Foreign Affairs Chapter 17

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The ship had stop was the first thing came to mind when I woke up. I got out of my bed, looking out at the window. The whole sea was now a big block of ice. We were stuck. I change into my warmer clothes, strapping my boots on with my sword by my side. I place a small dagger into my boots just in case. 

Several man were smashing the ice with hammers but it was no use, it was too thick.

“We can continue on foot,” I suggested. 

“Yes, but it will extend our journey longer,” Drinian said.

“It won’t hurt if we can’t try it.” We gathered what we can on our backs and set off-Lord Drinian, Caspian, the badgers and I. A rope was extended to the ice ground for us to land. I was the last one. My hands wrap around the rope and jump off the ship, landing on my feet against the solid ice. We were on our own now. 

It was starting to become dark. A wolf’s howl was heard far away. 

“What was that?” I ask, turning around. My eyes alarmed, scanning the vacant ice.

“A lone wolf. No harm,” Drinian said. A sound of ice breaking stop us dead in our tracks. I look down at the ground and then around at everyone else with a questioning expression. I started to turn back around to go back to the ship but Drinian stop me. 

“Don’t move,” he said to me. “Something’s breaking the ice.” A block of ice exploded open, flying pieces everywhere. It was the hideous monster on the ship. 

“Run!” I shouted. The monster gave a shrill roar slamming his fists on the ice, creating more cracks. 

“Don’t stop on the cracks!” Caspian shouted. I panted, running faster as my hair stuck to my face from sweat. My fists pumping into the air as I ran as fast as I could. I look back to see a huge long bump that was gaining on us fast underneath the ice. The ice exploded in front of us, giving us no chance to use our weapons as he slam his forearm sending us flying backwards. My body slid against the ice with my sword scattering few feet away from me. 

The monster raised it’s fists and we all scattered as it made a huge hole in the ice. 

“Keep running straight. We’ll distract it.” Caspian said, grabbing his sword. 

“Come on!” I shouted to the badgers. My heels step on a crack, making a hole, and I fell into the ice cold water. 

“Ava!” Mrs. Buttercup shouted. My body temperature was freezing at this point as I came up to the surface, gasping for air. 

“Ava, come up,” Mr. Buttercup said, as they both pulled at my arms. I tried to come up but it was no use. The ice kept breaking apart. My teeth was chattering as my fingers become numb. The monster saw I was in the water and dive right under, swimming towards me. I took a deep breath, going underwater. I took out my dagger in my boot as it’s mouth open, coming at me. 

My boots lifted up, pushing back the edges of the mouth. My chest was beginning have to a burning pain. I was running out of oxygen. I grip the dagger tight, puncturing it’s eye. It weakened, swimming away. Two strong hands pulled me up and out of the water. 

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