Chapter 4

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The Cullen's House

The Cullen kids all pulled into the garage of their house. They sped out of their cars and into the living room where Carlisle and Esme were sitting, reading a book. Emmett and Jasper sat on the couch with Rosalie and Alice on their laps. Edward leaned against the window, thinking.

"Carlisle we need to talk to you." Alice said.

"What is it you guys? Did something happen at school?" Carlisle asked worried they would have to move again.

"Me and Rosalie have a third mate." Emmett said excitedly.

"What?" Esme said surprised.

"You met your third mate?" Carlisle asked.

"Yeah. Her name is Destiny Swan. She's Sheriff Swan's adopted daughter. You guys have to meet her she's gorgeous, funny, and kind." Rosalie went on happily.

"We would love to. She sounds lovely." Esme said.

"She is so different Carlisle. Her blood doesn't effect us and Edward can't read her mind." Jasper admits.

"Edward can't read her mind?" Carlisle asked.

"No. Neither can I read Bella Swan's mind." Edward admits.

"That's interesting. Well we can't wait to meet her." Carlisle said.

"Also Carlisle I need to leave for a while. The other new girl Bella Swan is my blood singer." Edward said as he looked to his adopted father.

"Did anything happen?" Carlisle asked concerned.

"She had to sit next to me in biology. If it wasn't for Destiny I don't know what would of happened." Edward admits.

"What do you mean?" Esme asked.

"Her blood doesn't effect us and it calms us around other humans." Jasper said.

"That's intriguing." Carlisle said.

"Yes, but I still need to get away. I'm going to go to the Denalis." Edward said.

"When will you be back? Esme asked slightly upset that Edward is leaving.

"I won't be gone long. Probably a week." Edward assured his adopted mother.

"Ok. Well be safe." Esme said.

"I will. Thank you." Edward replied.

He sped upstairs and packed his bag. He sped back downstairs and said goodbye to everyone and gave Esme a hug. He went to the garage, got in his car and was off to stay with the Denalis. Carlisle and Esme went back to reading while Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett went out to hunt.


La Push, Washington

Destiny drove towards La Push to hang out with Jacob and see her other friends. Jacob wasn't expecting her until later so she went to see the Clearwaters first. She drove in front of the house and parked. She left the pups in the car when she got out and walked to the front door. She knocked and waited for someone to open the door. Harry Clearwater opened the door and looked shocked to see Destiny. She smiled and giggled as he brought her into a hug.

"Hey uncle Harry. Missed me?" Destiny said as they pulled back. 

"Destiny look at you, you grew up beautifully. I haven't seen you in two years. Come in Sue, Seth, and Leah will be happy to see you." Harry said stepping away from the door to let Destiny in. 

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