Chapter Two

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It was chilly in the morning and Amarachi was still dozing in her bed. Dozing because she couldn't sleep and she also couldn't find the will to get up.

Last night had been terrifying. And to think she had the guts to summon demons made matters a lot worse.

"Amarachi," a small voice rasped.

She raised her head up with a frown. She must be hearing things.

"Amarachi," the small called again. It was close to her bed. 

Too close.

Amarachi shut her eyes at first, then she opened them. The room was too dark, she couldn't see anything. She rubbed the light sleep from her eyes and dropped down to the floor. She was wearing just her tennis shorts and a tank top. She wrapped her blanket around her and crawled to the door, her eyes opened in surprise and terror.

She couldn't speak. Her room was covered in darkness. 

She crawled blindly to the door, groping for the light switch and…


She frowned, standing up straight. "What are you doing in my room?" she asked Gideon, her little brother, shooting daggers at him.

"I'm scared," Gideon whispered. His eyes were soggy, watching her intensely. "I've been hearing things."

Amarachi rolled her eyes. "Like what? Ghost? How did you even get inside my room without my knowledge? Did you even knock?"

"No," Gideon shut his eyes. "You were sleeping."

"How many times have I told you not to enter my room? Eh? I need privacy."

"I'm sorry. My room is scary. I've been hearing voices. I can not sleep."

Amarachi huffed. He was definitely lying to her. "That's your god's way of chastising you."

The little boy rubbed his eyes. "Hmm?"

A sigh. "Nothing. Go and disturb someone else," she shooed. "Oya, start moving, osiso."

Gideon didn't budge an inch.

Amarachi glared at him. "Oh Jesus! This boy! Why are you still standing there?"

"Daddy and mummy are in the kitchen cooking and I'm still sleepy."

A pause. "Kitchen? What time is it?" she rushed to her phone and unlocked it.

"It's past seven in the morning. Though it might already be eight. I think I've been standing here for an hour."

Amarachi's lips turned up. "Will you shut up there." 

Gideon stamped his feet to the floor. "Amarachi na. I'm sleepy."

She dropped her phone. "Aren't you supposed to be in school or something?"

"It's Saturday. So, can I sleep now?"

Amarachi realised that this was her last day in Nigeria. She was going to travel to stay with her uncle in Hampshire on a Sunday. She missed her friends and family already.


She snapped back into reality. "Okay, you can sleep on my bed. Just make sure it's arranged when you're done. And don't drool."

Gideon nodded. "Thank you," he staggered and dropped on the bed.

Amarachi was out to the living room. She could see her mother from up the stairs settling the foods on the dinner table. She walked in and she greeted both her parents.

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