It was early morning when I awoke, I sighed as I remembered, today's Jack's birthday. My watch is telling me his party is supposed to start in two hours at six. I rolled my shoulders and cracked my neck, as I was stiff all over, then I looked in the place where I hid my other pair of clothes and grabbed it. I threw them on and took my dirty clothes and shoved them in my backpack. I put on my leather jacket and wore my bikers leather pants making me look awesome, If I could say so myself.

I ran my fingers through my hair before I rode my bike to his party from a block away. I found a ladder going to a rooftop. I climbed till I got to the top and ran across the rooftops till I was on the Alpha's roof. I hid behind one of the chimney's overlooking the backyard where the party was going to be held, I was really curious to who will be his mate.

The first people to come was his beta and friends, they all slapped him on the back and smiled. I heard them mumbling already, "I could smell her already." His mother laughed and his dad just broke into a smile. I scowled, what did I do to deserve a life like this, having to reject my mate, not making any friends, moving from one place to another. More people filed in and all the girls tried to greet him.

The party was a full blast. You could tell he was waiting and was getting more anxious. When Tay arrived, they both immediatly went towards each other. She smiled but when they got near each other they both frowned. Guess they're not mates. I smiled inwardly at least it wasn't Tay or it would've been a disaster but my wolf was anxious for some reason.

My nose was tingling and energy was running through me, I smelt something wonderful but I ignored it knowing I couldn't go down there. I felt sorry for the girl who got him , he was a player and sure to break that girls heart. Jack's face was so confused I nearly laughed out loud. "Mom I smell her I just don't see her." He said confusion in his voice.

The mother nodded and rallied up all the un-mated girls, they all stood in a long line. Jack swept by everyone without so much as a spark. His eyes fell down and I nearly felt sorry for him. Nearly, but he did laugh as he saw me get beat when I wss put on the glass.

My wolf's whine started to get louder and louder. Calling for her mate. Wait her MATE!!!!!!!!! I panicked. This was bad, he was suposedly my mate. I had an inward battle with my wolf, I of course won. Though I was hoping she kind of would but I knew what I was doing was right. I ran all the way back to my motorcycle and jumped on.

I sped away, before I even got 2 miles away from the boundary lines the Alpha commanded ALL un-mated girls to come to his party even if they were sick or an omega. Like me. I tried to push aside his command and continued but even I couldn't disobey an Alpha's command.

Some people started to believe his mate was going to be human but I knew that theory was crossed out. I turned my bike around and headed back. All the sick girls and the ones that where late came quickly, not even a spark. His eyes where losing hope. I opened the fence carefully and walked in. His scent hit me like bricks but I didn't even dare flinch. Well tried not to while I kept my wolf at bay and my emotions in check. Everyone turned towards me. I heard some people boys and girls mutter, "What is she doing here?"

I went to the Alpha and bowed my head but he didn't so much as give me a glance. I stood by the fence waiting to be dismissed. I felt someone staring at me. It was Jack. I saw his eyes burned with so many different emotions: anger, guilt, lust, disgust, love and hatred.

I knew his answer already, I bowed my head before turning to leave. He walked up to me before I got to the fence door and grabbed my elbow.

A whole bunch of shocks leapt into me. I nearly gasped but I pulled my arm away from him. "Sorry, to disappoint you. Hope you find your mate." I said sarcastically before leaving. It broke me and my wolf's heart to just say that knowing it was the right thing to do.

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