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Sleeping in the same bed as another man was weird, especially when he wouldn't let go of you. In the middle of his sleep, the boy had felt a hug pair of arms wrapped around his waist and was scared awake because why who wouldn't?

Jeongguk flinched at the touch and opened his eyes to see that he was not only pulled into the males grasp but was also suffocating as his face was directly planted into the mans chest. Trying his best to wiggle his way out, the boy found himself unable to. To be honest, even though Taehyung was tall, the younger never really though he'd have a large amount of strength but he definitely thought wrong because he wasn't able to even shrug out of the mans hold.

Fidgeting his body around he was finally able to move upwards, but leaving him to be nuzzled into the olders nape instead. This wasn't awful as he could finally breath and maybe due to all of that struggling and the horrible day he'd had, Jeongguk felt extremely drowsy. Before he knew it, he was fast asleep in the mans arms.

The next morning when the boy had awoken, he noticed that he was the only one on the mattress and looked around. The first thing he saw was Yeontan staring back at him and the next was Lee sitting on the edge of the bed watching Taehyung struggling to fit everything he wanted into his luggage. Sitting himself up, the younger rubbed his eyes and due to the sudden movement, the puppy pawed at his lap.

Jeongguk smiled and picked Tannie up before placing him onto his lap, caressing through his hair he heard the older speak, "Good morning 'Jeonggukie', haha that's what you called yourself in front of Yeontan yesterday so I'll do the same and call you that, anyways your sleeping habit sucks, why do you hug onto me like your life depended on it?"

The younger was in shock because in the name of god he knew the male was the one leeching onto him. Before he could even respond to Taehyung, Lee turned around to face the boy and commented, "ignore him, he likes blaming people... anyways do you have your phone? I won't be in Korea since I'm going with his, but just in case something urgent comes up, call my number... Dumbass over there probably won't even feel his phone vibrating if you called him."

Jeongguk felt a wave of relief flush over him as he frantically reached his arms over to fetch his phone from the nightstand, "ah yes here you go... thank goodness..."

Lee placed in his number and handed the boys phone back before standing up and walking towards Taehyung. Standing next to the older, the male had to be around 3 or 4 inches taller because he was huge.

While next to the Taehyung who was still trying to push all his clothes into his luggage Lee sighed before bending down, "look hyung, if you'd want alllll these clothing items to fit, you might want to fold them instead of shoving them in." The male took over the packing and started by dumping everything out, there were hella clothes and other miscellaneous such as, a random funky clock, his iPad and a book on ducks.

Lee scratched his head and looked up at the older male before asking, "bro. We've got like 3 suitcases downstairs with your suits and other important items, why do you feel the need to bring this ugly clock and stupid book?"

Taehyung who had long given up on packing plopped down onto the bed next to Jeongguk and groaned, "i like thoseeee, leave them innn..."

He's like an adult child... Jeongguk thought to himself as he was stretching out his limbs.

Before long, the two left the house and now all that was left was the younger, the pup and the three crocodiles. While laying on the large bed the younger thought to himself, i wonder why the family didn't have alligators but crocodiles... ah actually probably because crocodiles make less noise...

And like that a week passed without any complications on Jeongguk's end. But Taehyung on the other hand wanted to kill every single stuck up branch leader he had the misfortune of meeting in the past week while Lee wanted to die because of all the work that's placed on him. All the meetings were now over and the two only had a week remaining in China for them to sort out all the paper work- well for Lee to sort out all the paper work. The older had free time to roam around and get lost just to end up calling the other in distress.

Jeongguk was doing well and tannie and him seemed to have gotten pretty close.

After the first day of the second week had passed Taehyung was rolling around his hotel mattress carelessly when Lee busted through the door, "Police are at your house."

The older stood up quickly and confusingly replied a, "huh? Wait- who... i... Who told you?" With this, Lee pulled up his phone with Jeongguk on the other line causing the man to sigh, "ah..." waving his hands towards the other male Taehyung took the phone and calmly said, "Jeonggukie, take Tannie and hide in that bunker under my basement... it's pretty well hidden- yes the one I showed you. Yeah... ok stay calm, I'll send someone there to take care of everything... stay till I tell you to come out."

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