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"I was never told about this..." the boy mumbled as he hoisted Yeontan into his arms before quickly yet quietly making his way down into the basement. Thank god for large windows and security cameras because otherwise Jeongguk wouldn't have known what was happening. Pulling open a book shelf door, the younger typed in the passcode that he was given. Before long the heavy door slid opened allowing him inside.

A wave of cold air brushed against his delicate skin which was somewhat refreshing.

He pulled the shelf back into place and automatically, the concrete opening closed itself. Jeongguk was shown where the bunker was but had never had a tour of the inside. Surprisingly it was chilly in there. Crates of water bottles decorated a corner of the room and there was another door in there. Curious, the younger releases the puppy before making his way over to the door. With some hesitation, he pushed lightly. Ah a bathroom... of course.

Relieved that there was a bathroom in the large room, Jeongguk continued to look around. Seeing that Yeontan was busy pawing at one of the small cabinets, the younger walked over and curiously pulled on it. Inside the cabinet kept some dog food and treats causing the boy to chuckle, "all you know is eating and sleeping huh?" Closing the cabinet once more, he stood up and rubbed both of his upper arms, "let's see if theres any blankets why don't we?"

Looking around the younger found nothing but books and dog toys. "Your dad must really love you huh tannie?"

Taehyung groaned and rubbed his temples annoyedly before pulling one of his luggage's out of the large hotel room they reserved. Lee sighed before looking at the piles of paper work in front of him along with the other suit cases he'll have to bring back to Korea for the male. The older looked back and mumbled, "ill leave things here to you..."

Lee rolled his eyes and nodded before hearing the room door close. Unlocking his phone he called a number, it dialed for no longer then a few seconds before the person on the other side started enthusiastically, "what's up?"

The male scratched his head and frustratedly commented, "'your' house might or might not be raided by the cops so head over and sort things out..." the other side of the phone was quiet before a small chuckle was heard, "yeah alright ill head over, whatcha do? Kill someone this week? Why're the pigs on your tail?"

Hearing the clinking of car keys from the other side of the call, Lee leaned back onto his chair, "I don't think so... but anyways theres a young one in the house doing community service or whatever Hyung calls it, the boy should be in the bunker right now so you don't need to mind him. Hyung will probably get him."

A sudden laughter bursted into lee's ears as the male choked, "bro... community service? I've never heard of that phrasing for forced kidnapped labor before! Anyways lets meet up sometime when you're back."

Taehyung got into his drivers car and hurriedly blurted, "hurry to the xxx airport... my jets waiting..."

Luckily they weren't too far from the airport and managed to get there in 15 minutes. Once out of the car he quickly dragged his luggage out and ran inside, one of his lackeys who were waiting for him waved towards him and led Taehyung towards the jet. It'll take at least 4 hours for him to arrive back home.

Worried for his dog, the older sat down onto his usual spot and closed his eyes, ah i hope everything goes well for tannie... if he doesn't get the cops out of the house ill lost it...

When the male had opened his eyes, the pilot of his jet was tapping him, "sir, we have arrived. Your luggage has been brought down and your car is outside the airport." Still somewhat drowsy from his little nap, the man sluggishly climbed down the stairs and to his car he went. While approaching his vehicle he could see a figure inside and as he got closer the person inside seemed to have noticed him as well.

Sweetly the man waved at Taehyung before getting out of the drivers side and opening the passenger side door, "welcome back to Korea, hyung."

The older chuckled and sat himself inside, patiently he waited for the other to get in. On their way home taehyung started, "you're quick. How'd it go?"

The man who was semi focusing on the road casually mentions, "well you see, they looked through 'my house' and found nothing suspicious so they left, i wonder how they got a search warrant haha, guess it was a good thing to have that place under my name since my record is so nice and clean~"

Taehyung crossed his arms and smiled, shaking his head, "Lee and you are so different, its hard to think you both are related."

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