Veah who ran towards the front door and locked it.She then turned to me in an alarming tone."We are in deep shit.Close all the doors and windows.Hurry!"I did as instructed.

11:54 PM

After shutting all doors and drawing the blinds, I drop myself on Veah's bed. One thought constantly hovering in my mind.Who could that man be and what does he wants from us, precisely me ?

A sudden thought crossed over my mind and I thought about the possibility of it being them. Were they the same people who threatened me the other day?

No they don't know where I live, it can't be.  I am clouded with my thoughts when I feel a sudden jerk which pulls me out of it.

"Are you even listening El? Mom-dad shouldn't know about this. We'd be in trouble if they do."Veah said waving a hand in front of my face.

I start working on my MacBook to distract myself and Veah lays on the bed fiddling her fingers and staring at the ceiling. A gesture she does when she is afraid or thinking.

Suddenly amidst the silence,a scary laughter rings in my ear.Veah jumps off at the sound and screams at the top of her lungs.

She pulls out my phone from under the comforter and looks at the caller ID.

"It's mom."She says before answering the call.

"What'd she say? When are they coming back?"I ask eagerly as soon as she hangs up.

"They are staying the night there."She pauses "Why the fuck would you set such a scary laugh as your ring tone? I almost had a heart attack."She yells at me.

I shrug and laugh at her horrified expression as she pushes me off the bed and i fall on the floor with a thud.
I pick myself up and throw a pillow at her face,tackling her down.





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